Walkthrough – Modern Cinderella – Rudolf Oak


  • Evolution (Normal?)
  • Rebirth (Good?)

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Answers provided by: Mia Elisabeth

Chapter 1

Part 5 – Avatar Check Point
Rudolf’s Body +20 – 5 Crystal

Part 5

Take him up on his offer.
Look for Aidan by myself. (Best)

Part 6 – Need 100 Midnight Points to continue

Part 8

“Becuse it’s a trade secret.” (Best)
“Because it’s distracting.”

Chapter 2

Part 2

“I would love to work here” (Best)
“Are you really sure.”

Part 5 – Need 1500 Midnight Points to continue

Part 8

“It was hard” (Best)
“It was fun.”

Chapter 3

Part 5

“It’s nothing.”
“I want to make desserts.” (Best)

Part 5

“Continue without a word.” (Good)
“Feel free to laugh if you’d like.”

Part 9 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Strapless Skater Dress (Rudolf) +90 – 50 Crystal
Normal: Decorative Face Mask (Rudolf) +40 – 9500 Edle Cash

Chapter 4

Part 3

“Be upfront and apologize.” (Best)
“Insist that something isn’t right.”

Part 5 – Need 5000 Midnight Points to continue

Part 9

“Make him stop.”
“Do it back to him.” (Best)

Chapter 5

Part 1

“Call out and stop him.”
“Don’t stop him.” (Best)

Part 8

“Grant him his wish.” (Best)
“Go home.”

Part 8 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Wavy High Ponytail (Rudolf) +90 – 60 Crystal
Normal: Ankle Bow Heels (Rudolf) +40 – 11000 Edle Cash

Chapter 6

Part 1

“This might be my fault.” (Best)
“Maybe this is a misunderstanding.”

Part 4 – Need 10000 Midnight Points to continue

Part 9

“Celebrate for now.”
“Share my suspicious.” (Best)

Chapter 7

Part 1

“Do whatever you want.”
“I want you to reconsider.” (Best)

Part 4 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: Chic Suit Look (Rudolf) +110 – 80 Crystal
Normal: Glasses on Table (Rudolf) +50 – 50 Crystal / 13000 Edle Cash

Part 8

“Ask him why calmly.”
“Head over to the bar right away.” (Best)

Chapter 8

Part 2

“Why?” (Best)
“I’m not coming.”

Part 5 – Need 17000 Midnight Points to continue

Part 6

“I don’t know.” (Best)
“He wasn’t unhappy.”

Chapter 9

Part 1

“This is nonsense.”
“This contract is void!” (Best)

Part 8

“It’s thanks to everyone.”
“It’s thanks to you, Rudolf.” (Best)

Part 9 – Avatar Check Point
Premium: View from the Bar (Rudolf) +110 – 100 Crystal
Normal: Nice Restaurant (Rudolf) +50 – 80 Crystal / 26000 Edle Cash

Chapter 10

Part 2

“It’s a family matter.” (Best)
“I don’t want to trouble you.”

Part 6 – Need 28000 Midnight Points to continue

Part 7

“Ask him why.”
“Cooperate and as he’s asked.” (Best)

Choose your ending based on the meter.

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