Walkthrough – Monster’s First Love – Ashille Sahin

by Vehura
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Ashille is a half vampire, half human with powers. He is a tsundere with bitter feelings towards vampire who is trying to run from his past.

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Chapter 1

Deny it. (Correct)
Stay silent.

Chapter 2

Stop for today.
Apologize for earlier (Correct)
Tell him that you want to take care of him.

Chapter 3

Tell him you don’t know
Tell him it’s natural (Correct)

Chapter 4

Avoid the question.
Deny. (Correct)
Tell him it’s scary.

Chapter 5

Show him. (Correct)
Tell him you’ll do it yourself.

Chapter 6

Pretend to laugh.
Stay quiet. (Correct)
Tell him you want to be left alone.

Chapter 7

Tell him you understand.
Tell him you can’t do that. (Correct)
Worry about him.

Chapter 8

Glare at him.
Say thank you. (Correct)
Tell him to let go.

Chapter 9

Tell him you don’t know.
Go silent.
Tell him you feel the same way. (Correct)

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