Mystic Messenger – April Fool’s Special 2017 DLC

by Vehura

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  • 60 Hourglass to download
  • Missed chats cost 7HG to unlock
  • Three Endings: Good End and two “Normal” Ends.
  • Just like with the main game, if you want to get all the chats, you have to start after midnight.
  • There are 23 new CGs. They are all going to be in the April Fool’s Album
  • If you don’t want to use wakthrough, but want to know the chat times, they are here.
  • There are new voicemail (VM) messages that will get downright silly. I add them into the walkthrough in case you want to call and get them.

Ending Help (links to those ends are at the bottom):

  • Good End – Get all Zen hearts, don’t play along with the craziness, stay “normal” with Zen
  • Normal End 1 – Go along with the craziness, get any hearts that are not Zen, troll him when possible
  • Normal End 2 – Suggest that Zen is not in the same dimension as you and the others, but still support him.

00:00 – Today is…

Character(s): Zen, 707
Outgoing Calls: Jumin, Zen, Yoosung (Call 707 for a silly VM message)
Note: 707 calls after this chat

Selection 1
Hi, Zen! It’s a beautiful night. (Nothing)
You’re still up? (Nothing)

Selection 2
Today’s your birthday! (Zen)
Today is April Fool’s Day! (Nothing)
Hmmm? What’s up with you? (Nothing)

Selection 3
Maybe they just don’t care… lol (Nothing)
Maybe they’re preparing some April Fool’s prank for your birthday? (Nothing)
I want to see everyone else T_T (Nothing)

Selection 4
Do those things even matter? Let’s just be simple about this. lol (Nothing)
Happy birthday, Zen! (Zen)

Selection 5
I want to wish you a happy birthday seriously. (Nothing)
I must prep a fun prank too. (Nothing)

Selection 6
What did he say? (Nothing)
I want to be the first one to call you this year! (Nothing)

Selection 7
Hello, Seven~ (Nothing)

Selection 8
What’s P Roulette? (Nothing)
I can’t believe it’s already the third one T_T (Nothing)

Selection 9
What is the gift? (Nothing)
So jealous T_T I wanted to win too… (Nothing)

Selection 10
1 ton of cardboard? What would you use that for… (Zen)
oh oh cardboard oh oh (707)

Selection 11
There are many different types of cardboard? (Nothing)
P Roulette will take care of you even if you don’t want it~~! (Nothing)

Selection 12
Don’t tell me that cardboard set is his real gift? (Zen)
What an eco-friendly gift. I can see how much Seven cares about you! (707)

Selection 13
Of course he’s not sending 1 ton of cardboard, haha. I’m sure he’s joking. (Nothing)
You just want to mess with Zen. (Nothing)

Selection 14
I’m sure Seven thought about this long and hard… (707)
Think about what it’s like on the receiving end, Seven… (Zen)

Selection 15
There’s something better for birthday gifts… like a cake… (Zen)
I just want to share everything good in this world with you guys! (707)

Selection 16
I like origami paper better. Don’t really like cardboards lol (Nothing)
Do you know the hidden truth behind cardboard curves? (707)

Selection 17
Is that what… cardboards smell like? (Nothing)
I feel the company is compensating you with something… (Nothing)

Selection 18
Wow, a luxurious cruise! (707)
Seven, I can see your hand holding up the paper boat. (Zen)

Selection 19
What do you feel about photos like that? (Nothing)
Yeah lol The photo looks a little strange… (Nothing)

Selection 20
I don’t see it. (Nothing)
I-I see it! I see the awesome cruise trip! I can see it! (707)

Selection 21
I don’t need them. (Nothing)
Hmph… Be more considerate of me, okay? (Nothing)

Selection 22
Soul of cardboards…★ (Nothing)
Heart of cardboards;;; (Nothing)

Selection 23
How long do you have to wait for the delivery? (Nothing)
Omg… You didn’t really do it, did you? (Nothing)

Selection 24
Send us a photo when you get it. (Nothing)
Nah~ I’m sure it’s something else, haha. (Nothing)

Selection 25
If you are, please send it in a recycle bag. (Zen)
It’s still a gift. Please don’t call it trash! (707 + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
Bad boy! Bad Zen! (Nothing)
How should I scold him?! (Nothing)

Selection 26
707%!!!! (707)
0%. (Zen)

Selection 27
I think it will be a huge fire hazard. (Nothing)
Wow~ If it’s a cardboard house, the furniture must be made of cardboard too! (Nothing)

Selection 28
Seven’s not running away, is he? (Nothing)
OMG! Go dry yourself in the sun! (Nothing)

Selection 29
I like the cardboard thing. It’s cute. lol (Nothing)
What was it like last year? (Nothing)

Selection 30
Zen, look forward to what’s to come today! ^^ (Zen)
You never know when the cardboard will arrive! (Nothing)
Promise me that you’ll go to bed as soon as you finish sweeping~ (Zen)

03:29 – Zen’s birthday

Character(s): Zen, Jaehee, Yoosung
Outgoing Calls: ???
Note: Yoosung calls after this chat

Selection 1
Hello, Jaehee. (Jaehee)
Hi, Yoosung~! (Yoosung)

Selection 2
Seven’s prank was kind of out of the line, so I understand Zen. (Nothing)
He was kind of harsh to Seven… (Yoosung)

Selection 3
Zen, what are you doing? lolol (Nothing)
dkljgee… What does that mean? (Nothing)

Selection 4
I’m sorry we woke you up. Are you okay? (Nothing)
Maybe Seven’s cuteness got to you lol (707)

Selection 5
I’m a night owl, so all’s good. (Nothing)
I’m just gonna stay here a bit longer. (Nothing)

Selection 6
Where’s the gift? (Nothing)
Happy birthday~ ^^ (Nothing)

Selection 7
You should go home if you’re not feeling well… (Jaehee)
Jaehee, you should take care of your fever first. (Jaehee)

Selection 8
Jaehee, you usually don’t make typos. Are you okay? (Jaehee)
It might not be a typo. My feelings for you are 200 degrees. (Zen)

Selection 9
Is anything going on at LOLOL for April Fool’s Day? (Yoosung)
Yoosung, shouldn’t Zen be more important than your gaming? (Nothing)

Selection 10
Why, I thought it was nice. lol (Nothing)
Ya. (Yoosung)

Selection 11
Zen has me, so he’s an exception ^^ (Zen)
Don’t be lonely everyone. I’m here! (Yoosung)
It’s not gonna happen for anyone. Let’s give up. (Nothing)

Selection 12
What a globally cultured prank. It’s something only Seven can do, haha. (707)
Just imagining messages I can’t understand scares me… (Jaehee)

Selection 13
That would be so cute! (Yoosung)
That’s a little rude considering Zen’s allergy;;; (Zen)

Selection 14
But it only comes once a year. I’d be disappointed if nothing happens. (Nothing)
Yea, doing weird things to the messenger doesn’t really do much.. (Zen)
I agree! (Jaehee)

Selection 15
I feel like Zen would want water that’s 40 degrees. (Nothing)
It’s his birthday. He should get a beer lol (Nothing)

Selection 16
I want to eat an omelette, Yoosung. (Yoosung)
I’ll just put up your face on the screen and put a cake in front of it ^^ (Zen)
I’d love to cook for your birthday, Zen ^^ (Zen)

Selection 17
Are you hanging out with your guild members? (Yoosung)
Omg, Yoosung. They caught us dating! (Yoosung)

Selection 18
Fried eggs are lighter than omelettes. (Nothing)
Are eggs pretty much all the same…? (Nothing)
Don’t ignore omlettes… T_T (Yoosung)

Selection 19
They look like they’re so ready to eat in that photo. (Yoosung)
Yeah… The photo isn’t like it used to be. (Nothing)
Filter… I suppose you can think that, Zen. (Zen)

Selection 20
So that he can eat a lot and be super energetic? (Nothing)
You have to build a proper foundation to win the guild match. (Yoosung)

Selection 21
I hope everything goes well, Yoosung ^^ (Nothing)
Bye bye (Nothing)

Selection 22
When you sleep. (Zen)
After I see Jaehee leave. (Jaehee)

Selection 23
Did the dimension doors open up? (Nothing)
Is something wrong? (Nothing)

Selection 24
I did. (Zen + Alt Selection)
Who could it be at this hour? (Nothing)
Maybe it’s the delivery Seven sent? lolol (Nothing)

Alt Selection
I wish I could be there… (Nothing)
I’m just kidding, haha.

Selection 25
No way, haha;;; (Nothing)
Cardboard!★Fast Delivery!★Same day quick delivery service! (707)

Selection 26
If it’s cardboards, send up a photo, haha. (Nothing)
I think you should go check. (Nothing)

Selection 27
Bye~ (Nothing)
Keep an eye on your temperature, and be safe! (Jaehee)

Selection 28
I’ll get going too. (Nothing)
Enjoy your cardboard~! (Nothing)

Selection 29
You’re back lol (Nothing)
Zen? (Nothing)

07:07 – Can’t Leave!

Character(s): Zen, Jumin
Outgoing Calls: Yoosung, Jaehee (maybe will pick up, did first run, didn’t second) (Call 707 for a silly VM message)
Note: Zen calls after this chat

Selection 1
What’s wrong? (Nothing)
Zen, stop it. It’s getting annoying… (Zen)

Selection 2
Everything the same. (Nothing)
Mine’s fine. Maybe yours is just acting weird? (Zen)

Selection 3
You just have to be the grown up here and understand, Zen, haha. (Nothing)
What do you want as your gift? (Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
Love. (Nothing)
A giant body pillow of my bae character.
An unforgettable night. (Nothing)
A newly released game.

Selection 4
I guess he wanted to be first. (Nothing)
So that’s why the doorbell rang. Congratulations~ (Nothing)

Selection 5
I wanted to be the first one… (Nothing)
I’m jealous. I wanted to get a gift from him… (Jumin)
Just say thanks if you’re thankful lol  (Nothing)

Selection 6
I’m sure they are all wishing you happy birthday inside their minds. (Nothing)
Isn’t Jumin always better though? (Nothing)

Selection 7
Speak of the devil! (Nothing)
I love how you’re always the dad who tried too hard to be cool, Jumin lolol (Jumin)

Selection 8
I want to taste the cereal Jumin sent you. (Nothing)
You really put a lot of thought to it. How nice of you, Jumin. ^^ (Nothing)

Selection 9
What was the gift? (Nothing)
If Jumin sent it, I’m sure it’s something helpful for you, Zen…  (Jumin)

Selection 10
So what if you don’t like books? You’re charming in your own way, Zen. (Zen)
You’re so generous to consider the recipient’s feelings too, Jumin. (Jumin)

Selection 11
Be more specific, Zen. (Nothing)
That doesn’t sound very appetizing. (Nothing)

Selection 12
It sounds like Zen’s a lab rat… (Zen)
No way. I’m sure Jumin took care of all that beforehand. (Jumin)

Selection 13
And he’s back…  (Nothing)
Cat food for his birthday? T_T I think this is way out of line. (Zen)
So the gift was cat food. Nice choice! (Jumin)

Selection 14
Zen… it’s okay. (Zen)
It must be a very difficult R&D process… (Nothing)

Selection 15
Zen… I think you should be cautious of whatever Jumin gives you now. (Zen)
Cat food. (Nothing)

Selection 16
lolololol (Nothing)
I’m curious what Seven’t brain looks like. (Nothing)
Perhaps just the thought is enough. (Nothing)

Selection 17
lolololol funny joke (Nothing)
Wow… you really know what quality is. (Nothing)

Selection 18
You don’t eat leftovers, but you eat cat food? (Nothing)
Zen, you should just give up and finish it T_T (Nothing)
I’m sorry your birthday is on April Fool’s Day T_T (Nothing)

Selection 19
Good bye, Jumin. (Nothing)
You don’t intend to collect the cat food back…? (Nothing)

Selection 20
Zen T_T Go rinse your mouth at least. (Zen)
To be honest, it’s kind of funny that he sent cat food lolol (Nothing)

Selection 21
Cheer up, Zen. At least it’s good for your body lol (Nothing)
I really want to give you a proper gift! (Zen)

Selection 22
I hope you feel better soon, Zen. (Nothing)
Okay, bye Zen… (Nothing)

10:26 – 707, the cardboard ambassador

Character(s): Zen, 707
Outgoing Calls: Jaehee (maybe will pick up, didn’t first run, did second)
Note: I’m missing a heart somewhere… Also, if you are on the prank run, you could get up to 3 HG in this chat.

Selection 1
I’m so glad you’re here whenever I come. (Zen)
Zen, I think that bug is still there lololololol (Nothing)

Selection 2
Seven, if you’re there, please say something… (Nothing)
Summoning God Seven! (707 + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
You need to be more polite. (Nothing)
Yes. (Nothing)

Selection 3
Delivery alert (707)
Cancellation alert (Zen)

Selection 4
Our mighty hero! God Seven! (Nothing)
You should just focus on one and do it properly… (Zen)

Selection 5
I can do it…♥ in star shapes★ (707)
What do you mean cut your fingers? Just do it; (Zen)

Selection 6
What are we gonna do about Seven? T_T does it hurt? (707)
Anyways, as long as your fingers are apart now, lol. (Nothing)

Selection 7
You’re so cute, Seven!! >< (707)
… What’s up with him? (Zen)

Selection 8
Doorbell~ (707)
He could have sent you something other than cardboard. (Nothing)

Selection 9
Didn’t you say it’s cash on delivery? (Nothing)
Wow, a helicopter? You’re so cool, Seven!! (Nothing)

Selection 10
You have the right to refuse the delivery… (Nothing)
It’s a critical part of his responsibility. See Article 3-12 of the ambassador contract. (Nothing)

Selection 11
Hello, Yoosung~ (Nothing)
Hello, omelette boy! (Yoosung)

Selection 12
If you try it one more time… it might actually taste better, haha. (Nothing)
Zen, go and erase your memories. (Nothing)

Selection 13
Yeah, be grateful! (Nothing)
I think it was just a prank rather than a gift ^^; (Nothing)

Selection 14
I want to see Jumin go hysteric. (Jumin)
I’ll pretend I never heard that. (Nothing)
I respect your taste, Seven. (Nothing)

Selection 15
Whats corrugating medium? (Nothing)
Jumin’s just not that into you, Seven. (Nothing)

Selection 16
I’ll look inside and let you know. lol Bring me a pair of scissors please. (Nothing)
This conversation is going to some strange places. (Nothing)

Selection 17
I kind of like all these April Fool’s pranks. (Nothing)
T_T I’m genuinely happy that it’s your birthday. (Zen)

I wish I could congratulate you in person… I suppose it can’t happen though. (Zen)

Selection 18
Nice lol (Yoosung)
kk. (Nothing)

Selection 19
Cardboard plate… this is pretty lame too…
I wish I could cook you something for your birthday… I’m sad I can’t. (Zen)
I want to eat an omelette made of two egg yolks! (Yoosung)
I can make you an omelette if you come over to my apartment, Zen. (Zen)

Selection 20
Omg angels are everything though T_T (Nothing)
Shouldn’t you go to the hospital!? (Nothing)

Selection 21
He should go to the hospital. (Nothing)
He’ll take care of it. (Nothing)
How is he going to tape himself when all his fingers are stuck together…? (Nothing)

Selection 22
Let’s just leave him be for now~ (Nothing)
I’m still worried… (Nothing)

Selection 23
Enjoy your omelette, Zen. (Nothing)
I want to taste Yoosung’s omelette too. (Yoosung)

Selection 24
What are you talking about? Zen has me. (Zen)
I’ll congratulate you on your birthday, Yoosung! (Yoosung)

Selection 25
OMG, so adorable head to bottom!! (707)
Appreciate the weird photo. Now show up your real cuteness. (Nothing)

Selection 26
Yeah… Something’s strange with the photos today. (Nothing)
They aren’t filters… That’s how it is. (Zen)

Selection 27
I don’t think tape will be enough when it’s that bent… (Nothing)
At least he said good bye… (Nothing)

Selection 28
Power comes from delicious omelettes! (Yoosung)
Have a good time guys. (Nothing)

Selection 29
I’m sure it’ll end once the day passes. (Nothing)
I think it’s fine as it is, haha. (Yoosung)
lololol You forgot the bug already? (Nothing)

Selection 30
Bye! (Nothing)
Enjoy the omelette ^^ (Yoosung)

12:31 – This is all a dream

Character(s): Zen

Selection 1
Did something happen, Zen? (Zen)
Are you okay…? (Nothing)

Selection 2
You didn’t know? (Zen)
Ha~ I’m sure you were just confused. (Zen)

Selection 3
You must have been flustered T_T (Nothing)
That’s reality though. (Zen)
So, that’s why he wanted you to eat him… (Nothing)

Selection 4
This isn’t a dream… This is reality. I’m serious. (Zen)
First, take a deep breaths Zen. Okay? (Zen)
I always feel like dreaming when I come to see you. (Nothing)

Selection 5
Jaehee, hello. (Jaehee + Alt Selection)
Jaehee, I think Zen is in shock. (Zen)

Alt Selection
Not yet. I’m not that hungry.
Of course! (Jaehee)

Selection 6
Jaehee’s more glasses than pen. (Nothing)
Zen, you seem really tired right now. You should rest. (Zen)

Selection 7
You’ve become an adult. (Nothing)
It’s sad that you had to get used to that T_T (Nothing)

Selection 8
I love April Fool’s Day! (Nothing)
I don’t really like it either… (Jaehee)

Selection 9
Doesn’t it kind of freshen things up a bit? It’s a fun day. (Nothing)
Did you do anything for April Fool’s Day? (Jaehee)

Selection 10
Still, Jaehee doesn’t usually leave without saying goodbye. (Jaehee)
I guess. (Nothing)

Selection 11
Go to the grocery store and get an extension cord. (Jaehee)
What are you talking about? (Nothing)

Selection 12
You’re an electric kettle? lolol Funny joke. (Zen)
Wow, you haven’t posted a selfie in a while! I like it. (Jaehee)

Selection 13
She was already an electric kettle when I joined. (Jaehee)
What are you talking about? No way you’re an electric kettle. (Zen)

Selection 14
Oh, the water cools down depending on your mood… (Nothing)
I wish you could make me a cup of coffee too~ haha (Jaehee)

Selection 15
I don’t think you’re okay… You should go to the hospital. (Nothing)
Zen, you remember everything we talked about. (Zen)

Selection 16
If it’s not a mug, then who’s your roommate? (Zen)
How can an electric kettle room with a mug? They are completely different. (Jaehee)

Selection 17
Jaehee, good bye! (Nothing)
Please tell Elizabeth I said hello! (Nothing)

Selection 18
We were always like this though, haha. (Nothing)
Zen… hold onto your sanity T_T (Zen)

Selection 19
Go to the hospital, man. (Nothing)
No, you’re not weird at all Zen. (Zen)

Selection 20
Yes… I think you need to rest more than anything else. (Zen)
Will that make you wake up though? lol  (Nothing)

Note: Zen calls after the visual novel
Outgoing Calls: 707 (Call Yoosung for a silly VM message)

14:06 – Cardboard 707 and cat owner

Character(s): 707, Jumin
Outgoing Calls: Jumin, Jaehee
Note: Jaehee calls after this chat

Selection 1
Make as much as you can when you can. (Nothing)
Seven, I think you’re addicted to working… (Nothing)

Selection 2
Save the world…!! (Nothing)
Not a carboard car…? Feel betrayed… (Nothing)

Selection 3
★So freaking cool★ (707)
Uhm… okay. Drive safe. (Nothing)

Selection 4
Do you want to order cardboard? (Nothing)
Hello, Jumin ^^ (Nothing)

Selection 5
No. (Jumin)
I want to scratch you! (707 + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
Just wait until you see what my nails can do. (Nothing)
I want to be gentle.

Selection 6
Call to order. (707)
$5000 for one session…? Too expensive. (Nothing)

Selection 7
A company that hands out cardboard… Fascinating! (Nothing)
Do I get warranty..? (Nothing)

Selection 8
Send me a flyer email too! (707)
Does your browser start downloading something as soon as you open it? (Nothing)

Selection 9
Meow meow meeeow! (707)

Selection 10
Just admit that’s the only thing you want lol (Jumin)
lkajgleka;;lfe (707)

Selection 11
I feel like I’m watching a morning soap opera lol (Nothing)
Gosh… just say it, Jumin (Jumin)

Selection 12
You’re so particular, Jumin. I’d feel so good scratching colorful Seven! (707)
The world of cardboard is vast and profound. (Nothing)

Selection 13
Cats know best how cats feel. (Jumin)
T_T Salmon boxes aren’t that pleasing. (707)

Selection 14
I’m sure the cardboard box is just as elegant as you are. (Jumin)
Why is there a jaw rester in the box? (Nothing)

Selection 15
Our inventory’s dropping! We’re almost sold out! (707)
Why don’t you throw away your regrets along with your dignity… (Jumin)

Selection 16
…… (Nothing)
Scratch me to… (Jumin)
OMG, Jumin’s a perv…! (Nothing)

Selection 17
Yup, I suggest disappearing. (Nothing)
Don’t give up!! (707)

Selection 18
Are you leaving already…? (Nothing)
No way ^^; (Nothing)

Selection 19
Item? (Nothing)
Have fun scratching… (Nothing)

Selection 20
Are you sending spam emails to other countries now lol (Nothing)
Use your talent to reach out to the world! (Nothing)

Selection 21
(Block) (Nothing)

Selection 22
Till the day every family in the world owns one cardboard! (Nothing)
Laterz… (Nothing)

16:21 – Suspicious Jumin

Character(s): Zen, Jumin, Jaehee
Outgoing Calls: 707, Yoosung (Call Jumin and Jaehee for silly VM message)

Selection 1
Zen, did you sleep well? (Nothing)
Did you wake up from your dreams? (Nothing)

Selection 2
OMG! A cat that talks like a person! (Nothing)
Paw print as your signature… so cute ^^ (Jumin)

Selection 3
What are you using so many commas? (Nothing)
Item? (Nothing)

Selection 4
You seem a bit drunk… (Nothing)
The dust around me i moving at 12cm/h. (Jumin)

Selection 5
Zen… Jumin’s kind of out of it; (Nothing)
At least,,, 24 times a day,,, (Nothing)

Selection 6
I think you should refrain from posting selfies… We have an allergy patient here… (Zen)
Jumin is cute as a cat, haha. (Jumin)

Selection 7
Zen, wake up from your dream… (Nothing)
Looking for someone to translate Jumin’s cat language to people language. (Nothing)
Lucky cat,,, meow,,, (Jumin)
Zen, is your allergy okay? (Zen)

Selection 8
I’m normal too T_T (Zen)
Jelly,,,,,so soft,,, (Jumin)
I wish you were in this world too Zen… (Zen)

Selection 9
Jaehee, hello. (Nothing)
Jaehee, Jumin’s acting weird! (Nothing)

Selection 10
I want some too. (Nothing)
Jaehee, calm him down. (Nothing)
What in the world is it…? It’s not anything illegal, is it? (Nothing)

Selection 11
Spary,,, tsss, tsss,,,,, (Nothing)
What are you two talking about…? (Nothing)

Selection 12
This seems dangerous. Zen, I think we should keep out of this,,, (Nothing)
Yes. Even in dreams, we’re all in the RFA. (Nothing)

Selection 13
o H o (Nothing)
I’m sure he’s not okay. (Nothing)

Selection 14
How could you doubt Jumin’s sense of morality,,,? (Jumin)
Don’t worry too much. This is only a dream. (Zen)
It seems to me like he’s breaking human laws. (Nothing)

Selection 15
I’m not interested. (Nothing)
I’m interested too. (Nothing)

Selection 16
lol (Nothing)
And? (Nothing)

Selection 17
Omg… (Nothing)
A thrilling cat chase that will keep you on the edge of your seat!! (Nothing)

Selection 18
So cute… (Nothing)

Selection 19
We shouldn’t delve in any further. (Nothing)
I want to meet you Jumin lolol (Nothing)
The newspapers… haha (Nothing)

Selection 20
Zen, you shouldn’t speak that way about Chairman Han… (Nothing)
So Mr. Han is not a cat? (Nothing)

Selection 21
Let’s just stay quiet for now. (Nothing)
But Jahee, how can you work when you’re an electric kettle? (Nothing)

Selection 22
Yes, come over to this world. (Zen)
No, just stay as you are, Zen. (Nothing)

Selection 23
Be safe, Jaehee. Make sure your water doesn’t spill. (Jaehee)
Bye, Jaehee~ (Nothing)

Selection 24
She means that you should just enjoy this situation, like me. lol (Nothing)
It’s because you’re so isolated… (Zen)
Everyone seems strange to me too, except you, Zen. (Zen)

Selection 25
Hmm, I can’t really think of anything. (Nothing)
Hmm… Do you want to think about what would suit you? (Nothing)
You don’t have to turn into anything. I like you as you are right now, Zen. (Zen)

Selection 26
I’m just going to think about things. (Nothing)
I’m going to go get dinner. (Nothing)
Worrying about you… (Zen)

There is a Visual Novel after this chapter, but AFTER that, there may be another character-centric VN. I’m not sure what causes this just yet. I would say whomever you have the most hearts for, but the one I got in my 4th run, I did NOT have the most hearts with based on my running count.

18:13 – Traveling anarchist

Character(s): Zen
Outgoing Calls: Zen, Jaehee (Call 707 for a new silly VM message)
Note: Jumin calls after this chat

Selection 1
What did you turn into? (Nothing)
You don’t need to change, Zen… (Nothing)

Selection 2
Hmm… It’s not real. (Zen)
Even Agrippa doesn’t stand a chance. lol (Zen)

Selection 3
Customer, here is the omelette you ordered. (Nothing)
Hello, Yoosung. (Yoosung)

Selection 4
Yoosung, don’t cry and tell me what’s going on~ (Yoosung)
Don’t cry. You’ll have to season yourself again. (Nothing)

Selection 5
Yoosung, are you okay? You’re not hurt? (Yoosung)
Zen, thought you were psychic for a sec; (Nothing)

Selection 6
You can talk to pigeons? (Nothing)
Pigeon: Yo, give us everything you have. (Nothing)

Selection 7
This is such a sad story. Can I write this down? (Nothing)
Next time, stay with other omelettes… (Nothing)
If that happens again, call me. I’ll shoo them away. (Yoosung)

Selection 8
Isn’t it the same whomever eats you? (Yoosung? A random heart appeared later on…)
Can I eat the rest? (Yoosung)
Well, he just happened to get a treat lol (Nothing)

Selection 9
There can’t be any other omelette as nice as you are, Yoosung… (Yoosung)
Isn’t it all the same whebn it enters the stomach?;; (Nothing)

Selection 10
I’ll rip you apart. (Yoosung)
Yes. It’s important to be brave no matter what you look like, just like Zen. (Zen)

Selection 11
You still have a long way to become real,. (Zen)
Uhm lol (Yoosung)
Your pale marble skin is almost blinding! (Zen)

Selection 12
I won’t say anything… (Zen)
I like Zen plaster bust. (Nothing)

Selection 13
What he just said… was quite strange. (Nothing)
He suddenly left… (Nothing)

Selection 14
I like you best for who you are, Zen. (Nothing)
I know why… but I won’t say anything. (Zen)

Selection 15
K. (Nothing)
Bye! (Nothing)

19:47 – Banned plaster bust

Character(s): Zen
Outgoing Calls: 707, Yoosung (Call Zen for a silly VM message)
Note: Zen calls after this chat

Selection 1
I did. How about you? (Nothing)
I wasn’t feeling it so I just skipped it. (Nothing)
Not yet… (Nothing)

Selection 2
It upsets me to see you try so hard… You won’t be able to come here anyways. (Zen)
The golden angle for your face is 180 degrees. What a shame! (Nothing)
How can you tell when you don’t even have eyes? (Nothing)

Selection 3
I’d like to write my name down with a sharpie beneath your neck. (Nothing)
I’ll apologize instead. This plaster bust has some serious issues. (Nothing)

Selection 4
Omg! Zen, it’s someone suspicious! (Alt Selection)
Unknown, why didn’t you reply to my text after the prologue? (Nothing)

Alt Selection
Call 112 (Nothing)
People who are truely suspicious never say they are. (Nothing)

Selection 5
What are you, Unknown? A choker? A patent leather jacket? Or a red tank top? (Nothing)
Zen, how about me? (Nothing)

Selection 6
I think Seven got to him… lol (Nothing)
Unknown, you gotta change your scamming tactics. (Nothing)

Selection 7
Here’s looking at your empty eyes, kid! (Nothing)
But plaster busts are beautiful only in a very cliche way. (Nothing)

Selection 8
Unknown! (Nothing)
Under the sea~ (Nothing)

Selection 9
Did you come to pull an April Fool’s prank? (Nothing)
This answer includes major spoilers. (Nothing)

Selection 10
We should have interrogated im more. Shame. (Nothing)
I was a bit surprised, but I’m okay. (Nothing)

Selection 11
Please talk to Seven. (Nothing)
You be careful too, Zen. (Nothing)

Selection 12
Bye… (Nothing)
^^ (Nothing)

Game Branch

At this point, whatever end you are in, the chats will be different.


Text Messages

[Collect Prize] (707)

I can’t press play. (707)
((I got this message in an bad relationship run attempt))

Well, what if someone gave you dog food as a gift? (Zen)
Next time, why don’t you send something that uses meat rather than fish? (Jumin)
What’s grooming? (Jumin)

I wish they were more sincere wishing you happy birthday. (Zen)
Aren’t they so cute? Jumin’s prank was funny. (Jumin)
Just send him dog food (Zen)

Can they be used for other things other than to boil water? (Jaehee)

Just like you, Yoosung. (Yoosung)


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