Walkthrough – My Forged Wedding Party – Takao Maruyama Season 2

by Vehura
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  • Super Happy End: 240+ Chemistry
  • Happy End: 200-239 Chemistry
  • Normal End: <200 Chemistry

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Episode 1

I want to know everything about you. (+10)
Wouldn’t you be interesed too?

Who else could affect me like that? (+10)
Play dumb and say, who knows?

Episode 2

You were in it.
You gave me a piece of celery. (+10)

As long as you’re by my side, I’m happy. (+10)
I’ll let you know if I think of anything.

Avatar Trial
Sweet: Flower Teacher Outfit (Get CG) – 500 Coins
Normal:Classic Mint Earrings (Charm +70) – 3000 Mari

Episode 3

I’ve realize my true feelings. (+10)
You should find someone too, Saeki.

How great you were, Takao.
How funny Yuta is. (+10)

Episode 4

You’re so handsome.
You’re so caring and sincere. (+10)

No, you’re not wrong…
I wish I could think that way, too. (+10)

Mission – 20000 Wife Points

Episode 5

You’re more suited to being in front of the camera, Yuta. (+10)
I’ll be your manager.

Smile and say nothing’s wrong. (+10)
Play it off by telling him I didn’t get enough sleep.

Episode 6

That just goes to show you how powerful flowers can be.
I was inspired by all the way you guys were cheering him up. (+10)

Say, “I can’t wait,” without anty hesitation. (+10)
Ask with ebarrassment, “A bath together?”

Avatar Trial
Sweet: Shopping Date Outfit (Get CG) – 750 Coins
Normal: Mint Green Bag (Charm +180) – 8000 Mari

Episode 7

Do you mind if I wait up for you?
Tell him I’ll eat without him. (+10)

I don’t want to get in your way either. (+10)
You’re the reason I can work so hard.

Episode 8

I worry about you because you work so hard.
Are you sure? (+10)

Flash him a smile. (+10)
Call out to the guys to change the subject.

Mission – 45000 Wife Points

Episode 9

You know him so well.
You know me well. (+10)

please come back. (+10)
Why did you leave?

Episode 10

No selections. Choose your ending based on your points.

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