Mystic Messenger – Jaehee Interactions

by Vehura

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  • Sympathize! Jumin works Jaehee to the bone. If she expresses stress about her job or Jumin bossing her around, support her the best you can.
  • Fangirl with her, but not too much. Jaehee is a huge Zen fan and fangirling with her will also bring you hearts, but do your best to not flirt with Zen. Consider him out of reach and just there for you to enjoy with her! But also encourage her to connect with him as well.
  • Be real about it. Jaehee is very level-headed and wants you to think things through. Try not to rush to do too much and keep your answers also reasonable.
  • Melt that work state of mind. Don’t constantly badger her to work, she gets that already from Jumin. Instead ask questions to help her trust you.

Contents: Chat, Message, Endings


Common Route – First~Fourth Day

Jaehee Route Guarantee Answers (I would only use this guide if you failed trying on your own.)

Jaehee’s Route


Note:  These are not in any sort of order and the routes that I say that some of these messages are in might be wrong. I was doing a poorly at documenting messages…

Let’s txt each other often! We can talk about boys!
That’s so nice of you! Can I text you when I have questions? (Jaehee)

I think I understand better thanks to you 🙂 (Jaehee)
Hmm..I’m not sure yet.

I understand. I admire how you are devoted as a fan! (Jaehee)
Yeah, of course.

I went into the wrong chat room and dissed someone who was there.
I have to tell you, Jaehee keeps texting me about you and how you… lolololol I got you just now, right? (Jaehee)

I want to lick Zen’s abs. omgomg (Jaehee)
I thought you didn’t want me to say anything inappropriate?

It’s still not too late~ You can talk to me and look for something different!  (Jaehee)
I think you’ve managed to achieve you goal of getting a job.

Finally she’ll return to her owner’s arms.
That’s great, Jaehee! I’m happy for you! (Jaehee)

Nothing you can do about it. That’s how cats are~
I feel so bad for you!! Just shave her whole body! X

I really enjoyed it. Tell me more through text!! (Jaehee)
Really? I hope you get a friend you can text more to 🙂 Good luck!

It’s still not too late! You can talk to me and look for something different. (Jaehee)
I think you’ve managed to achieve your goal of getting a job.

I’m starting to feel interested. This is a secret between us, okay? (Jaehee)
No! I just want to watch him from afar… support him… and those muscles… omg!

Zen Route

Zen wants to see me… so I want to go if I can. (Zen)
Do you think it’ll scandalous for you to go too, Jaehee? (*Zen)
*I chose this one in my bad ends run

This can’t surprise me;
My heart isn’t strong enough to see it in the morning. (Zen)

Jaehee Route

People might have different standards~
Seven that boy…! This concerns Zen’s precious body! (Jaehee)

Enjoy the sandwich and cheer up Jaehee!
Just a sandwich? He should prepare a feast for you!? (Jaehee)

I’m happiest when Zen posts a selfie. My heart pounds at the rare photos!
I’m always happy from every gesture that you make. >///< (Jaehee)

I feel so good watching you get excited over this project. (Jaehee)
I like tea better than coffee. I suggest you study tea too!

Sneak them out!! I want to have everything that’s related to Zen!!
So jealous! Talk about musicals with me too~ (Jaehee)

I’ve already ordered on for you! (Jaehee)
I didn’t… but you must have a lot of time haha 🙂 You have time to text me!

He is really handsome but his acting of course! (Zen)
His statue like body! And face!

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you. I wanted to comfort you too. (Nothing?)
You two alone…? Ih the middle of the night! And you didn’t like Zen dating!

Let’s search for happiness together from now on. I’m so happy you told me that. (Jaehee)
You succeeded thanks to your persistence. That’s what’s important.

This will be the first step in getting your life back. (Jaehee)
I don’t know what you did but go to Jumin and apologize!

Rest all you want now~! (chose this, but I don’t know the outcome…)
I think you’ve just thrown away your life jacket in the violent waves of the employment market.

Everyone will miss you. That all know how competent you were. (Jaehee)
I guess until they find your successor, they’ll have to do the work you were doing.

From now on, I plan on using my breaks to hang out with you! 🙂 (Jaehee)
I go shopping for pretty clothes!

Go look at hair accessories! Why don’t you try growing out your hair?
Try a light pink lipstick ><! (Jaehee)

Jumin Route

Let’s bless the love between this two people! I mean between one person and one animal!
I’m going to go grab the groom’s and leave the wedding hall. (Jumin)

So you only text me when you’re bored?
I love it! Text me more often! (chose this, but don’t have a heart cap)

Jumin’s not interested? (Jaehee) (??? I think I chose this?)
I hope Seven doesn’t think that way T_T

I’ll have to talk about it with Jumin, but yes for now. (Jumin)
I’ll go back no matter what happens. Even if I have to break a leg!

You read it right. Congrats! (Jaehee)
Vacation!! Call the travel agency!!

707 Route

Elizabeth 3rd is two words.
Seven loves cats too! (chose this, but I don’t know the outcome…)

Seven can use it! (707)
I admit Zen’s handsome lol

I’m sure Seven will take care of it.
I think he’s trying to take all the burden himself… (707)

Thank you for everything Jaehee. (chose this, but I don’t know the outcome…)
I’m so nervous right now.

Endings (spoilers)

  • Good End – get to the party with at least 10 guests, but invite as many as possible
  • Normal End – Get to the part with 0 or less than 10 guests
  • Bad Story End 1 – 6th Day Branch
    Give Jaehee no attention and flirting with Zen every chance you get
  • Bad Story End 2 – 8th Day Branch
    Push Jaehee to work herself to the bone
  • Bad Story End 3 – 10th Day Branch
    Question Jaehee’s reasons for quitting & don’t be supportive
  • Relationship Bad End 1 – 6th Day Branch
    Do not participate in ANY chats
  • Relationship Bad End 2 – ????
  • Relationship Bad End 3??? – ????

Click this link for help achieving Bad Ends.


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