Walkthrough – My Forged Wedding Party – Yamato Kougami

by Vehura
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  • Super Happy End: 300+ points
  • Happy End: 280+points
  • Normal End: < 279 points

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Episode 1

I’m too embarrassed to say.
Ask Yamato for help.

Does he… want me?!
I can’t really think of anything.

Episode 2

I do if I really like the guy…
I don’t like being told to.

Cry out.

Episode 3

Like a mother-in-law.
Like an overbearing husband. (LMFAO)

Mouth the words.

Avatar Trial
Sweet: [I didn’t pay attention to what this was] (Get CG) – 200 Coins
Normal: Firm Pink-Beige Bag (Charm +25) – 600 Mari

Episode 4

Say sorry.
You need to tell me these things.

You’ll upset Yamato.
I texted him this location.

Episode 5

Hold back the door.
Soak up to my chin in the water.

Wake him up because he’ll catch cold.
Poke him on the cheek.

Mission: Need 3000 Wife Points

Episode 6

Did I really help you out?
You’d better be grateful!

Call him.
Don’t call him.

Episode 7

Whose honeymoon?
I want to go abroad for our honeymoon. 

Get angry.
Feel happy.

Avatar Trial
Sweet: Sports Festival Support Outfit (Get CG) – 500 Coins
Normal: Chic Summer Hat (Charm +25) – 5000 Mari

Episode 8

Are you going to help me?
What do you think?

Are you hiding something from me?
There were some bouquets I didn’t make in the box.

Mission: Need 15000 Wife Points

Episode 9

Take him by his arm and stop him.
Ask him to wait.

Call Yamato.
Go to the graveyard.

Episode 10

Call out to him.
Wait for him to notice me.

I hope I made a bit of difference.
People’ll think I’m a nagging wife now.

Avatar Trial
 Secret Date night Outfit (Charm +270/Get CG) – 750 Coins
Normal: Wood Design Necklace (Charm +180) – 10000 Mari

Episode 11

Talk to him.
Shoot him a glance

The commercial.
The baseball game.

Mission: Need 30000 Wife Points

Episode 12

Ask Yamato if it’s okay. (I’m really annoyed that this is the answer…)
Ask Yamato if he’s going too.

Turn my back.

Episode 13


Call out to him as loud as I can.
Try my hand at telepathy.

Mission: Need 49000 Wife Points

Episode 14

Did something happen?
Try to change the subject to something fun.

Did something happen?
I’ll get dinner ready.

Episode 15

No selections. Choose your ending.

There is also an epilogue that takes 10 passes to read.


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