Walkthrough – Mononoke Kiss+ – Hikobane

by Vehura
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Endings –

  • Normal Ending
  • Happy Ending
  • Super Happy Ending

Chapter 1

Part 3

No, thank you.
Don’t worry about me.

Part 7

Most certainly not!
…I’ll do it.

Part 10 – Get CG

Chapter 2

2.4 Minigame Checkpoint – 25% Clear Chance

Part 4

It’s nothing…

Part 10

Crows are cute too.
That’s odd.

Chapter 3

Part 3

Did you think I would slap you again?
… No, I shouldn’t have done that.

Part 8

Apologize sincerely.

Chapter 4

4.4 Charm Level Checkpoint

Part 4

Take cover.

Part 4 – Get CG

Part 8

It’s true.
You’re still Hikobane.

Chapter 5

Part 3

It was a dream about my childhood…
I wasn’t smiling…

Part 7

Because Hikobane was caring for me.
Because Hikobane defended me.

Chapter 6

Part 3

You’re funny, Hikobane.
Well, if you don’t mind giving it back…

6.4 Items Checkpoint – Need Passport x4 to continue.
Part 8 – Get CG

Part 9

Since I’m with you…
Yes, it’s really beautiful.

Chapter 7

Part 3

Tell him what happened.
Look to Hikobane.

Part 8

I really trust you.
I think you’re a really great person.

Chapter 8

8.4 Charm Level Checkpoint

Part 5

I won’t let you hurt him.
I’m going to protect him.

Part 8

We have to properly dress this wound.
I want to at least relieve your pain a little.

Chapter 9

Part 5

I can’t bear it any longer.
I don’t want you to be with me.

Part 7

…I love you.
Could you kiss me again…?

Chapter 10

Part 2

I can kill enemies even by myself…?
I can fight too, right?

10.4 Minigame Checkpoint – 25% Clear Chance

Part 9

I have feelings too.
You can’t just decide that by yourself.

Chapter 11

Part 3

Don’t ever leave me.
I don’t ever wanna be apart again…

11.4 Items Checkpoint – Need Passport x11 to continue.

Part 8

Will you always protect me?
Will you always stay with me?

Part 8 – Get CG

Chapter 12 – Happy Ending

10.4 Charm Level Checkpoint

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