Mystic Messenger – Day 1-4 – Jumin Choices

by Vehura
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This walkthrough is for those who are having a hard time getting into a character’s route. I would recommend at least trying to do it once before using this.

All FOUR days are here because splitting the guide up into individual posts is dumb.

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Before we start, these choices go me into Jumin’s route. You aren’t required to follow this 100%, but I cannot guarantee that you will get Jumin’s route.

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First Day

Note: I got into the game around 10am. I don’t have the chats from midnight~8. This is to show you all that you don’t have to get the full day of chats to get into a route.

First Day

11:58 – Seven’s Investigation

What are you researching?
Did you find anything?
I think I have the right to know.
It was my choice to come here;
Why is Rika so important to everyone?
Good bye, Seven.

12:50 – Jaehee’s expectation

Hello, Jaehee.
About me?
I think it will be fun.
So… what will I have to do? Specifically…
What’s the benefit of hosting the party again?
Why except for Yoosung..?
Good bye

13:48 – Jumin’s Curiosity

Hello, Jumin.
Is that a threat?
Don’t worry. I’ll do a good job.
I’ll try my best.
I’d like to do something meaningful.
See ya~

15:00 – Zen reminisces about the old…

Today’s weather was nice.
Are you okay?
The party was that big?
I’m hungry…

16:50 – Who hates to work?

Hello, 707.
Lack of caffeine.
Any possibility that ‘Unknown’ is Rika?
She’s beautiful.
Cross dressing?!
Goodbye, 707.

18:02 – Yoosung’s hope for a new party

Hello, Yoosung.
What do you want to know?
What do I have to do?
I’ll do my best ^^
I hope I can be of help.
Thank you.
Good luck!

18:58 – Concerns of two men

Hello, Jumin.
What is your worth, Jumin?
I first intend to try my best.
If I try my best, then everything will be good.
Tell your cat hello, Jumin.

19:40 – Discussion about the party

It’s a beautiful evening.
Did something happen?
Is [it] bad to be against it?
I see that you two are pretty close.
I plan to do my best.
What’s going on with you two?
Good bye.

21:50 – Zen’s Expectation

I tend to.
I’m excited for all the things to come.
That’s good haha
Is V that important?
Why doesn’t V come here often?
I’m going to rage all night.

22:30 – Excited Yoosung

Whatcha doin?
Are you love sick?
Did you like Rika?
I see.
I’ll do what I can.
I won’t.

23:15 – Jaehee’s Favor

I plan to try my best.
I’m curious of Jumin.
You’re fun too
Good night!

Second Day

00:30 – We are having a party again!

Yoosung, what are you doing staying up?
Don’t worry, my boy, I’ll take good care of you.
I agree, lol. I feel like you’re playing games too much.
Have you heard anything about the party dates?
Girlfriend? lol
No. God, get a grip.
I’m just kidding lolol
I’ll be careful. Thank, Yoosung.
Thank you so much again for greeting me with enthusiasm ^^
I see a huge co Good bye.

02:11 – Expressing emotion

Hello meow.
What’s wrong with getting excited? lol
Haha… Well then, why don’t you try to acquire me?
I do.
You must really cherish her. Is there a particular reason?
That sounds like a good idea… it’ll be so cute!
Of course.
Wow, an organization that protects street cats? That’s a good diea!
Isn’t there any organization related to puppies? I’m sure it must b tough to say bye to Elizabeth 3rd. Cheer up ^^

06:55 – Cat business

Good morning, Zen!
Don’t you think it will be fun?
It’s good for Jumin to have fun at work. He just has to pay his workers properly.
Did something happen at the party?
Just wear a mask next time.
To be honest… I actually want to see her.
I think that’s a good idea. More and more people are allergic these days. Tell him to contact me.
Let’s get to know each other, Jaehee~
Good luck today!
Good bye.

09:22 – Answer me!

What’s going on? Are you okay?
None lol If I had to say, it would just be this weird situation happening right now.
Thanks, Seven ^^
A photo?
+-+ Search search search!
Hmm.. If I see the photos on the CCTV, I understand why he wouldn’t want that;;
You have a maid? You must be well-off.
You’re every extravagant;;; Sports cars plus a maid.
I can’t really sympathize with that;;
Stop messing around and get back to work.
Good bye.

11:50 – Rich people

Jumin, did you have lunch?
Well…! I should get some steak and wine now!
Well, that would basically be like having a mom.
Hmm. Your wage is higher than most other companies. Jumin’s company’s a pretty good work place ^^
Am I really safe?
You really trust V then…
Classified information?
Perhaps they are being careful to make sure everyone is safe?
Mary Vanderwood 3rd?
So no one knows where Luciel works?
Jumin, you’re so considerate!
So cool to see Jumin be the rich man he is!
I guess businessmen really do think differently.
I think it’s a good idea! Tell them to contact me.
It was fun talking to you, Yoosung. Bye!
Yup! Good luck, Jumin!

14:12 – How’s my life?

I’m sleepy…
I don’t want to know.
lololol Go ahead.
That’s investment?
Guess you really love cars >.<
…Is she really a maid?
Always be careful meow
Aight. Just let me know what you feel safe telling me.
Hope you eat a proper meal and not potato chips;

15:58 – Bickering

Zen~ How is your day so far?
I’m jealous that you get to work with Jumin, Jaehee lol
Now I know your taste lolololololol
Hi, Jumin.
It took me a while to find it too.
Jumin, you must really like this chat room.
If everyone just respects each other’s privacy, I don’t think there will be any problem.
Why is she avoiding talking with Jumin?
I don’t think Jumin will treat anyone emotionally, so I don’t think she has to be that careful around him. ^^;
Really? Then that’s a bit unfair.
Why don’t you two peacefully call a truce on each other…?
lololololol Jumin’s so funny.
I’m not hurt at all. Jumin says funny things, haha.
Have a good work out~!

18:10 – Tsk tsk

It was a bit funny to watch actually, haha.
Women, creatures of empathy? I think that’s a bit sexist.
Be careful from now on.
Cheer up. You still have hope!
To be honest, I can’t believe that you’ve never had a girlfriend before.
I’ll consider it! Tell them to reach me~
I’ll eat with you in spirit! Yum yum.

19:56 – Be honest

When you die?
Jumin, hello.
lol He totally caught you.
I think your question has to be more specific.
Please don’t ask such private questions;;
I really think it’s rude to ask something like that. And he doesn’t have to answer it.
I don’t think he’s gay.
I am actually sleepy.
But Seven, have you ever had a girlfriend before?
What!? Married?

22:00 – Romance expert

Well I guess Jumin has his own aura.
Hmm. I think Jumin has a more sophisticated world of his own, so I’m not sure if he’ll need your advice.
Motorcycle gangs?
Lamb kebab?
I think it’s a good idea. Tell him to email me ^^
I should take a shower too!

23:22 – Jumin… Are you…

OMG! Jaehee! Zen was in a motorcycle gang!
I don’t think he is.
I think you’re jumping to conclusions.
I think Jumin will open up once he finds someone he likes.
So that’s the case…
You hear something?
Good bye… Oh, the one who seeks to be a hero.
Since we’re alone here, I want to ask you something. Is Jumin… the heir?
Do you really think Jumin has no chance of finding someone he loves?
So he really cares for animals.
Thanks, Jaehee. Bye.

Third Day

00:55 – Stop playing game…

Did something happen?
Zen, hello.
Stop playing that game.
I guess all the employees at the game company are working late… It must be hard for them.
Cheer up! It will be over soon!
Why are you trying to save them so much?
I heard that a lot of guys living alone love to cook~
Are you bragging that you’re tall right now?
I do >_<
I guess you shouldn’t be the one to nag, Zen, haha.
>_< What does it mean to be an adult, lovely Zen? >_<
Yoosung, do you exercise?
Don’t be so harsh on Yoosung~ He’ll take care of himself, haha.
I understand. We have to battle through each day as if it’s our last.
lololol So cute!
Th cat’s cute!
I just thought you were bragging about yourself;;;
Good luck! Those who wait will be rewarded!
Won’t V take care of everything? You said he’s the leader.
Is V trustworthy?
Hmm… Let’s try not to get so heated up.
lolol You’re very persistent.
OMG! I luv this >_<
Uhm;;; wtf
Oh! Good idea! lol
Good night!
ERMAHGERD Save Zen’s photo! Save and save again just in case.
You really sounds like a game addict lol
Good luck with it!

02:59 – Zorro poster

Hi, Jaehee! How about you?
OMGOMG >0< Zen Zen Zen!! My lovely Zen!
The photooooo!!!
Huh? I thought LOL’s the game Yoosung’s in love with?
I think Jumin’s logged in right now. No?
It is a bit promiscuous ^^;;
That’s a good idea.
What an elegant schedule.
I think Jumin’s a bit flustered.
I think cat businesses will be really fun to work on.
How short they last…?
OMG >_< It’s still so cute!
Jumin, sleep tight! ^^
Did something happen between Jumin and his father?
Me too! Sleep tight!

07:46 – Stayed overnight T_T

Say it in one line plz.
Feel like people trust others less and less these days T_T Such a cruel world!!
I want to hear V’s voice.
I just wanna hang out with you too! Life is hard T_T
But don’t you already know everything about me?
Why compare it to those? lol I’m a human.
Those are really bad for you.
You have boxes of potato chips?;; Dude;; Why do you live like that?
You’re going to bed now?

09:58 – Love records of RFA

Hi, Jaehee! ^^ Did you get to work okay?
You have to eat properly too. If you just stuff your stomach with whatever because you’re busy, it won’t be good.
Oh~ Congrats ^^
Does he not get along with his father?
Although Jumin always looks put together, maybe it’s hard for him too…
I probably would have felt the same way in his shoes.
…Your love life will blossom one day! Cheer up!
Oh no T_T I’m sorry.
I think it’s a good idea.
Hearing you say that is making me really sad.

12:02 – Lunch

Secret. lol
It must be uncomfortable for him. Will he be okay?
Jumin, how did the lunch go?
…Was it good?
Why don’t you get lessons from V?
Your cars didn’t seem to be economical.
But can you chat with us when you’re having lunch with your father?
You must be very uncomfortable right now.
Only what I like.
I know! My love Grandpa Lamsay!
The photo wasn’t great but I don’t think Jumin can be perfect at everything.
Let’s invite him to the party!!
You mean “Melanie” steak.
You’re going to get stupid if you eat that too much.
Seven just made that up lololol
Wouldn’t it be polite to turn your phone off now?
Just because he’s his son, it doesn’t mean they have to be alike.
Stop teasing him! I really don’t think Jumin is ^^;;
Teasing him is all good and that, but it was a bit sensitice topic;;
Seven, what if you pass out living like that. I’d be so sad T_T

13:59 – Honey Buddha Chips

Hiya, Yoosung.
Isn’t kind of cute though, that Jumin takes really bad photos…?
Isn’t there something fishy about Seven?
What is?
Maybe he’s a regular at his local convenience store.
I don’t know why anyone would bother to create an image like that.
It’s kind of pathetic. I mean it’s just potato chips.
Maybe he hacked somewhere to get it?
It’s not good for you. ^^;;
Hmm. I think that’s just a prejudice.
I’m sure Jumin has his own struggles.
Let’s all keep our courtesy. ^^
Isn’t it a bit unfair to draw the line like that just because he was born in a different environment…?
Have fun ^^
But aren’t you going to school?
Jumin’s life feels a bit complicated.
You’ll be okay, Jaehee!

15:15 – Their life

Of course~^^
I guess men who live by themselves can’t help it.
Jumin, hello!
Jumin, do you eat properly?
What do you mean?
I guess Jumin has his own reasons.
I guess he’s a good father.
What’s that?
It was really kind of him.
It’s on a totally different scale… but it’s nice that you give gifts to each other.
I may sound a bit uptight, but you have to be careful of comparing women to objects.
Oh~ New information! Jumin knows everything.
Let’s do that lol
I’m sure he has other issues. No one’s life is that simple.
Maybe you should be careful to bring it up since it’s a sensitive topic?
…Really? Well, sorry to hear that.
Go and rest! Don’t get too stressed out, Jumin.
I feel like Jumin will have his own problems just like everyone else.
But don’t you think Jumin’s passionate about his work too?
Good bye, Zen~ Good luck today! I really hope to see you on stage some day.

17:00 – Tell me, Seven!

Seven~ Calm down.
It must be tough T_T
I’m a bit curious too.
Are you a fan of Glam Choi?
Who’s Tom? Is he your friend?
…Wouldn’t that be a bit rude?
I’m just keeping my faith in V.
Yoosung, let’s just wait a bit more~
Yoosung, first calm down~
I’m sure V and everyone else will take care of it.
What, Yoosung… Is that what this was about?
I hope we don’t have to wait too long, though.
I want to know too.
A story leads to another story and that leads to another…
I really can’t get ahold of Seven.
Okay… Don’t worry. The party will happen for sure.
Okay. Don’t strain yourself~

18:59 – Misson WHoney BuddhaW

I did. How about you, Seven?
Zen, how about you?
I’m not curious either.
Yoosung… He should be here!;;
Could you please give us a warning? You surprised me.
I see some contradiction there.
So… What did you do?
…;;I just feel like you’re doing whatever to get more money?
Talking about racing reminds me of when Zen was in a motorcycle gang.
lololol Not really convincing?
No… You didn’t steal the whole thing, did you?
I don’t think it was right that you were paid with chips instead of actual money.
Oooh stock market genius! That’s a good idea.
Bye, Zen.
You’re not going to microwave the chips, are you?
Take care of your health~ I’ll be sad if you get sick T_T
Enjoy it! And take care of yourself~

20:01 – About the party

Hello, V!
Jumin, good that you’re here ^^
If you just tell us everything, Yoosung won’t have to worry anymore.
You guys seem very close.
I don’t feel pressured at all. Everyone’s being nice, especially Jumin.
I’d love to get close to you one day just like V is, Jumin.
I think it’s okay to be interested. Maybe she might be a good person.
Please don’t draw the line like that.
Thank you for caring about the party! I’ll work hard too.
I think it’s a good idea. Let’s invite her!
It was fun talking to you. Good bye. ^^
I feel like you two haven’t seen each other for a while…
Yes. I’m glad I got to see a new side of you today. I’ll be able to sleep well tonight.

22:14 – Something in common

Hello. It’s a nice evening today.
You’ll get the chance to talk with him!
Yoosung did make a bit of a fuss.
I do.
I do… but we’re not close anymore.
I’m jealous of V… I’d like to get more comfortable with Jumin too.
You don’t have any childhood friends?
Ms. Mary Vanderwood?
Stop messing around lol
Yup! Start taking care of yourself from now on~! I’d like to take care of you myself. lol
I guess you two are close? lol
Just go lol

Fourth Day

00:01 – Stay healthy!

Hi, Yoosung ^^
He might be lying.
Wow! You’re smart, Yoosung. He can get rich by selling it. lol
It’s kind of convincing!
;;;;;;You know really well;;
Stop eating chips, you two;;
Anyway, V was here.
Good thinking ^^
Dude, why did you even go to college?
He is!! Let’s invite him!
I’m gonna go to bed now. Bye.

02:22 – Real master

Hiya… I think he’s way too addicted to games.
… Here’s one more gaming addict!
If Yoosung’s #2, then he must be pretty good!
So awesome meow! I want her to meow too!
Good night.

08:45 – Gossip article

Morning, Zen ^^
Both of them must be hermits. It’d be nice if they went outside for a bit.
Oh, right. Did Jumin leave for work?
Jumin’s so cute looking at his smartphone, haha
I don’t think Jumin will be happy about this… I’m worried.
Well, since it is the chairman of a huge corporate, I guess that’s possible.
Jumin’s so lucky to have such a capable assistant.
I want to be Jumin’s assistant too…
Hmm. That’s true. Shouldn’t he be banned from having an outside in his home?
I feel like you fall for Seven’s jokes a lot T_T
What are you going to do today, Zen?
Yes, I did. How about you two?
Please get something to eat at work.
Pray so that I can have a good day today!
Don’t think too much of it.
Good bye.

11:45 – Unknown fact

Jumin! Hello.
Yup ^^
Is it like having your secret revealed?
Oh! That’s actually a pretty good guess.
lolololol Jumin’s funny.
Did you go to work, Jumin?
I think Zen just wants to know whether she’s actually a woman or not.
It’s too bad that you have to feel that way…
Jumin, don’t you get lonely if you only meet people for work?
I understand that Elizabeth 3rd is important to you, but I think it’ll be nice if you get to know others too.
Everyone is special.
At times, ignorance is bliss.
Yeah, I thought the name Luciel was a bit too cartoonish.
Yoosung, are you are member of the RFA or not? lol
I think he does?
Is there a reason why?
What was Rika’s religion.
Not really interested.
You’re not going to school?
Elizabeth 3rd will be lonely if you go. Have a good trip.
lolololol Jumin’s pretty cute.
Bye, Yoosung~ Make sure you don’t skip lunch!

13:10 – Religion

Dude. Stop.
It’s disgusting;;
Well, who cares if it tastes good?
Just don’t even expect it~ He really seems like a strange person.
Are you really religious?
Nice, Jaehee!
You’ve been messing around the whole time.;; Of course she’s mad.
Jaehee… So sorry that you have so much work. Cheer up.
You still haven’t reported him?
Ooh, I’m looking forward to it. lol What kind of project is it?
Don’t bother Jaehee so much T_T She’s stressed enough already.
I’ll pray so that you can get some rest soon.
Don’t show off in front of Jaehee.;;
-_- seconded
I don’t think you’re sincere.
Laterz! Jaehee, see you later.
I think it’s okay. The cat’s cute.
Bye, Jaehee~
Stop think of harassing the cat;; She’s not even yours.

15:15 – Zen’s imagination

Hey Zen~ ^^
It’s because you’re so good looking.
You were on a subway? That’s modest!
Good idea!
I guess you don’t really care.
Yeah. He always jokes around, but he might have a sad story he’s hiding.
Nah~ No way that can happen for real. lolol
I like people like you make others happy, more than those who make a lot of money.
Good bye.

17:07 – Hacker is dangerous

What’s up with the cuteness?
You’re more of the mysterious types, so you can’t post selfies as often. lol
You do wash your hair, right?
You just made that up right?
… So you’re a cockroach?
What the hell did you do?;;
Are you going to get back at them? +_+
Sounds fun lolol
What a lovely way to put it.
Good bye.

18:30 – Yoosung’s life mission

Jaehee, hello!
… Why?
Just take care about school first;;
That looks very different from Zen’s selfie.
I think Yoosung is charming in his own way.
Jaehee’s right. lol
He might actually be right here. lolol
I’m so jealous that you get to work with Jumin. lol
I could have taken Elizabeth. lol
Please say hello to Elizabeth for me!
The best man for a woman?
I hope you stop at one round.

20:02 – Been to the grape farm

Huh? Isn’t Jumin here too?
Maybe because you’re just not good at it? Be efficient like Jaehee.
Did you reunite with Elizabeth 3rd? It must have been so hard to stay away!
But why did you go to the farm?
Yeah. I don’t really like the pretense shots.
Wow! Just looking at it makes me feel better.
Seven… Don’t say that T_T
Just give it to Elizabeth~
I think it’s be nice if you can develop a wine Elizabeth 3rd can drink.
Jumin~ I hope it helps your company.
Since a genius hacker is aiming for Elizabeth, you’ll have to implement tight security. lol
Maybe you can just tell Seven how he should play with your cat?
I agree!
It’s Elizabeth 3rd.
Elizabeth must be such a happy cat to have such a great protector.
Yay! Good luck!

21:21 – Good cat business

Hello, Jumin! Wine that cat can drink! It’s such a great idea!
OMG so cute! >_<!!!<br>
But will it produce profit?
For Elizabeth 3rd! ^^
I guess you really love cats Jumin~ You even took it to the party.
Why~ It’s fun! lol
I’m for cats!
OMG! So cute! lololol
Can’t you two just be nice to each other?
She’s his pet. So what if he’s a bit obsessed?
Jumin… are you okay?
Okay! I hope the project comes to fruition!
Elizabeth seems so dear to Jumin. I don’t think he can help himself…
Bye! Put a photo of Elizabeth 3rd on the running machine so you can get used to cats.

23:15 – Party date

You played LOLOL?
Why are you comparing them to animals?;;
The screen sensor will have to work with cat paws. (Jumin + 707)
Amazing timing, V.
Wow…! When is it?
It’s too soon;;;
But still…
Everyone’s been helping me a lot.
Thank you for thinking of everyone.
I think you’re the more important once since you decide everything.
I’m a bit nervous but I’ll have to try my best.
Hmm… You’re not worried about anything, are you? Seven, I’m safe, right?
Okay~ See you then.
Yup. Everyone has to do their jobs!
lol. You’re lying.

NOTE: Now that you are in Jumin’s route, save the game. This will be your load when/if you bad end playing his route so you don’t have to start all over. Do NOT overwrite the save as you play. Have a new save just for while you are running the route.

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