Walkthrough – Mononoke Kiss+ – Ryuzaburo

by Vehura
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Endings –

  • Normal Ending
  • Happy Ending
  • Super Happy Ending

Chapter 1

Part 2 – Get CG

Part 4?

Say I’m okay and back away.

Part 6?

That’s easy for you to say, but!
Please don’t drop me!

Chapter 2

Part 2

Then I will try to keep smiling.
I feel like I’m able to smile a bit again.

2.2 Minigame Checkpoint – 25% Clear Chance

Part 8

But what you’ve said is the truth, isn’t it?
What should I say…?

Chapter 3


Part 3

Its okay.

Part 7

That was misleading…

Chapter 4


Part 7

I’m sorry for making you worry.

Part 8

What’s wrong all of a sudden?

Chapter 5


Part 5

I’m sorry for making you worry.
Thank you for saving me.

Part 8

But you’ll always save me won’t you?
I couldn’t just leave then be

Chapter 6


Part 6

So you knew about it.
I knew nothing about it.

Part 7

Give into his kindness
Say I’m fine and turn him down.

Chapter 7

Part 5

You don’t have to keep things from me.
I’m happy you were considerate of me, but–

Part 9

You’re like an older brother.
You’re a good person.

Chapter 8


Part 6

Why didn’t you tell me?
I’m a demon…

Part 8

You’re so nice.
You’re so reliable.

Chapter 9


Part 5

I’m sad.
It’s agitating.

Part 7

I love you.
I believe you.

Chapter 10


Part 1

I feel disheartened to be away from you.
Please stay safe.

Part 8

I already love someone else.
Will you love me?

Chapter 11

Part 5

I don’t know what is what anymore…
As long as you are with me, I’m fine.

Part 7

I’m glad you are safe too, Ryuzaburo.

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