Walkthrough – My Horse Prince – Talk Answers

by Vehura

I don’t know, but I’m dying of laughter. So, let’s get this together!

-Will you be my owner?-

There stands a horse with a handsome human face.

Before you know it, you agree to start training him…

Is this a dream or a nightmare?

Life on this strange ranch awaits…

Genre: Comedy 


Contributor(s): lobbydostexugos, Dromaeo, raneinspane, Jo

Note: I didn’t know when I started this, that the choices were specific to each episode until the third one. If you don’t see a choice you have there, scroll down to the Episode X and see if it happens to be there. If not, please comment with the question and either the Excellent OR all the choices and what the one you chose was. Thank you!

Episode 1 – [Need Name]

What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?
I think it’s going to rain. (Excellent)

Do you like ranches?
I do! (Excellent)

I feel so relaxed when I’m with you.
Thanks! (Excellent)

Do you like dogs or cats?
Cats (Excellent)

Do you want to rain with me?
I’ll cheer you on! (Excellent)

I like your hair like that.
A. Thanks!
B. No, it looks terrible!
C. Really? (Good)

Episode 2 – Treadmill Training

What color horse do you like?
Light Brown (Good)

Do you want to train with me?
I’ll cheer you on! (Excellent)

How did you get to the ranch?
Bicycle (Excellent)

Episode 3 – The Morning Feed

Do you know what happened to the pudding in the fridge?
It was really good! You picked a good one! (Excellent)

Wanna go somewhere together today?
Theme park. (Excellent)

What do you like in miso soup?
Carrots (Excellent)

That reminds me… the light bulb in the hallway has burnt out.
A. Okay, I’ll go buy one. (Good)
B. I think we have another one somewhere…
C. We can live without one.

How about bread for breakfast tomorrow?
A. I’m looking forward to it! (Good)
B. I like both bread and rice.
C. I only eat white rice.

Episode 4 – Street Corner Steed

Having to work is really hard.
It is really hard. (Excellent)

Do you think doing radio calisthenics at work is important?
A. I used to do that when I was younger.
B. You need exercise…?
C. I do. (Good)

Have your clothes gotten dirty?
I’ve been christened! (Excellent)

“If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” Right?
Yeah, you have to make your own way! (Excellent)

Sweat is a medal of honor.
Guys who work are really hot.  (Excellent)

I want to take you to my favorite store.
Somewhere that sells horseshoes? (Excellent)

Ow! I think I but my hoof!
Want me to kiss it better? (Excellent)

Episode 5 – Wave Jumps

The sun is really strong today.
It feels like summer! (Excellent)

I can see a boat on the horizon.
That’s Poseidon. (Excellent)

What reminds you of summer?
Fireworks (Excellent)

I can hear the waves.
A. Me too. (Good)
B. That’s the sound of the tide.
C. I can’t.

Do you prefer mountains or beaches?
A. The beach. of course. (Good)
B. Mountains.
C. I like flat ground.

Let’s go somewhere together.
How embarrassing… (Excellent)

If you could take one thing with you to a deserted island, what would it be?
A pillow (Excellent)

Episode 6 – Trial Fanfare

I like racing with obstacles.
It looks really hard to race like that. (Excellent)

Do you think I can win?
Of course you can win! (Excellent)

What do you think of how I run?
You run well. (Excellent)

I can’t… go on…
Just one more lap! (Excellent)

Do you prefer dirt or grass?
Grass. (Excellent)

Would you go on a date to a racecourse?
Yes. (Excellent)

Episode 7 – Wild Whinny

You feeling this?
Wooo! (Excellent)

Let’s sing a duet on stage?
OK, let’s do it! (Excellent)

What kind of music do you normally listen to!?
Rock (Good)

Do you think music can change the world?
My world has changed! (Excellent)

Which member do you like the best?
OJISAN (Excellent)

And the next song is…
Midnight Cowboy
Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
White Horse (Good)

Episode 8 – Street Corner Cavalletti

The stars look nice tonight.
They’re really pretty. (Excellent)

Call me if you’re ever in trouble, OK?
OK, I will. (Excellent)

You shouldn’t come to these kinds of places alone, they’re dangerous!
Sorry. (Excellent)

The city is so busy.
It’s actually a pretty good place. (Excellent)

It’s dangerous here. I’ll take you home.
Can I ride you? (Excellent)

What are you doing here?
Playing on my phone. (Excellent)

We must fight against evil.
Make it perish! (Good)
We have to fight one thing at a time.
There will always be evil in the world.

Episode 9 – Riding Rivals

I feel a storm coming.
Sounds like fun. (Excellent)

What would you do it I went away…?
Wait for you to come back. (Excellent)

Do you think Ryouma is good-looking?
He’s not as handsome as you. (Excellent)

I feel like something bad will happen here…
Yeah, it’s scary! (Excellent)

What if I lose to Ryouma…”
I’ll abandon you if you lose.
Stop being such a sissy! (Excellent?)
You won’t lose. (Good)

Episode 10 – Stakes of Glory

Your weight…
I-I lost weight. (Excellent)

I wouldn’t mind coming in last because I got to ride with you…
We have to come in first. (Excellent)

Have you ridden a horse before?
I’ll just use my intuition. (Excellent)

Are you used to the feel to riding now?
I could fall asleep. (Excellent)

What’s the track condition like today?
Focus on the race! (Excellent)

I won’t let that suspicious horse anywhere near you, [name]!
Please keep me safe! (Excellent)

It’s fun racing with you on board.
I’m having fun too! (Excellent)

[NEW!] Episode 11 – Leisurely Amble

Want to come to mine?
If you win the next race. (Excellent)

Do you feel ready to be a jockey?
I’ve always felt ready. (Excellent)

I just saw a bug!
Eeeek! (Excellent)

You’re pretty cute, you know.
Th- thank you… (Excellent)

There aren’t many female jockeys so I think you’ll be popular.
Let’s become popular together. (Excellent)

Let me know if you ever need help, okay?
Alright, I will. (Excellent)

Do you want to go anywhere?
The Arc de Triomphe (Excellent)

Did the race tire you out?
It was fun! (Excellent)

[NEW!] Episode 12 –

White Turf

I guess it is a little cold here…
I’m cold, too. (Excellent)

I have to keep practicing.
Yeah, you do. (Excellent)

I love seeing snow.
Me too! (Excellent)

I’d like some warm soup after I finish training.
Carrot potage? (Excellent)

Make sure you don’t fall down.
Should I grab onto you? (Excellent)

Skiing’s fun!
I can ski a little. (Excellent)

The snow melting makes me want to…
Love you (Excellent)

This snowscape is beautiful…
I’m prettier. (Excellent)

[NEW!] Episode 13 – (Need title)

I can hear Umako’s voice…
“Run faster!” (Excellent)

I can’t see because of the blizzard…
Close your eyes (Excellent)

I feel tired…
Sleep is for the weak! (Excellent)

I wonder if she’s still angry…
She’s still angry. (Excellent)

If I give up now…
No… I can’t give up. (Excellent)

I’m running out of energy…
Keep running (Excellent)

Is Umako waiting for me…?
– It doesn’t’ matter either way. (Excellent)

What should I do so that Umako will forgive me?
Find her (Excellent)

Episode X – Endless Circling

This chapter is just a fun extra you can play. It has some answers that are new, but it also recycles questions from other parts of the game. If there is an answer that I don’t know where it was original and it’s not already in the walkthrough, I have added it here. If you know what chapter it goes into, please let me know!

[Name], do you get a lot of attention?
I’m the poster girl for the unpopular kid. (Excellent)

I have a spare key to my stable… Do you want it?
You really trust me! (Excellent)

What would you do if we couldn’t leave?
That would be terrible. (Excellent)


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