Mystic Messenger – Christmas DLC – Christmas Day – Zen Route

by Vehura
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[Christmas Eve Common]

18:10 – Sad ZEN

Character(s): Zen, Jaehee


Selection 1
I’m here~! (Nothing)

Selection 2
I want to see you… Are you just going to rehearse the whole day?
Zen, how is the show going? (Zen)

Selection 3
I’m sad too that I can’t be with you… (Nothing)
It hurts me that you’re having such a hard time..

Selection 4
Don’t be lonely. We’re together in spirit. (Zen)
Zen… I’ve been thinking of you all day too.

Selection 5
I know you’ll be a top star one day. This too shall pass… Cheer up!
Don’t hold back and just say it. We have to protect our own rights. (Zen)
No on wants to feel like they’re bossed around on Christmas T_T

Selection 6
Zen… Just run out of there!
Zen… please don’t be so stressed, okay? (Zen)

Selection 7
Think of me. That will cheer you up.
Try talking it out! I’m cheering for you. (Zen)

Selection 8
I thought this would be such a happy Christmas. It hurts to see this… (Nothing)
It’s Zen… I’m sure he will pick himself up soon.

Selection 9
I’m going to rest for a bit.
I should get read to head out soon. (Jaehee)

19:23 – Zen looks sad

Character(s): Yoosung, 707


Selection 1
I hope Zen feels better by now… (Zen)
Heya Yoosung.

Selection 2
You are right, God Seven.
I wish there was something I could do to make Zen feel better… (Zen)

Selection 3
Zen just worked hard to become happy… And in that process, he just became addicted to his work… (Zen)
;;;If it was that bac to be compared to your gaming addiction…

Selection 4
I wish I could still make Zen happy! (Nothing)
Have you ever experienced that, Seven?

Selection 5
A boulder that may be worn down, but still beautiful like a statue…. (Zen)
What a nice analogy!

Selection 6
You must have read a lot of books to have such a rich vocabulary.
I miss Zen’s narcissism… (Zen)
Well, I’m glad to see you so perky, Seven, when Zen is feeling so low.

Selection 7
I have Zen too lol
If I could, I just want to run to Zen and heal his wounds. (Zen)

Selection 8
I! LOVE! Zen! (Nothing)
…I’m sure we’ll get to know how we feel about each other soon.

Selection 9
I plan to go around 9 just like V said. (Nothing)
I’m gonna go whenever I want to~

Selection 10
Cutest boy in the universe, God Seven. lol
Zen’s number one for everything. (Zen)
Yoosung’s number one when it comes to cuteness.

Selection 11
You never know for next year, so cheer up! Bye.
Cheer up, bro. (Nothing)

Selection 12
You’re not coming today, are you Seven? (707)
Don’t be too harsh on him lolol

Selection 13
Yup, I hope you survive the waves…
Merry Christmas! (Nothing)

Game Branch

When you pressed the caution, did the chats change? The first one became titled Reached the goal, time to head over over Secret Endings. If not, then you are still good on using this until the end!

21:00 – Wait for me

Character(s): Zen

Selection 1
Still thanks to you ending things early, I got to see you!
You’ll be more out of breath spending time with me, so it’s fine. (Zen)

Selection 2
It’s a secret…. Guess. (Nothing)

Selection 3
I’m waiting for you, Prince Zen.
On our way back from the event…. just the two of us on some quiet street…(Zen)

Selection 4
You know what you have to do to wake up a sleeping beauty, right?
Then I’ll stroke you and calm you down. (Nothing)

Selection 5
I want to know what kind of beast you are! I want to see it. (Nothing)
How can I let you then? Tell me with your own mouth~♥

Selection 6
Do something! Something big!
Do what…? (Nothing)

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