Walkthrough – Mystic Messenger – April Fool’s Special 2017 DLC – Normal End 2

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[April Fool’s Common]

If you are having trouble getting this ending, there is a walkthrough for it here.

21:19 –


Character(s): Zen


Selection 1
Hello, Zen.
What were you up to, Zen? (Nothing)

Selection 2
When you were little?
A weird dream? (Nothing)

Selection 3
It must have been a powerful dream. (Nothing)
Wasn’t it scary?

Selection 4
What if I wasn’t that person?
Why did you think it was me? (Nothing)

Selection 5
No, we’re in the same place.
What would you do if you’re in another dimension?
Finally you caught onto it. (Nothing)

Selection 6
I can’t answer you. (Nothing)
That’s fine with me…

Selection 7
I have lied a couple times so that you’d like me more.
That’s not important. I’m just here to have fun.
Whatever I said, I was always true. (Nothing)

Selection 8
That’s all up to you. (Nothing)
Just accept this.
Run away.

Selection 9
You can’t cross over dimensions.
Even though we’re in different dimensions, our hearts are connected. (Nothing)

23:50 – The world for you and me

Character(s): Zen

Selection 1
Zen, do you feel better now?


I was a bit lonely. How could you leave me like that?

Selection 2
I’ll try too.
I can already feel how much you care about me.


Selection 3
You’ll have to accept the limitations…
I’ll be smiling.


Selection 4
Just stay there for me forever.
Can I come to you when I’m happy?


What if I stop coming?

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