Walkthrough – My Forged Wedding Party – Kunihiko Season 2

by Vehura
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  • Super Happy End: 240+ Chemistry
  • Happy End: 200-239 Chemistry
  • Normal End: <200 Chemistry

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Episode 1

Apologize to everyone around. (+10)
Apologize to Kunihiko.

What time’s breakfast?
What should we do today? (+10)

Episode 2

I’m an adult you know.
We’re in a relationship. (+10)

Laugh shyly. (+10)
Quickly apologize.

Avatar Trial
Sweet: Park Date Outfit (Get CG) – 500 Coins
Normal: Royal Blue Bag (Charm +70) – 3000 Mari

Episode 3

Your clothes are going to get dirty.
That’s dangerous. (+10)

Speak to Makoto.
Speak to Kunihiko. (+10)

Episode 4

You choose something. (+10)

I’ll meet him. (+10)
I’ll think about it.

Mission – 21000 Wife Points

Episode 5

I’m unable to say a word.
I’m able to smile. (+10)

Give them towels. (+10)
Give them tea.

Episode 6

You should drink too, Kunihiko. (+10)
Maybe I’ll have a drink, too.

I’m having fun, too. (+10)
You look like you’re having fun, too.

Avatar Trial
Sweet: Resort Date Outfit (Get CG) – 750 Coins
Normal: Wing Earrings (Charm +180) – 8000 Mari

Episode 7

I nod immediately. (+10)
I hesitate for a moment.

Apologize to Kunihiko.
Apologize to my father. (+10)

Episode 8

Call Kunihiko. (+10)
Call my mother.

Ask him if he’s all right. (+10)
Ask him about the company.

Mission – 46000 Wife Points

Episode 9

His girlfriend.
His wife. (+10)

Tell him I talked to Daisuke.
Tell him I talked to my mother. (+10)

Episode 10

No selections. Choose your ending based on your points.

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