Walkthrough – Modern Cinderella – Pablo Sanchez

by Vehura

Pablo Sanchez

He is the one who you will definitely enjoy having a chat with. His cheerful and gentle nature allows him to be popular with girls. Then he says his love was only for his girl. He sounded pretty serious, but… uh, I don’t know. That said, he is very composed and also has a splendid career as an author.


  • Evolution (Normal?)
  • Rebirth (Good?)

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Chapter 1

Part 2

Answer honestly. (Best)
Stay silent for the time being.

Part 4 – Avatar Check Point
Pablo’s Body +20 – 5 Crystal

Part 6

“You’re so nice.” (Best)
“You’re cheesy.”

Part 7 – Need 100 Midnight Points to continue

Chapter 2

Part 2

“Are you a mind reader?”
“Thank you.” (Best)

Part 7

“I’ll have a hot wine as well.” (Best)
“I’ll have a rum and coke.”

Part 7 – Need 2200 Midnight Points to continue

Chapter 3

Part 2

“A date.” (Best)

Part 2 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Elegant Floral Outfit (Pablo) +80 – 50 Crystal
Normal: Book w/Book Jacket (Pablo) +30 – 10000 Edle Cash

Part 5

Observe Pablo.
Observe couples. (Best)

Chapter 4

Part 4

“I’m not.”
Admit I’m nervous. (Best)

Part 6

Watch and wait.
Say something. (Best)

Part 8 – Need 6400 Midnight Points to continue

Chapter 5

Part 2

“It IS my business.” (Best)
“Maybe that’s true.”

Part 4 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Loose Side-swept Braid (Pablo) +80 – 60 Crystal
Normal: Chic Heel Sneakers (Pablo) +30 – 13000 Edle Cash

Part 6

“Keep working on it.”
“Let’s go on a date.” (Best)

Chapter 6

Part 3

Invite him to Aidan’s bar.
Invite him on a date. (Best)

Part 8

Go to the bar. (Best)
Go home.

Part 8 – Need 12800 Midnight Points to continue

Chapter 7

Part 1

“Sure.” (Best)

Part 3 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Novelist Cape Outfir Set (Pablo) +100 – 85 Crystal
Normal: Antique Chest (Pablo) +40 – 16000 Edle Cash

Part 7

“I’m ready.” (Best)
“Can we wait?”

Chapter 8

Part 3

“You’re exaggerating.”
“Maybe you’re right.” (Best)

Part 6

“Stop with the jokes.” (Best)
“That sounds perfect.”

Part 8 – Need 20810 Midnight Points to continue

Chapter 9

Part 2 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Railroad in Sunset (Pablo) +100 – 110 Crystal
Normal: Modern Office (Pablo) +100 – 28000 Edle Cash

Part 5

“Perfect face?”
“I can see that.” (Best)

Part 6

Ask. (Best)
Don’t ask.

Chapter 10

Part 4

“I agree.” (Best)
“That’s not true.”

Part 7

Call Pablo over. (Best)
Look at Pablo.

Part 8 – Need 30000 Midnight Points to continue

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