Mystic Messenger – Christmas DLC – Christmas Day

by Vehura
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Note: If you do not see (confirmed) next to outgoing calls, then I have not confirmed those calls in a followup playthrough. Also, there seems to be an issue with calls shifting around. I am calling after every chat every playthrough I do, because I have a calling card, to confirm calls. If you don’t have a calling card, call at your own risk. Also note that I am going to have to replay every route and reorg the outgoing calls when I am done. So calls are a mess. Please be patient with me. OTL

Want to know who’s route are almost in?
The person who appears in the visual novels after the first two is the person whom you have collected the most hearts for so far.

[Christmas Eve]

00:01 – Ungrateful Christmas

Character(s): Zen, 707
Outgoing Calls (confirmed Zen, 707, Jaehee): Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee
Outgoing Call (Yoosung): Zen, 707, Jaehee(?)


Selection 1
I was getting ready to go to sleep soon. (Nothing)
I am having a hard time falling asleep because of you. (Zen?/???)

Selection 2
Does that mean you have to practice all over again? That’s too much. (???)
What bad luck… I guess that means you can’t go to the event today. (Nothing)

Selection 3
Zen’s mental breakdown T_T Noo…. (Zen)
Hi Seven (707)

Selection 4
Seven, it’s nice to see you at night too lol (707)
Merry Christmas to you both! (Nothing)
Weren’t you busy? I wanted to talk with Zen privately… (Zen)

Selection 5
Zen, is there any way you can skip practice T_T (Nothing)
I’m here for you 🙂 (Zen)

Selection 6
I hope the new role have more lines and actions. (Nothing)
That’s right. I hope they treat their actors with more with care. (???)

Selection 7
I want to see the nude scene… Ahem. (Nothing)
I listened to your complaints so practice hard tomorrow. (Nothing)
It’s Christmas… I feel bad you have to work. (Zen + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
I am ready to spend the day with joy! (Nothing)
It feels like it’s gonna be a lonely Christmas… (Nothing)
I think it’s gonna be an ordinary Christmas (Nothing)

Selection 8
Sleep soon and good luck tomorrow (Nothing)
Don’t feel lonely. I will stay with you together in spirit! Goodnight. (Zen)

02:24 – Christmas’s duty

Character(s): Jaehee
Note: Jaehee calls after this chat “VIP donators”
Outgoing Calls (Zen, 707, Jaehee): Jumin, 707


Selection 1
Jaehee… I can’t sleep~! Let’s chat. (Nothing)
Jaehee, you’re here! (Nothing)

Selection 2
Zen, your shirtless scene +_+ (Nothing)
I feel bad that things aren’t working out for Zen, even when you’re cheering for him so much. (Jaehee)

Don’t you have to worry more about your own work? (Nothing)

Selection 3
Yes, but I actually feel worse for you with all the work you have to do… T_T (Jaehee)
Everyone in the RFA is tied up with work… I should at least enjoy Christmas (Nothing)
If it’s Zen, he’ll do a great job! He’s always done well. (Zen)

Selection 4
Ah, you mean you feel like you have to do something special? (Jaehee)
It’s important to spend Christmas celebrating.


Selection 5
Work hard knowing that everything will pay off in the end! (Jaehee)
I don’t know. Sometimes  I think luck can be more important than diligence…? It’s all about luck (Nothing)

Selection 6
Go to sleep. I’ll go to bed soon. Bye! (Nothing)
Good night! I think I’ll be up for a little more. (Nothing)
I am also going to sleep soon… I came to chat with you (Jaehee)

Visual Novel – I wish it was snowing (Yoosung?)
Outgoing Calls: Jumin

05:50 – Yoosung’s X-mas memory

Character(s): Yoosung
Note: Jumin calls after this chat “Routine”
Outgoing Calls (all but Jumin): Yoosung


Selection 1
Hiya (Nothing)
Merry Christmas Yoosung 🙂 (Nothing)
Heya? I am a carnivorous Santa who will eat you 🙂


Selection 2
If your skin is good, you don’t need to worry (Nothing)
Uh oh… No! Don’t used that T_T I’ll getchu new ones (Yoosung)

Selection 3
What kind of memories do you have of Christmas, Yoosung? (Nothing)
I don’t feel like that….. (Nothing)

Selection 4
You and I are alike…. (Nothing)
That’s completely different from my youth! (Nothing)
Sounds like a happy family. (Nothing)

Selection 5
Haha that’s cute… (Nothing)
I am proud of you, Yoosung! It’ll be a great success, cheers! (Yoosung)
Yes, cheer up a little more for everyone. (Nothing)

Selection 6
Honestly Rika’s story is too boring to hear T_T (Yoosung Break)
What’s more important than your name is your will. (Nothing)
I don’t like it if you only talk about Rika… I am also cheering for you~ (Nothing)

Selection 7
Seven won’t go, right? (Nothing)
It would be nice if Jumin can go a bit early to help Jaehee… (Jaehee)
Donating is a good thing to do. (Nothing)

Selection 8
Bye~ (Nothing)
Gone with the Yoosung★ (Nothing)

08:43 – Yoosung and C&R

Character(s): Jumin, Jaehee
Note (confirmed): Zen calls after this chat “Were you waiting for me?”
Outgoing Call (Yoosung run): Jumin, Zen (red), Jaehee


Selection 1
Poor Yoosung… Shall I text him to run away… (Nothing)
If we utilize Yoosung well, it will definitely be help C&R (Nothing)

Selection 2
I started it a bit special. I am excited! (Nothing)
It was a more depressing day than usual… (Nothing)
Just as usual. (Nothing)

Selection 3
Jumin, are you feeling okay after drinking yesterday? (Jumin + Alt Selection 1)
People who are going to work today must have a hard time T_T Jaehee too… (Jaehee)

Alt Selection 1
Yes I do! (Nothing)
I don’t have much plans. (Nothing)

Selection 4
Are you talking about V..? Something really did happen between you two (Nothing)
Hmm… Instead of beating around the bush, how about telling him directly? (Nothing)

Selection 5
Jaehee, there’s no problem with the order right? (Jumin)
Yes! Is the event going well? (Nothing)

Selection 6
Jumin is going to take care of it. No worried, Jaehee. (Jumin)
How come you are not getting in touch with your family? People worry about you. (Nothing)

Selection 7
Wouldn’t releasing stress be first for Jumin. Work can come after, one by one 🙂 (Jumin + Alt Selection 2)
Aren’t you giving Jaehee a Christmas gift? (Jaehee)

Alt Selection 2
Reading is the best. (Nothing)
Cats are the best. (Jumin)

Selection 8
Yes Jumin~ You’ve replaced your cellphone already! (Jumin)
You can call the President and work with the phone 🙂 (Jaehee)

Selection 9
Go ahead. (Nothing)
Jaehee… Be strong for the event!  (Nothing)

Selection 10
Since V is coming… I think it’s better to go. (Jumin + Alt Selection 3)
Go and work now~ (Nothing)

Alt Selection 3
I trust things will work out well… Talk to you later. (Nothing)
Yes, please do so. (Nothing)

10:32 – Not everyone is happy

Character(s): 707, Yoosung
Note: Yoosung calls after this chat “Sick day”


Selection 1
Hooray (Nothing)
Hello. 707 (Nothing)

Selection 2
Is your Christmas going well? (Nothing)
God Seven’s gloominess can be felt. (707)

Selection 3
You should spend it happily today! So you don’t feel jealous of others! (Nothing)
It’s not that kind of day for me…


Selection 4
So many people live in this world, it’s unavoidable. (Nothing)
I hope Seven is not included there… then my heart would ache… (707)

Selection 5
So Seven, are you unable to work because you’re sad? (707)
Coming in like Gone with Yoosung! How’s your meal? (Yoosung + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
Yes I have (Nothing)
I haven’t eaten yet. (Nothing)

Selection 6
It seems you need more cat food for the cats…. (707)
Just be a great donating Santa for me today. (Yoosung)

Selection 7
It’s nice for him to come but Seven has his own business~ (707)
Yoosung, I’ll go too. (Yoosung)

Selection 8
Seven can do what he wants (707)
Come on then (Yoosung)

Selection 9
Yes, see you again.  (Nothing)
Are you going? (Nothing)

Selection 10
You can’t help but be suspect something. After all, the game’s title is..  (Nothing)
Yes.. It would be nice if he came even he’s late… (Nothing)

Selection 11
Even Seven doesn’t come, Rika is going to be there in spirit… Cheering for you, Yoosung. (Yoosung)
Yes but we should be understanding of everyone’s circumstances. (Nothing)
I understand how you feel, I will try to go for sure! (Nothing)

Selection 12
Yes, I hope the event is good 🙂 (Yoosung)
I don’t know if I’ll go or not bye bye (Nothing)

Visual Novel – Phone call with Vanderwood
Outgoing Calls?: Jumin, Zen (red), Jaehee

Visual Novel – People who remembers RFA (Yoosung)
Outgoing Calls:

13:06 – Depressing day

Character(s): Zen, Jumin
Outgoing Calls (Jaehee run): 707


Selection 1
Yes, just stay calm today (Nothing)
I want to see Zen’s bad boy face! (Zen)

Selection 2
Come to my place too!! (Zen)
Jumin has his own issues… (Jumin)
Jaehee seems so tired… T_T (Jaehee)

Selection 3
But that’s only possible in your dream (Nothing)
… Then spend it with me! My heart is open for you Zen!! (Nothing)

Selection 4
You can always imagine it (Nothing)
I hope… that dream comes true. I wish that it’d happen today. (Zen)

Selection 5
Welcome, Jumin! (Jumin)
Cheer up Zen! Even when you are working hard, my heart will be burning for you! (Zen)

Selection 6
Acting is the highest level of activity where you use both brain and body! (Zen)
Jumin, have you organized your thoughts? (Jumin)

Selection 7
I’ll be thankful if you help well with Jaehee’s work, Jumin. (Jaehee)
Jumin is doing his best too. (Jumin)
Yes. (Nothing)

Selection 8
It sounded too serious to be a joke. (Zen)
kk (Zen)
Ahahahahaha Jumin, you’re so funny! (Jumin)

Selection 9
Although I am disconnected from Jumin, my heart is with Zen. (Zen)
You two seem to have completely different personalities lol (Nothing)
I heard that C&R is making a great contribution to our GDP growth! (Jumin)

Selection 10
You just came to chill out! (Jumin)
Which mean you’re playing around. (Nothing)

Selection 11
Thank you for welcoming me, Jumin 🙂 (Jumin)
No worries, my heart is with you, Zen… (Zen)

Selection 12
Jumin, I’ll be cheering for you! (Jumin)
Zen, I will be cheering for you! (Zen)

16:07 – All because of [Name]

Character(s): 707, Jaehee



Selection 1
Wow, Seven! It’s such an honor to see you! (Nothing)
Zen and Jumin… Don’t they look like an excellent pair?


Selection 2
Wow!!! I announce Seven as the hacker of the year with the most released cat videos! (Nothing)
Would the event go well? (Nothing)

Selection 3
I am concerned about Jaehee. I hope I can talk to her…. (Jaehee)
Oh, C&R stock has gone up…? Maybe I should buy some. (Nothing)
Yes, I’m worried that Yoosung’s going to get hurt. (Yoosung)

Selection 4
Yes…. it’s all about circumstances! Some people could be on another planet! (707)
I’ll make sure to visit, Jaehee! (Jaehee)

Selection 5
Honey Buddha limited edition 2 is being released for the new year! (707)
Jumin the slacker is taking care of Jaehee’s work, is that true? (Jaehee)

Selection 6
Are you going to fix mine too?! (707)
I think he will fix and hack at the same time. (Jaehee)

Selection 7
It seems the donation drive gathering power form the universe (707)
Right, Jaehee! (Jaehee)
Jumin, you seem to be very talented…. (Jumin?)

Selection 8
Cheer up~! Don’t work too hard! (Jaehee)
See you soon~ (Nothing)

Selection 9
Yes, and if you can come to the event. (Yoosung + Jaehee)
I’ll muster all my cheers for you! Seven, cheer up today! (707)

Selection 10
Didn’t you fee a bit liberated while talking with me? Goodbye! Seven. (707)
I should be thankful that you have work. You should go now Seven! (Nothing)

Visual Novel – V’s Call (Yoosung)
Outgoing Calls:

At this point, whomever’s route you are in, the chats will be different. Please go to the route that matches your next chat.

Christmas Day Routes

  • Zen (18:10 – Sad ZEN)
  • Yoosung (18:10 – You’re my Christmas gift)
  • Jaehee (18:10 – Machine or human)
  • Jumin (16:07 – Thank You)
  • 707 (18:10 – Resting now!)
  • Secret Endings (18:10 – Reached the goal)

Contributor(s): Ella Porcil, VeryCharismaticDragon

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