Mystic Messenger – Day 1-4 – Jaehee Choices

by Vehura
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This walkthrough is for those who are having a hard time getting into a character’s route. I would recommend at least trying to do it once before using this.

All FOUR days are here because splitting the guide up into individual posts is dumb.

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Before we start, these choices go me into Jaehee’s route. You aren’t required to follow this 100%, but I cannot guarantee that you will get Jaehee’s route.

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First Day

Note: I got into the game around 10am. I don’t have the chats from midnight~8. This is to show you all that you don’t have to get the full day of chats to get into a route.

11:58 – Seven’s Investigation

What are you researching?
Did you find anything?
Can’t you just tell me?
How did Rika leave this world?
Good bye, Yoosung.

12:50 – Jaehee’s expectation

Hello, Jaehee.
About me?
I think it will be fun.
So… what will I have to do? Specifically…
Is the party that grand?
Why except for Yoosung..?
Good bye.

13:48 – Jumin’s Curiosity

Hello, Jumin.
Is that a threat?
Don’t worry. I’ll do a good job.
I’ll try my best.
I’d like to do something meaningful.
Good bye. (Nothing)

15:00 – Zen reminisces about the old…

Zen, Hi~
Did you have fun at your rehearsal?
I’d like to hear it too.
The party was that big?
I already ate.

16:50 – Who hates to work?

Hello, 707.
Because I joined the organization?
They’re different?
Any possibility that ‘Unknown’ is Rika?
She’s beautiful.
Cross dressing?!
I can protect myself.
Goodbye, 707.

18:02 – Yoosung’s hope for a new party

Hello, Yoosung.
What do you want to know?
What do I have to do?
I’ll do my best ^^
I hope I can be of help.
I’ll do what I can.
Good luck!

18:58 – Concerns of two men

Hello, Jumin.
What is your worth, Jumin?
I first intend to try my best.
If I try my best, then everything will be good.
Go ahead Zen.

19:40 – Discussion about the party

I have a lot on my mind after today.
Take out is not good for you…
Don’t expect too much.
I don’t think that’s within business hour;
Bye, Mr. Han.

21:50 – Zen’s Expectation

Zen, you’re not sleeping yet?
I tend to.
I’m excited for all the things to come.
What do you mean?
Is V that important?
Why doesn’t V come here often?
I’ll go to bed soon.

22:30 – Excited Yoosung

Yoosung, what are you up to? Why don’t you try exercising for a bit and then go to sleep?
Awww yeah~ Eye candy lol
Did you like Rika?
I see.
I won’t.
Good bye.

23:15 – Jaehee’s Favor

I plan to try my best.
What kind of person is Jaehee?
You’re fun too
Sleep tight.

Second Day

00:38 – Jaehee’s Announcement

Are you still working, Jaehee?
Is something up?
It was wrong for him to do that. And visiting you that late at night? (Jaehee)
Next time, don’t open the door.
I doubt he’ll fire you. You’re good at your job.
Zen’s so sexy I’m gonna get a heart attack.
I only want to be Zen’s fan.
Cheer up~!

03:03 – Zen received fan letters

Zen, whassup?
When are you going to bed?
You must feel good.
Yup. Best to stay safe and focus on work.
That might be best for both people.
That just sounds like you want a girlfriend.
It won’t disappear.
Good luck~

07:00 – Yoosung’s omlette rice

Skipped! Didn’t want to use my HG.

08:05 – Fight over cats

Selection 1
Jaehee, how is the cat?
A bit douchey;;
Did V get depressed?
It’s not about money. You have to respect Jaehee’s private life too.
I see that being an assistant is very hard…
Jaehee, I’m glad it’s almost over for you hahah.

11:45 – Yoosung’s thoughts

Gah… I’m hungry.
Haha yeah.
I guess he’s busy.
What are you doing right now?
Who was school today?
Good bye

12:43 – Zen hates cats

It’s the notorious 707!
lolol you’re quite full of yourself.
Zen, hello.
You don’t like cats?
I think that’s abuse…
Mr. Chairman? …Golf?
Good bye.
What do you think he meant?
Alright. Thank you for your concern.

15:00 – Concerns from V and Zen

Hello, V.
I’m trying.
I know…
Someone must know that I’ve joined RFA.
How bad can it be?
I think it will be fun. I hope we get to hold the party again.
I will. Thank you.
I wasn’t too flustered.
I hope he cheers up soon.
Good bye.

17:23 – Yoosung’s doubt

Oh, it’s Seven.
Yes. But he left soon.
What fun things?
Or… you can just hand with me and chat lol
Jaehee has a life of her own;
You have to study hard to earn a proper living.
Did V do something wrong?
Maybe V knows something that you don’t…
Maybe he had his own reasons. (Yoosung)
Don’t get too worked up.
I want to see how things go.
Quit being suspicious of each other~
I think he mentioned something about religion…
Sleep tight like a baby sheep.
He must be from a super rich family…
Good bye, Jumin.

19:02 – Zen with new work

Zen, are you done with work?
You must be starting a new piece~ Congratulations.
lololol good for you.
Anytime ^^

20:05 – Romance novel company

Zen, are you practicing your lines?
You want me to join?
Sounds good.
Looking forward to your awesome performance.

21:35 – Jaehee’s support

How did the cat issue go, Jaehee?
I think so too
I’m not sure yet. I haven’t known him for long.
It’s nothing like that~. Don’t worry.
Zen will be thankful.
You have a kind heart.
It was nice talking to you ^^

Third Day

0:00 – Girlfriend and Zen

707, what are you doing this late at night?
I think she’s your fan.
I am your fan ^^
A witty and creative alien?
A sensible woman
But if he weren’t talented, his good looks might have played against him.
Isn’t it better to succeed?
How did 707 help you?
Are you not in good terms with Jumin?
Good night, Zen.

03:04 – Unstoppable LOLOL

Yoosung, what are you doing at this hour?
lolol It’s okay.
How about inviting them to the RFA party?
You just fell for the games company’s evil master plan.
Good night.
Jaehee, you logged in pretty late.
That’s a bit too much.
I think Zen would suit Jaehee better.
Capitalism is so sad…
You seem very busy… Good luck!

07:30 – Jumin and Cat and Zen

Zen, good morning.
I spent a restless night with thoughts of you.
You’re the best in that area.
How childish…
Good bye, Zen.

10:50 – The person that has to be…

Hello, Jaehee.
What meeting was it?
I guess Jumin is popular?
I think it’ll be good.
The main character?
I don’t think that person exists;;
Jaehee… Good luck
Good luck!

12:15 – Handsome Zen

Zen, you’re here.
Add more one crazy patient~.
See you later.
Jaehee, good to see you~ Zen was just here.
More people are coming in.
The photo of Zen.
I want to see it too.
Aren’t you going to go game now?
I guess V has his own ideas about the party.
Okay, enjoy the game and let’s talk later ^^

13:05 – The Lady of Bracelets

Do you think Zen looks handsome in the photo?
The photo of Zen?
There’s no way Jaehee’s going to take a photo of your avatar.
Jaehee, you must really like Zen~ lolol
You like Zen’s musical and photos of him.
Why don’t you invited her to the party?
I really can’t get used to that name. ‘Luciel’
I think Jaehee is a pretty name. Wow! I’m really curious of that club. We should invite that club to our party!
Take care of yourself…
What are you going to do, Jaehee?
Jaehee, Good luck. I’m cheering for you! (Jaehee)

15:30 – Jaehee’s thoughts

Zen, hello.
I hope he becomes more like you, Zen.
Maybe they want you to model for them since you are so handsome?
I agree too…
If Yoosung gets a girlfriend, he might stop playing games.
You know everything, Jaehee.
You’re not ready to be in love.
You’d lose your popularity though.
Jaehee has a point. lol.
Jaehee, what did you say about being in love?
lololol That’s a long sentence.
It’s fine~
It’s fine. You didn’t say anything weird~.

17:56 – Zen is making a fuss

Yoosung, hello.
You won’t get lonely if you play in teams~.
What did you do during the day?
I think being a game junkie suits you better than coffee.
Then how about lessening your game hours…
Hello, lovely Zen.
Zen, you have something you want to say?
Go ahead.
Invite that group to the party!
Looks okay lol
Zen, good bye ^^

19:42 – A slave of money, Seven

Jaehee, you’re here.
Serves you right.
I’ll be careful of Seven, Jaehee ^^
It’s not like you to be so serious…
Don’t tease Jaehee~!
Jaehee, let’s talk soon~

21:15 – Jalapenos topping

Hiya, Jaehee.
I’m worried about Seven.
Your productivity would probably increase.
Let’s talk about something more appropriate.
lolololololol What is that? lolololololol
Jaehee! You have a really good memory.
You get fat.
I want to see that musical too.
Jaehee, good bye^^

23:00 – Yoosung is living alone

Skipped! Didn’t want to use my HG.

Fourth Day

00:18 – Jaehee worries about Jumin

Jaehee, you’re still awake?
You’re still thinking about work this late. That’s amazing.
Everyone need compliments and encouragement.
Hurry and rest, Jaehee.

03:24 – Do not drink coffee

Skipped! Didn’t want to use my HG.

07:00 – Jaehee’s position

Jaehee, are you still waiting for Jumin?
I feel bad for Yoosung.
How was the meeting with the Oil Prince?
Why don’t we invite the Oil Prince to the party?
How hard did you make her work for her to say that…?
Still I do not think it’s right to skip work.
Jaehee was on standby the whole weekend because of you.
Cheer up, Jaehee!
Don’t say sad things like that.
Good bye, Jaehee.

09:05 – Seven mocks Yoosung

Jaehee, are you busy today?
You did something good ^^
No way~
Yoosung, why are you crying.
Naive Yoosung… Good bye.
You were tricked.
Yoosung, you are so naive.;;;
Congrats on being fooled.
You should tell Jaehee that.
Have a good day, Jaehee.

10:00 – Blame

V, you’re online.
Hello, Yoosung!
I’m sorry? A week later is too soon…
It would have been nice if you discussed this together…
I will have to work together with the organization members.
Yoosung, you should calm down a bit.
But Yoosung does have a point.
V, good bye.
Don’t be so emotional.
I’ll be fine. We can all try hard together.

12:50 – I quit LOLOL

Jaehee, how is your break?
Did Jumin interfere again?
I feel too bad for the cat to leave it with Seven.
Trust him a bit more. He is important to the organization.
Are you pregnant?
Why TOEIC all of a sudden?
You’re finally becoming an adult.
Tsk tsk…
Still you are capable and awesome career woman, Jaehee.
I think trying something new always helps.
Should I invite them to the party…?
Good bye, Jaehee.

15:00 – No girlfriend

Hey! It’s handsome Zen.
It’s a serious problem. What do we do? Everyone’s eyes will freeze.
Yoosung, you’re not going to play games?
lol Not bad.
Not my type.
Because you’re slow.
Hello, Jaehee.
Being wild is important!
I think it’s cute.
I’m going to save this~^^
Now I know the true meaning of beauty.
Cheer up, Yoosung~. I feel you~!
I want to work out with Zen…
I think it’ll be nice to invite them.
Good luck looking after the cat, Jaehee.

17:04 – Found him.

Jaehee~ You’re here again.
It’s nothing like that~.
I don’t think she’s jealous.
Do you want to see what real hysteria looks like
Don’t joke around~
I think he’s high on something.
Let’s invite her!
I agree.
Hope he’s not just fishing… Good luck, Jaehee!

19:18 – Are you really…

Yoosung, are you taking a break from playing games?
We’ll see… ^^
Yeah lolololol don’t think it’s possible.
Hey hey everyone.
That might be true.
Jaehee, you’re not…
Invite the to the party.
It must be hard, Jaehee.
Jaehee… I guess it’s been really tough?
Jaehee, good luck~!

21:08 – New RFA party

Jaehee, he still hasn’t picked up the cat?
So cool~!
Thank you, V!
Did I do something?
Hmm… I understand.
You do trust me, right?
I’ll have to wait and see.
I’m amazed that you trust V so wholeheartedly.
Then you must have grown up in a rich neighborhood
Everyone has been helping me, so I’m not worried.
Have a good trip~
Yes. Have a safe trip.
I’m fine~.
Yes, thank you for explaining, Jaehee.
Yes. Good Luck ^^

22:00 – The game that starts again

Zen, V was here.
He said he’s quitting.
How dare he escape the evil plans of LOLOL so easily.
Yoosung, hello~
Oh, it’s Seven.
Stop teasing Yoosung.
What kind of logic is that?
So petty 222
I don’t understand either.
Just looking at it cleanses my soul★
Yeah. Don’t follow Seven.
So now we return to base one.
So cool…!
Zen, you have your own charms.
Hurry and take her. Jaehee had a rough time.
Should I invite them to the party?
So childish.
Bye, 707.
Good bye~

23:15 – Weird Dream

Jaehee, did Jumin take his cat?
I think someone made a fuss about quitting games earlier…
Go ahead, Jaehee~
LOLOL guild… How about inviting them to the party?
I have fun.
This is creepy…
You’re scaring me T_T
Good night (Nothing)

NOTE: Now that you are in Jaehee’s route, save the game. This will be your load when/if you bad end playing his route so you don’t have to start all over. Do NOT overwrite the save as you play. Have a new save just for while you are running the route.

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