Walkthrough – Modern Cinderella – Chris Armstrong

by Vehura
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Chris is an earnest guy who likes to climb mountains. He is loved by many people because he is a cheerful and tender individual but recently seems to have some concerns.  Will you be the one to listen to his heart?


  • Evolution
  • Rebirth

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Chapter 1

Part 3

“Could you tell me more about it, Chris?” (Best)
“Why don’t we go on a climb together, Aidan?”

Part 4 – Avatar Check Point
Chris’ Body +20 – 5 Crystal

Part 7

“Let me think about it.”
“No thanks.” (Best)

Part 7 – Need 100 Midnight Points to continue

Chapter 2

Part 2

“Sure!” (Best)
“Not yet.”

Part 5 – Need 3000 Midnight Points to continue

Part 6

Buy him a beer. (Best)
Ask him to dinner.

Chapter 3

Part 1

“Maybe I’ll have a soda.”
“Maybe I’ll have some soy milk.” (Best)

Part 4

“Just one?” (Best)
“Aidan will be pleased.”

Part 6 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Sexy Striped Top Set (Chris) +80 – 50 Crystal
Normal: Bottled Water (
Chris) +30 – 10000 Edle Cash

Chapter 4

Part 3

“I’ll call you over right away.” (Best)
“I’ll escape to the bathroom.”

Part 6 – Need 7500 Midnight Points to continue

Part 8

“I don’t miss him.”
“I guess I do miss him.” (Best)

Chapter 5

Part 1

“How have you been?” (Best)
“What have you been doing all this time?”

Part 5

“Thank you for what?”
“Of course!” (Best)

Part 6 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Energetic Layered Hair (Chris) +80 – 60 Crystal
Normal: Multi-Colored Loafers (
Chris) +30 – 13000 Edle Cash

Chapter 6

Part 3

“I’ll go with you.” (Best)
“Don’t be gone too long.”

Part 6

“Wait just a minute.”
“I’m coming.” (Best)

Part 8 – Need 13500 Midnight Points to continue

Chapter 7

Part 2

“Getting your memory back.” (Best)
“Finding out who hurt you.”

Part 5 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Camo Bomber Jacket Set (Chris) +100 – 85 Crystal
Normal: Cheerful Camping Table (
Chris) +40 – 16000 Edle Cash

Part 7

“Stop it, Pablo.”
“Don’t listen to him, Chris.” (Best)

Chapter 8

Part 4

“Let’s go back to my apartment.”
“Let’s go to the police.” (Best)

Part 6

Go find someone to help.
Think of something I can do here. (Best)

Part 8 – Need 22000 Midnight Points to continue

 Chapter 9

Part 3

“Let’s still look for a guide.”
“I’ll guide you.” (Best)

Part 3 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Warm Mountain Lodge (Chris) +100 – 110 Crystal
Mountain Landscape (Chris) +100 – 28000 Edle Cash

Part 7

“I’m not angry.”
“Kiss me 100 times.” (Best)

Chapter 10

Part 2

“We’ll be fine.” (Best)
“We won’t be separated.”

Part 4

“No thanks.”
“I have Chris.” (Best)

Part ? – Need 33000 Midnight Points to continue

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