Walkthrough – Monster’s First Love – Ibuki Arayama

Ibuki is the last werewolf on earth who carries the blood of Japanese wolves. He is quick to quarrel and transforms depending on his emotions.

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Chapter 1

Clearly deny it. (Correct)
What’s wrong?
Nod silently.

Chapter 2

Ibuki is cute. (Correct)
Never mind.
It’s nothing.

Chapter 3?

That’s painful
Nod (Correct)
Say nothing

Chapter 4?

I’m sorry.
Ibuki isn’t bad.
You are good as is. (Correct)

Chapter 5

Be angry.
Agree. (Correct)
Tilt my head to the side in confusion.

Chapter 6

Since it’s Ibuki.
This is embarrassing.
Thank you. (Correct)

Chapter 7

That’s embarassing.
That’s fine. (Correct)
Get lost.

Chapter 8

It’s dangerous.
Don’t go.
I’ll go too. (Correct)

Chapter 9

I don’t. (Correct)
Just a little.
Remain silent.

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