Walkthrough – My Forged Wedding Party – Ren Shibasaki

by Vehura
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  • Super Happy End: 300+ points
  • Happy End: 280+points
  • Normal End: < 279 points

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Episode 1

Don’t be rude to Ren. (+10)
Of course, we both love each other

I have a request. (+10)

Episode 2

Can I look inside your fridge? (+10)
You don’t even have any loose leaf tea?

No way!
I’ll sleep on the living room sofa. (+10)

Episode 3

Are you sure you want me working here? (+10)
Of course, I’d be happy to!

You need to have a balanced diet. (+10)
Don’t be so childish…

Avatar Trial
Premium: Fluffy House Wear Outfit (Get CG) – 200 Coins
Normal: Macaron Ribbon Slippers (Charm +50) – 600 Mari

Episode 4

I’m so glad you came back! (+10)
Cling to Ren without saying anything.

Don’t worry about it. (+10)
That was quite a shock.

Episode 5

Yes, of course. (+10)
Oh, I suppose.

Would it be alright if I went? (+10)
Yea, I want to go!

Mission – 3000 Wife Points

Episode 6

You don’t know anything about Ren. (+10)
Results aren’t everything!

Aren’t you tired of your sleeping bag? (+10)
I’m sorry to take your bed.

Episode 7

Aren’t we going to the zoo?
Are you going to the lab today? (+10)

Did you know I was looking at this?
Why did you get this? (+10)

Avatar Trial
Premium: Zoo Date Outfit (Get CG) – 500 Coins
Normal: Tricolor Bag (Charm +70) – 5000 Mari

Episode 8

It’s all thanks to you, Ren. (+10)
Sorry about the trouble I caused.

You should go see her. (+10)
Why not?

Mission – 15000 Wife Points

Episode 9

Of course I’m home.
I’m glad you came home. (+10)

I’m glad we can tell my uncle. (+10)
I wish we could have told everyone too.

Episode 10

Unfortunately… (+10)
What’s royal etiquette?

Alright, bring it on. (+10)
Can I take a quick break?

Avatar Tria
Premium: Meet the Parents Outfit (Get CG) – 750 Coins
Normal: Beige Actress Hat (Charm +70) – 10000 Mari

Episode 11

No… (+10)
All right.

How does Ren really feel? (+10)
I’m done…

Mission – 30000 Wife Points

Episode 12

Of course! (+10)

You could tell from my flower arrangement?
I’m sorry… (+10)

Episode 13

I missed you too. (+10)
I thought I’d never see you again.

Don’t throw it away.
Isn’t that ring special to you? (+10)

Mission – 50000 Wife Points

Episode 14

Let’s go back to your country. (+10)
You don’t want the support of your parents?

You’ll be fine.
Thank you. (+10)

Episode 15

No selections. Choose your ending.

There is also an epilogue that takes 10 passes to read.


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