Walkthrough – Modern Cinderella – Nicolas Whitewood

by Vehura


  • Evolution (Normal?)
  • Rebirth (Good?)

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Chapter 1

Part 4 – Avatar Check Point
Nicolas’s Body +20 – 5 Crystal

Part 5

“I’ll carry them myself.
“Why?” (Best)

Part 6 – Need 100 Midnight Points to continue

Part 9

“I couldn’t possibly do it.” (Best)
“Don’t joke around.”

Chapter 2

Part 1

“Of course not!” (Best)
“It’s not like that.”“

Part 7

“You were here the whole time.”
There’s a secret door somewhere.“ (Best)

Part 7 – Need 2200 Midnight Points to continue

Chapter 3

Part 5

“Why do you think that?” (Best)
“If you say so.”

Part 7

“I can’t think of anything.” (Best)
“It’ll work out somehow.”

Part 9 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Colorful Dress (Nicolas) +90 – 30 Crystal
Normal: Confetti Balloon (Nicolas) +40 – 4000 Edle Cash

Chapter 4

Part 2

Make flyers and hand them out.
Keep recommending the pastries to customers. (Best)

Part 5 – Need 5000 Midnight Points to continue

Part 6

“Have you always liked cooking?” (Best)
“Who taught you to cook?”

Chapter 5

Part 3

“Why are you here?”
“Are you waiting for someone?” (Best)

Part 7

“You’re disgusted, aren’t you?” (Best)
“Don’t worry about it.”

Part 7 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Loose Messy Bun (Nicolas) +90 – 40 Crystal
Normal: Floral Platform Shoes (Nicolas) +40 – 5000 Edle Cash

Chapter 6

Part 2

“Did Aiden tell you?”
“Never mind.” (Best)

Part 4 – Need 9400 Midnight Points to continue

Part 7

“I can’t think of a way to do that.”
“I’ll march into the company.” (Best)

Chapter 7

Part 2

The flashy contest.
The smaller contest. (Best)

Part 3 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Chic Cafe Uniform (Nicolas) +110 – 50 Crystal
Normal: Stacked House Plants (Nicolas) +50 – 7000 Edle Cash

Part 9

“Don’t look so worried!” (Best)
“Cheer for me!”

Chapter 8

Part 5

Wait to see what mood he’s in. (Best)
Go right to the point.

Part 5 – Need 15500 Midnight Points to continue

Part 8

“Tell me how it goes.” (Best)
“I won’t ask how it went.”

Chapter 9

Part 5

“I don’t know.”
“I might be forced to.” (Best)

Part 6

“I don’t need it.”
“I’ll drink it later.” (Best)

Part 6 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Food Truck (Nicolas) +110 – 80 Crystal
Normal: Antique Room (Nicolas) +110 – 13000 Edle Cash

Chapter 10

Part 3

Raise my voice.
Push him away. (Best)

Part 5 – Need 26000 Midnight Points to continue

Part 6

Stop him. (Best)
Don’t say anything.

Choose your ending based on scale

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