Mystic Messenger – April Fools DLC – Normal End 2 Walkthrough

by Vehura

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With these choices, I was able to get the final ending to the DLC. By not following the walkthrough 100% and not participating in every chat, you run the risk of not getting this ending.

I’m going to do another play through, but select the choices that I think are the only ones that matter, which might cut down this walkthrough significantly.

Also, I guess I have to say this, I wouldn’t miss any chatrooms just to be on the safe side? I need to play around with it a but, but I’m going to take a break first.

Please do not repost. Link to here instead! 🙂

[April Fool’s Common]

00:00 – Today is…

Hi, Zen! It’s a beautiful night.
Today’s your birthday!
Maybe they’re preparing some April Fool’s prank for your birthday?)
Happy birthday, Zen!
I want to wish you a happy birthday seriously.
I want to be the first one to call you this year!
Hello, Seven~
What’s P Roulette?
What is the gift?
1 ton of cardboard? What would you use that for…
There are many different types of cardboard?
Don’t tell me that cardboard set is his real gift?
You just want to mess with Zen.
Think about what it’s like on the receiving end, Seven…
There’s something better for birthday gifts… like a cake…
I like origami paper better. Don’t really like cardboards lol
Is that what… cardboards smell like?
Wow, a luxurious cruise!
What do you feel about photos like that?
I don’t see it.
Hmph… Be more considerate of me, okay?
Heart of cardboards;;;
Omg… You didn’t really do it, did you?
Nah~ I’m sure it’s something else, haha.
If you are, please send it in a recycle bag.
I think it will be a huge fire hazard.
Seven’s not running away, is he?
What was if like last year?
Zen, look forward to what’s to come today! ^^

03:29 – Zen’s birthday

Hello, Jaehee.
Seven’s prank was kind of out of the line, so I understand Zen.
dkljge… What does that mean?
I’m sorry we woke you up. Are you okay?
I’m just gonna stay here a bit longer.
Happy birthday~ ^^
You should go home if you’re not feeling well…
Jaehee, you usually don’t make typos. Are you okay?
Yoosung, shouldn’t Zen be more important than your gaming?
Zen has me, so he’s an exception ^^
Just imagining messages I can’t understand scares me…
That’s a little rude considering Zen’s allergy;;;
But it only comes once a year. I’d be disappointed if nothing happens.
It’s his birthday. He should get a beer lol
I’d love to cook for your birthday, Zen ^^
Are you hanging out with your guild members?
Fried eggs are lighter than omelettes.
They look like they’re so ready to eat in that photo.
So that he can eat a lot and be super energetic?
Bye bye
When you sleep.
Did the dimension doors open up?
I did.

I wish I could be there…

No way, haha;;;
I think you should go check.
I’ll get going too.

07:07 – Can’t Leave!

What’s wrong?
Everything’s the same
What do you want as your gift?
I guess he wanted to be first.
Just say thanks if you’re thankful lol.
I’m sure they are all wishing you a happy birthday inside their minds.
Speak of the devil!
I want to taste the cereal Jumin sent you.
What was the gift?
So what if you don’t like books? You’re charming in your own way, Zen.
That doesn’t sound very appetizing.
It sounds like Zen’s a lab rat.
So the gift was cat food. Nice choice!
It must be a very difficult R&R process…
Zen… I think you should be cautious of whatever Jumin gives you now.
Perhaps just the thought is enough ^^
Wow… you really know what quality is.
Zen, you should just give up and finish it T_T.
You don’t intend to collect the cat food back?
Zen T_T go rinse your mouth at least.
Cheer up, Zen. At least it’s good for your body lol.
I hope you feel better soon, Zen.

10:26 – 707, the cardboard ambassador


Zen, I think that bug is still here lololololol
Seven, if you’re there, please say something…
Cancellation alert
You should focus on one and do it properly…
What do you mean cut your fingers? Just do it.
Anyways, as long as your fingers are apart now, lol.
… What’s up with him?
He could have sent you something other than cardboard.
Didn’t you say it’s cash on delivery?
You have a right to refuse the delivery…
Hello, omelette boy!
Zen, go and erase your memories.
I think it was just a prank rather than a gift ^^;;
I’ll pretend I never heard that.
What’s corrugating medium?
This conversation is going to some strange places.
I wish I could congratulate you in person… I suppose it can’t happen though.
I wish I could cook you something for your birthday… I’m sad I can’t.
Shouldn’t you go to the hospital?!
He’ll take care of it.
I’m still worried…
Enjoy the omelette, Zen.
What are you talking about? Zen has me.
OMG, so adorable head to bottom!
They aren’t filters.. That’s how it is.
I don’t think tape will be enough when it’s that bent.
Have a good time, guys.
I think it’s fine as is, haha.


12:31 – This is all a dream


Did something happen, Zen?
You didn’t know?
That’s reality though.
This isn’t a dream… This is reality. I’m serious.
Jaehee, I think Zen is in shock.
Jaehee’s more glasses than pen.
You’ve become an adult.
I don’t really like it either…
Doesn’t it kind of freshen up things a bit? It’s a fun day.
I guess.
Go to the grocery store and get an extension cord.
Wow, you haven’t posted a selfie in awhile! I like it.
She was already an electric kettle when I joined.
I wish you could make me a cup of coffee too~ haha
Zen, you remember everything we talked about.
How can an electric kettle room with a mug? They are completely different.
Jaehee good bye!
We were always like this though, haha.
No, you’re not weird at all Zen.
Will that make you wake up though? lol

14:06 – Cardboard 707 and cat owner


Make as much as you can.
Save the world… !!!
Uhm… okay. Drive safe.
Hello, Jumin ^^
$5000 for one session…? Too expensive.
Do I get warranty?
Does your browser start downloading something as soon as you open it?

Just admit that’s the only thing you want lol
I feel like I’m watching a morning soap opera lol
The world of cardboards is vast and profound.
Cats know best how cats feel.
I’m sure the cardboard box is just as elegant as you are.
Why don’t you throw away your regrets along with your dignity…
Scratch me to…
Yup, I suggest disappearing.
Are you leaving already…?
Have fun scratching…
Are you sending spam emails to other countries now lol


16:21 – Suspicious Jumin


Zen did you sleep well?
OMG! A cat that talks like a person!
Why are you using so many commas?
You seem a bit drunk…
At least,,, 24 times a day,,
I think you should refrain from posting selfies… We have an allergy patient here..
Zen, wake up from your dreams… ?
I wish you were in this world too Zen…
Jaehee, hello.
Jaehee, calm him down.
Spray,,, tsss, tsss,,,,,
This seems dangerous. Zen, I think we should keep out of this,,,
I’m sure he’s not okay.
How could you doubt Jumin’s sense of mortality…?
I’m interested too.

We shouldn’t delve in any further.
Zen, you shouldn’t speak that way about Chairman Han…
Let’s just stay quiet for now.
Yes, come over to this world.
Bye, Jaehee.
It’s because you’re so isolated.
You don’t have to turn into anything. I like you as you are right now, Zen.
Worrying about you…


18:13 – Traveling anarchist


You don’t need to change, Zen.
Hmm… it’s not real.
Hello, Yoosung.
Yoosung, don’t cry and tell me what’s going on~
Zen, thought you were psychic for a sec;
You can talk with pigeons?
If it happens again, call me. I’ll shoo them away.
Can I eat the rest?
Isn’t it all the same when it enters the stomach?;;
I’ll rip you apart.
You still have a long way to become real…
I won’t say anything…
He suddenly left…
I know why… but I won’t say anything.


19:47 – Banned plaster bust

I did. How about you?
It upsets me to see you try so hard…
You won’t be able to come here anyways.
I’d like to write my name down with a sharpie beneath your neck.
Omg! Zen! It’s someone suspicious!
People who are truly suspicious never say they are.
Zen, how about me?
Unknown, you gotta change your scamming tactics.
Here’s looking at your empty eyes, kid!
Under the sea~
That answer includes major spoilers.
We should have interrogated him more. Shame.
Please talk to Seven.

The Chatroom you will get is: 21:19 – Epiphany


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