Walkthrough – My Forged Wedding Party – Akito Kakiuchi

by Vehura
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  • Super Happy End: 300+ points
  • Happy End: 280+points
  • Normal End: < 280 points

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Episode 1

Promise to visit together. (+10)
Fake a smile.

“What’s the favor?” (+10)
“It depends on the favor.”

Episode 2

“That’s not the problem.”
“You’re wrong!” (+10)

“I’m looking forward to staying with you.” (+10)
“Sorry abut the intrusion.”

Episode 3

“Thanks.” (+10)

“I’ll pass!” (+10)
Brush away his finger.

Avatar Trial
Sweet: Job Interview Outfit (Get CG) – 200 Coins
Normal: Navy Earrings (Charm +50) – 600 Mari

Episode 4

Stand still and watch him.
Go with him to the doorway. (+10)

“That’s why we’re holding hands?” (+10)
“I think you’re worrying too much.”

Episode 5

“They’re just pancakes.”
“I’ll make them for you again.” (+10)

Call to him. (+10)
Silently walk closer.

Mission: Need 3000 Wife Points

Episode 6

See what Akito does.
Ask what’s wrong. (+10)

“Of course not!” (+10)
Silently glare at him.

Episode 7

“Hey, Aki!” (+10)
“I wanted to drink that.”

“Yes you were.” (+10)
“Is that so?”

Avatar Trial
Sweet: First Day at Work Outfit (Get CG) – 500 Coins
Normal: White Leather Bag (Charm +70) – 5000 Mari

Episode 8

“Are you sure?”
“Thanks!” (+10)

“Really?” (+10)

Mission: Need 15000 Wife Points

Episode 9

“I’m sorry.”
“Did you come to get me?” (+10)

Try to refuse. (+10)
“Will I really be wearing one?”

Episode 10

Nod. (+10)

Ask if he’s all right.
Help him up. (+10)

Avatar Trial
Sweet: Brunch Date Outfit (Get CG) – 750 Coins
Normal: Gold Flower Bracelet (Charm +180) – 10000 Mari

Episode 11

“I can carry my own bag.”
“Thanks.” (+10)

“It’s been a long time.” (+10)
“You noticed?”

Mission: Need 35000 Wife Points

Episode 12

Tell them myself. (+10)
Leave it to Aki.

“Just get in.” (+10)

Episode 13

Fake a smile. (+10)
Try not to meet his eyes.

“What are you doing here?”
“I thought you went back.” (+10)

Mission: Need 60000 Wife Points

Episode 14

Look from where I’m standing.
Go up to the magazine and stare. (+10)

“Aki will be happy, too.” (+10)
“Please cheer for him.”

Episode 15

No selections. Choose your ending.

There is also an epilogue that takes 10 passes to read.

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