Walkthrough – My Sweet Proposal – Todo Masaya


  • Normal Ending: 40 -160 Affection
  • True Ending: 160 – 200 Affection
  • Proposal Ending: 200+ Affection
  • Proposal Epilogue: Proposal Ending + wedding dress from gacha

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Chapter 1

Scenario 3

Thank you for your concern.
I accept it. (+5)
This much?!

1.4 Todo Extra 1 (90 Platinum)

Scenario 8

What do you mean by this!?
When did I end up your bride?
I have no recollection of you proposing to me. (+5)

Extra Treasure Chapter 1: 10 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 14

I see your points, but… (+5)
You should’ve help[ed] me!
I’m sorry…

Chapter 2

Scenario 3

You didn’t even ask my permission!
Th-thank you…?
You’re well prepared… (+5)

Scenario 4 – Special Story (Need 20+ Affection)
Scenario 5 – Love Trial ~ 2000+ Engagement Strength

Scenario 6

We’ll sleep together. (+5)
You’ll sleep on the sofa, please.
You better not do anything.

Scenario 14

I’ll forgive you.
Are you really sorry?
I want to talk with you, Todo. (+5)

Extra Treasure Chapter 2: 15 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.
Chapter 3

You’re right.
I can’t say it anymore. (+5)
I won’t say that.

2.4 Todo Extra 2 (180 Platinum)
Scenario 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Flower bikini (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Tricolor bikini (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/2500 Love Points
Scenario 7 – Special Graphic (Need 35+ Affection)

Scenario 9

L-let go of me.
I’m fine now.
I can’t escape. (+5)

Scenario 14

Let’s go home together. (+5)
You don’t have to be that way…

Chapter 4

Scenario 2 – Avatar Trial
Premium: White dress (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Aqua blue dress (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/3500 Love Points

Scenario 4

I tried to. (+5)
Why should I have to…!?
You’re so selfish!

4.9 Todo Extra 3 (200 Platinum)

Scenario 10

It has nothing to do with you.
I’m just a little tired. (+5)
It’s nothing.

Scenario 14

It’s normal!
You’re right.
Honestly!? (+5)

Chapter 5

Scenario 2 – Special Graphic (Need 60+ Affection)
Scenario 3 – Love Trial ~ 5000+ Engagement Strength

Scenario 5

That isn’t a relationship.
That’s so sad.
No! (+5)

Extra Treasure Chapter 5: 06 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 7

Alright… (+5)
What’s the matter?

Scenario 14

I turn around. (+5)
“I’m sorry.”
“I came to get my stuff…”

Chapter 6

Scenario 2

Yes, I had thought so.
Now you choose to tell me? (+5)
I won’t be tricked, you know?

6.5 Todo Extra 4 (180 Platinum)

Scenario 10

I came here to help you.
I’m not sure myself.
I wanted to see you… (+5)

Scenario 11 – Love Trial ~ 10000+ Engagement Strength

Scenario 14

Remain still.
Smile at him. (+5)
Place my other hand on top.

Chapter 7

Scenario 4 – Special Graphic (Need 90+ Affection)

Scenario 5

That makes me feel strange. (+5)
It’s not an act?

Extra Treasure Chapter 7: 6 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 9

Me too.
I love you more.
Say it again. (+5)

7.11 Todo Extra 5 (180 Platinum)

Scenario 15

Another man…?
It isn’t like you, Todo…
Are you jealous? (+5)

Chapter 8

Scenario 1 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Elegant dress (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Earings & necklace (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/4500 Love Points
Scenario 3 – Special Story (Need 105+ Affection)

Scenario 4

Are you sure?
I’ll really go, you know…? (+5)
You should’ve told me in advance.

8.6 Todo Extra 6 (230 Platinum)

Scenario 10

Are you allowing yourself to be indecisive? (+5)
What are you going to do?
So, you’ve already decided then.

Scenario 13

Are you serious…?
You say it like it’s easy. (+5)
That’s not funny

Chapter 9

Scenario 2

He’s also distressed. (+5)
He’s that kind of person.
He’s busy with work.

Extra Treasure Chapter 9: 5 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Scenario 6

Stop saying petty things.
Don’t jump to conclusions.
Don’t be jealous. (+5)

Scenario 9 – Special Graphic (Need 130+ Affection)

Scenario 15

I’d forgotten.
Who knows?
I was lying. (+5)

9.15 Todo Extra 7 (250 Platinum)

Chapter 10

Scenario 3 – Special Route (Need 135+ Affection)

Scenario 4

Do you still hold it against me?
I’ve taken your warning to heart. (+5)
You two are quite similar.

Scenario 10

We wouldn’t want to get in your way.
We’ll disturb your date… (+5)
Just the thought is enough.

Scenario 11 – Love Trial ~ 15000+ Engagement Strength

Scenario 12

You’ve changed. (+5)
I’m sorry, as well.
It isn’t like you.

Extra Treasure Chapter 10: 13 (Need a Key)
Can only be done on your second play through after acquiring a key.

Chapter 11

Scenario 3 – Love Trial ~ 17000+ Engagement Strength
11.4 Todo Extra 8 (180 Platinum)

Scenario 5

Touch his hair. (+5)
Hold his hand.
Stand still.

Scenario 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: His round bed (Charm +20) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Burgundy lamp (Charm +10) – 150 Platinum/5500 Love Points
Scenario 7 – Special Graphic (Need 155+ Affection)

Scenario 8

Eat it yourself.
Look at you, acting all smug. (+5)

Scenario 15

You should’ve told me?
I missunderstood…
So she wasn’t your girlfriend…


In order to clear the proposal ending, you must get the rare item from the list above, put it on, and then read the epilogue within 3-days time. Your first spin is free, after that, the gacha requires tickets to spin.

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