Walkthrough – Mononoke Kiss+ – Raizo

by Vehura
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Endings –

  • Normal Ending
  • Happy Ending
  • Super Happy Ending

Chapter 1

Part 4

Tell him my name.
Don’t tell him my name.

Part 9

Of course I don’t!
But you’ll save me, right?

Chapter 2

Part 2

I never asked for help.
I don’t have to listen to this.

Part 4 – Get CG

Part 6

You bet you didn’t!
You’re a liar!

2.7 Minigame Checkpoint – 25% Clear Chance

Chapter 3

Part 4

Of course I am.
You don’t look it.

Part 8

You’d better do a good job.
Thank you very much.

Chapter 4

Part 2

Stay quiet.
Go along with it.

4.4 Charm Level Checkpoint

Part 4

Not this again.
I’ve got some sex appeal.

Part 5 – Get CG

Chapter 5

Part 2

Let him sleep a little more.
But I need him to wake up.

Part 4

I want to leave now.
He has a point.

Chapter 6

6.4 Items Checkpoint – Need Passport x4 to continue

Part 5

I can’t believe it.
So he’s a spirit…

Part 6

Somebody, please!

Chapter 7

Part 2 – Get CG

Part 5

Yes, I’m fine.
What just happened…?

Part 6

I’m sorry…
It’s all my fault.

Chapter 8

8.4 Charm Level Checkpoint

Part 4

Again? Oh, yeah…
How rude!

Part 6

Cry at last.
Hold back the tears.

Chapter 9

Part 3

It’s your fault.
Don’t say that.

Part 3 – Get CG

Part 5

Why me?
I’m not ready for this…

Chapter 10

Part 2

Maybe I’ll go with Enojo.
Take care of me, Raizo.

10.4 Minigame Checkpoint – 25% Clear Chance

Part 7

I want to be useful!
I can’t leave Raizo!

Chapter 11

11.4 Items Checkpoint – Need Passport x11 to continue

Part 7

I’m sorry
Don’t die…!

Part 9

I’m really sorry.
Thank goodness…!

In order to read the Sweet End, you will have to use a Love Potion to push you over the mark. There is no way to get it otherwise. If you do not have an arrow, you can buy one in the shop for 200M-Coins or spin the Zeni Slot, win 5 x2coupons, and exchange those out for one potion.

Happy Ending 4 – Charm Level Checkpoint

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