Walkthrough – Mononoke Kiss+ – Hajime

by Vehura
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Endings –

  • Normal Ending
  • Happy Ending
  • Super Happy Ending

Chapter 1

Part 4

I’m sorry.

Part 8

Don’t leave me alone.
Take me with you.

Part 9 – Get CG

Chapter 2

2.4 Minigame Checkpoint – 25% Clear Chance

Part 4

That’s not right.
If you say so.

Part 9

It’s dangerous!
I hate violence!

Chapter 3

Part 4

Start crying.
Push Hajime away.

Part 7

Yes, I’m scared.
No, I’m not scared.

Chapter 4

Part 2

What did you dream about?
What a restless sleeper.

4.4 Charm Level Checkpoint
Part 5 – Get CG

Part 8

Thank you.
Have we met before?

Chapter 5

Part 1

This is the time to get even!

Part 7

If you die…
It’s my fault that you…

Chapter 6

Part 1

It’s not that I don’t like it…
Don’t stop…

6.4 Items Checkpoint – Need Passport x4 to continue.

Part 4

Stop joking!

Chapter 7

Part 3

What should I do?
I’ll come with you.

Part 6

Turn around.
Hold his arms.

Chapter 8

Part 1

Something did happen.
Well… I can’t really say.

Part 3

Leave him alone.
Say something to him.

8.4 Charm Level Checkpoint
Part 4 – Get CG

Chapter 9

Part 7

Let me stay with you, please.
Didn’t you promise to protect me?

Part 9

Thank you, Raizo.
I’d like to stay with Hajime.

Chapter 10

Part 2

Are we dreaming?
Are we dead?!

10.4 Minigame Checkpoint – 25% Clear Chance

Part 7

Please, let Hajime go.
Hand over the Demon Blade.

Chapter 11

Part 1

Why did you kiss me?
Why did you steal the blade?

Part 2

I hate you!
I chose someone else!

11.4 Items Checkpoint – Need Passport x11 to continue.
Part 9 – Get CG

Chapter 12 -Happy Ending

12.3 Charm Level Checkpoint

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