Walkthrough – Monster’s First Love – King

King has spent a long time traveling the world alone and can healing himself quickly. Kind to everyone, be has a tendency to shut himself out from other.
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Chapter 1

Let King go (Correct)
Ask King to stay
Leave it to him

Chapter 2

Scold him
Accept (Correct)

Chapter 3

Go quiet and hesitate
That may be true……
There’s no such thing! (Correct)

Chapter 4

Hold his hand (Correct)
Keep quiet
Call out to him

Chapter 5

Apologize (Correct)
Blame myself
Pit the King

Chapter 6

Having fun? (Correct)
Regretting anything?

Chapter 7

Don’t push yourself
Thank you for living (Correct)
Thank you for saving me

Chapter 8

Family (Correct)
Don’t say anything

Chapter 9

I’m hurt too (Correct)
I’m sad too
I didn’t think it was that sad

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