Walkthrough – Modern Cinderella – Robert Moore

by Vehura
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Serious may be the best word that describes Robert best. He constantly thinks of his job that no one seems to know him as a person. You could be the first to find out more about him?


  • Evolution (Normal?)
  • Rebirth (Good?)

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Chapter 1

Part 5 – Avatar Check Point
Robert’s Body +20 – 5 Crystal

Part 6

“YOU must be crazy.”
“We just disagree on this matter.” (Best)

Part 6 – Need 100 Midnight Points to continue

Part 9

“It’s none of your business.”
“Thats why I’m learning now!” (Best)

Chapter 2

Part 5

“With you?”
“Great!” (Best)

Part 5 – Need 1500 Midnight Points to continue

Part 9

“Are you sure?” (Best)
“I’ll be fine.”

Chapter 3

Part 6

“Why not?”
“Okay.” (Best)

Part 7

“What do you think, Robert?” (Best)

Part 8 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Puff Sleeve Dress (Robert) +90 – 50 Crystal
Normal: Instant Camera (Robert) +40 – 9500 Edle Cash

Chapter 4

Part 4

What did you just say?“ (Best)
“Are you talking about the doughnut?”

Part 4 – Need 5000 Midnight Points to continue

Part 7

“I’ll have the same.” (Best)
“How sweet would it be?”

Chapter 5

Part 3

“Can I have water?” (Best)
“Do you have any alcohol?”

Part 4

“I think you have.” (Best)
“I’m not sure.”

Part 4 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Heavy Bnags Bob (Robert) +90 – 60 Crystal
Normal: Punching Mary Jane (Robert) +40 – 11000 Edle Cash

Chapter 6

Part 3

“He is my colleague.”
“He is my boyfriend.” (Best)

Part 5 – Need 10000 Midnight Points to continue

Part 7

“I’m sorry, too”
“Is that why you came here?” (Best)

Chapter 7

Part 4

Follow him right away. (Best)
Text him later.

Part 6

“A hot dog.
“I’ll buy you lunch at the diner.” (Best)

Part 7 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Plaid Embroidery Jacket (Robert) +110 – 80 Crystal
Normal: Pen Stand on the Table (Robert) +50 – 13000 Edle Cash

Chapter 8

Part 3

“I understand.” (Best)

Part 5 – Need 17000 Midnight Points to continue

Part 7

By text. (Best)
By phone.

Chapter 9

Part 3

“Thank you for coming.” (Best)
“You didn’t have to come.”

Part 7 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Your New Condo (Robert) +110 – 100 Crystal
Normal: Modern Terrace (Robert) +110 – 26000 Edle Cash

Part 9

“I want to move in with Robert.”
“I want to find my own place.” (Best)

Chapter 10

Part 3

“This is really nice.” (Best)
“It’s unexpected.”

Part 5 – Need 28000 Midnight Points to continue

Part 8

“In a mug?” (Best)
“We shouldn’t drink.”

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