Walkthrough – My Forged Wedding Party – His Feelings – Takamasa Saeki


  • Super Happy End: 150+ Chemistry + 30k Wife Points

Note: There is no epilogue.

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Episode 1

“Wow… Ouch, you guys.”
“Even I have problems sometimes.” (+10)

“She’d kiss me good morning daily.”
“We’d call each other ‘darling’ and honey.’” (+10)

Episode 2

“Sorry about that.”
“Don’t worry.” (+10)

“I’ll open it if you won’t.” (+10)
“Staying there forever?”

Mission – 7500 Wife Points

Episode 3

“I didn’t mean to hide it from you.”
“I’m sorry.” (+10)

“What do you mean?” (+10)
“Why I was chosen…?”

Avatar Trial
Sweet: Cozy at Home Outfit (Get CG) – 500 Coins
Normal:Purple Bracelets (Charm +70) – 4000 Mari

Episode 4

Ask for “Honey.” (+10)
Ask for her by name.

“Nothing’s wrong.” (+10)
“I was just spacing out.”

Mission – 15000 Wife Points

Episode 5

“Seems so.” (+10)
“Maybe? I’m not sure.”

Communicate with your eyes. (+10)
Stare at him for a while.

Avatar Trial
Sweet: Walk in the Rain Outfit (Get CG) – 750 Coins
Normal: Dream Catcher Earrings (Charm +70) – 500 Coins/9000 Mari

Episode 6

“I’m just a little stunned.” (+10)
“Is it really okay for me to go?”

Stand still.
Return to the changing room. (+10)

Episode 7

“Why did you think that?” (+10)
“I can’t take her with me.”

Gaze at her.
Kiss her. (+10

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