Walkthrough – My Forged Wedding Party – Haruka Utsunomiya

by Vehura
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  • Super Happy End: 300+ points
  • Happy End: 280+points
  • Normal End: < 280 points

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Episode 1

Be uncertain. (+10)

“It’s okay, I appreciate what you did.” (+10)
“Don’t worry about me.”

Episode 2

Take it.
Hesitate. (+10)

Tell him the truth. (+10)
Dodge the question.

Episode 3

“Please, don’t hide anything.” (+10)
“I wish you would tell me.”

Look up at him.
“Yes, it’s true.” (+10)

Avatar Trial
Sweet: Meet the Parents Outfit (Get CG) – 200 Coins
Normal: Delicate Pearl Necklace (Charm +70) – 600 Mari

Episode 4

“I won’t tell.” (+10)

“I’m sorry.” (+10)
“Um… What happened?”

Episode 5

“What are you doing?!”
“Stop that!” (+10)

“Sorry for the trouble I caused.” (+10)
“Are you okay, Haruka?”

Mission – 3000 Wife Points

Episode 6

“What are you doing?” (+10)
“Are you okay?”

“I’ll give it 100%!”(+10)

Episode 7

“Thank you.” (+10)

“I sure hope so…”
“Thanks. I’m honored.” (+10)

Avatar Trial
Sweet: First Night Out Outfit (Get CG) – 500 Coins
Normal: Round Red Bag (Charm +180) – 5000 Mari

Episode 8

“Just for a bit.” (+10)

“Stop laughing at me.”
“Why are you laughing?” (+10)

Mission – 15000 Wife Points

Episode 9

“You’re not making sense.”
“Then why did you come?” (+10)

“What do you have in mind?” (+10)
“It’s nothing.”

Episode 10

“Stop staring at me.”
“What is it?” (+10)

“Yes.” (+10)

Avatar Trial
Sweet: Relaxing Weekend Outfit (Get CG) – 750 Coins
Normal: Jeweled Blue Sandals (Charm +180) – 10000 Mari

Episode 11

“I wish you’d put on less.” (+10)
“I can’t stop you…”

Nothing. (+10)
“Just use your imagination.”

Mission – 30000 Wife Points

Episode 12

“Everyone’s watching.”
“Stop it.” (+10)

Watch him closely. (+10)
“I’ll answer the door.”

Episode 13

“Still, you don’t have to laugh.”
“I’m trying to keep it under control.” (+10)

“Thank you.” (+10)
“i can pour my own drink.”

Mission – 50000 Wife Points

Episode 14

“You don’t mind if I talk to you?” (+10)
“You really see through everything.”

“I know.”
“I need to talk to you.” (+10)

Episode 15

No selections. Choose your ending based on your points.

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