Mystic Messenger – April Fool’s Special 2017 DLC – Normal End

by Vehura

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[April Fool’s Common]

21:19 – Am I the weird one?

Character(s): Zen

Selection 1
It’s like a hacker playground here.
Did you try contacting Seven? (Nothing)

Selection 2
Things are still awkward for now, but hang in there. You’re almost there. (Nothing)
You are quite different from the other members, Zen. You gotta step up.

Selection 3
Yes, how did you know?
My dream is to become an extension cord for the one with a short cord.
I want to chew catnip with the flexible one.
Isn’t the cardboard ambassador cool? (Nothing)
I like the omelette man who’ll satisfy my hunger.

Selection 4
It’s enough. (Nothing)
You look a bit awkward.

Selection 5
How can you type if you stay still?
Why don’t you try making your face look more like a plaster bust? (Nothing)

Selection 6
What did you do when you felt stunted acting?
Show me your method acting skills. (Nothing)

23:50 – Flow of Dimensions

Character(s): Jumin, Zen, 707, Yoosung, Jaehee

Selection 1
Zen, did you read up on dark magic or something? (Nothing)
Thought you were Cinderella rushing to go home before the clock strikes midnight lolol

Selection 2
I’ll trust you’ll protect me just like you’ve done till now, Seven. (Nothing)
I’m still a bit nervous.

Selection 3
Nah, the hacker must have lied.
This conversation is very familiar… (Nothing)

Selection 4
How about the freezer instead? (Nothing)
Zen, what are you talking about?

Selection 5
Sell? Sell what?
Bad bad hacker for making our Seven suffer T_T (Nothing)

Selection 6
Seven, share you stock tips. (Nothing)
You sound like a detective!

Selection 7
Tesle baby bye bye~ (Nothing)
Then the prices must be dropping as we speak.

Selection 8
What companies are on the rise, Jumin? (Nothing)
How do you manage your finances, Jaehee?

Selection 9
omg lolol (Nothing)
I think you sent the wrong photo…

Selection 10
That plaster bust looks like you, Zen. haha (Nothing)

Selection 11
I wonder what took 1st and 2nd place. (Nothing)
That’s so lame.

Selection 12
Zen, you’re a person, not a plaster bust.
Everyone has very specific attributes. (Nothing)

Selection 13
Why don’t you go wash your face if you’re still sleepy? (Nothing)
Cardboards or omelettes can’t type messages lol

Selection 14
He seems very persistent. Should we just play along? Crossing over dimensions…
I am curious which dimension it is. (Nothing)

Selection 15
How are we supposed to react?;;;
If you try harder, do you evolve into a marble statue next? (Nothing)

Selection 16
You’ll be back to normal any moment now, Zen. haha (Nothing)
Don’t tell me that the plaster bust is gonna come instead of Zen.

Selection 17
Have fun hunting! (Nothing)
Good bye, Yoosung.

Selection 18
Secret agent 707, the dark figure hiding beneath the shadows! (Nothing)
Seven, is the stock price still dropping? lol

Selection 19
Where are you right now? I want to go through it too. (Nothing)
Hurry and jump in!

Selection 20
I should use a concealing charm too…
Zen, are we still in different dimensions? (Nothing)

Selection 21
If you’re gonna go to art school, take off your wig.
I’ll make sure to wipe the Zen plaster bust clean. (Nothing)


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