Mystic Messenger – Christmas DLC – Christmas Day – Jumin Route

by Vehura
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[Christmas Eve Common]

16:07 – Thank You

Character(s): Jumin, Yoosung


Selection 1
Hello! Are you helping out Jaehee?
Welcome Jumin! Did everything go alright? (Jumin)

Selection 2
Wow, that was close. I am glad you worted it out well, Jumin! (Jumin)
I’m glad to hear it went well~!

Selection 3
You don’t want to make a precious memory with just the two of us?
I want to go and see you. (Jumin)

Selection 4
I’ll get ready now! Give me the address.
I feel so excited to see you. You are going to come, right?


Selection 5
Congratulations, Yoosung!
Great job everyone~! (Nothing)

Selection 6
I want to join the company to see Jumin… It’d be wrong to apply with kind of intention, huh? (Jumin)
It looks like Yoosung is feeling a bit nervous ^^; I think he still need some time.

Selection 7
I am glad that I helped… ^^ (Jumin)
I didn’t do anything great, I just replied to messages that’s all.

Selection 8
You can check it out yourself!
I hear that I am always fun to be around.
I’m a kind and easygoing person.
[Name] is a happy and delightful person.
Don’t expect too much~ (Jumin)

Selection 9
Elizabeth the 3rd?
That’s me! (Jumin)

Selection 10
You have everything!
You’ll have everything if you have me. (Nothing)

Selection 11
Am I going to see you on Christmas? (Jumin)
Yoosung left…

Selection 12
Jumin, you are my ideal…
I am just following a strategy.
Because I like you. (Jumin)

Selection 13
You know what matter is the present, right? Everything always changes. (Nothing)
I hope you have great news, Jumin.

18:10 – Worried about Mr Han

Character(s): Jaehee (card shows Jumin), Zen


Selection 1
Jaehee, did you hear anything from Jumin? (Nothing)

Selection 2
He is in a position where has to make several difficult decisions. (Jumin)
I guess he still has thoughts to sort out about V.

Selection 3
I thin he’s become more emotional because of me.
He could be. He’s a person too. (Jumin)

Selection 4
I think Jaehee does a really good job of taking care of Jumin.
I can’t help but worry about him~ (Jumin)

Selection 5
I can’t help that Jumin is my type of guy. (Jumin)
I’m sure you’ll find someone someday!

Selection 6
Jaehee will go see it if you practice hard~ (Jaehee)
What is the title of the show you are rehearsing?

Selection 7
Yes, You should come too~ (Jaehee)
Are you coming, Zen?

Selection 8
See you there ^^ (Jaehee)
Take care~

Selection 9
I hope you succeed! (Zen)
You’re going to rebel?

19:23 – Precious friend

Character(s): V, Jumin


Selection 1
Oh… I think Jumin has something to say to you. (Jumin)
V… Hello!

Selection 2
Shouldn’t you pay off that debt by letting us know what’s been going on?  (Nothing)
Aren’t they amazing?

Selection 3
Jumin? (Nothing)

Selection 4
Jumin! (Nothing)
Uhm… I’m not sure if I completely understand what you mean.

Selection 5
I thought you were coming to see me…? (Jumin)
I hope you come to make things up with V…

Selection 6
Please be more considerate of your friend, V…
I think you should prove that you haven’t changed with your actions… (Jumin)

Selection 7
I’d like to exchange letters with you too, Jumin.
You two used to exchange letter…! It’s amazing that you have all those memories! (Nothing)

Selection 8
Can’t you share with us… what your choices mean? (Jumin)
I can’t really understand what you mean, but it seems quite serious.

Selection 9
Are you making up with V…? (Nothing)
You seem very complicated V, but I hope everything works out.

Selection 10
It’s horrible actually. lol
It’s very unique.
I think it looks pretty cute~ (Nothing)

Selection 11
I suppose even those stationaries have memories of Rika. (Nothing)
Letter with flowers on them… That’s romantic!

Selection 12
Then be nicer to me~ (Nothing)
I didn’t really do anything.

Note: Jumin calls after the Visual Novel “How is your Christmas?”

Game Branch

When you pressed the caution, did the chats change? The first one became titled Reached the goal, time to head over over Secret Endings. If not, then you are still good on using this until the end!

21:00 – (Says “The value of ubiquity” in Korean)

Character(s): Jumin


Selection 1
Jumin, I’ve been waiting for you. (Jumin)
Hello, Jumin.

Selection 2
Yup, I used the app Buber.
Thanks for worrying. (Nothing)

Selection 3
You’re talking about V.
It’s necessary to be wide enough to awknowledge change. (Nothing)

Selection 4
Did you feel like you were left alone?
It must have been so hard on you. (Jumin)

Selection 5
The present is always most important, like this moment when we are talking.
I want my feelings for you to last forever. (Jumin)
That’s sad to hear.

Selection 6
You have all the members of the RFA with you still.
I’ll stay by your side and be your strength. (Jumin)

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