Mystic Messenger – Jumin Route – Day 8 Chats

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00:59 – Heaven of gamers

Character(s): Yoosung


Selection 1
Why? (Yoosung)
Isn’t it hell? lol )Nothing)

Selection 2
I’m fine, Yoosung. How are you with Seven? (Yoosung)
Zen has nothing to worry about~ I feel like I’m in heaven! (Jumin)

Selection 3
Yup. God Seven is generous. (707)
Don’t tell me you’re playing games there too… (Yoosung)

Selection 4
Said like a true game addict! (Yoosung)
But… what is Seven doing? (707)

Selection 5
Help Seven with his work or something. (707)
You’re leaving already? Good bye… T_T (Yoosung)

02:12 – The Sarah thing has been

Character(s): Jaehee, Zen


Selection 1
Guess he likes playing games lol (Yoosung)
Hello, Jaehee. (Jaehee)

Selection 2
I’ll go home once the sun rises. (Jumin)
I’d like to stay here, forever if possible ^^ (*Jumin)

Selection 3
But more importantly, have you seen any progress with Sarah…?(Nothing)
But Jaehee, why are you still up? (Jaehee)

Selection 4
Do whatever you want. (Nothing)
Yes, please. (Jaehee)

Selection 5
I doubt Jumin will really care about this info~ (Jumin)
Something smells fishy. I doubt it’s a proper company. (*Jaehee)

Selection 6
Luxury items…? Which brand? I want one too~ (*Jumin)
That’s a smart way to go about it. I appreciate what you’re doing. (Jaehee)

Selection 7
Guess she has bad credit… (*Jaehee)
lolololol It must have been so embarrassing~ (Jumin)

Selection 8
Jaehee, you must have put in so much time for this..! This is really helpful! (*Jaehee)
It’s sad that someone’s after Jumin’s wealth… (Jumin)

Selection 9
Zen~ Don’t worry. He’s really nice. ^^ (Jumin)
He’s not doing anything weird… I wish he would. (*Jumin)

Selection 10
It won’t happen anyways~ I’m Jumin’s soulmate. (*Jumin)
It must be so difficult for him to have his father involved… (Jumin)

Selection 11
Do you believe what they say about being teacher and student? (Nothing)
The way I see it, Mr. Han is being a fool and that’s the biggest problem. (Nothing)

Selection 12
Jumin isn’t free enough to care about things like this. (*Jumin)
I think Jumin considers it as something he wishes to avoid. (Jumin)

Selection 13
When the sun goes up… I still think that Jumin is unstable. (Jumin)
I want to stay here until I die. (*Jumin)

Selection 14
Zen, thanks for worrying. (Jumin)
I’m going to do whatever Jumin wants to do~ (*Jumin)

Selection 15
What’s so bad about me and Jumin being together? Just leave us alone. (*Jumin)
Don’t worry too much. Jumin just needs some time. (Jumin)

Selection 16
Anyways… Zen, how is your new role going? (*Zen)
Jumin won’t care about what you find out… but good luck. (Jumin)

Selection 17
omg omg omg (*Zen)
I want to see Jumin sleeping on his bed… I want to see Jumin. (*Jumin)
You’re not as good looking as Jumin… but I admit you’re handsome. (Jumin)

Selection 18
Haha… Aren’t you too full of yourself? (Zen Break)
Ya. Everyone will go insane if you release that photo. (Zen)

Selection 19
Yea, Zen! Don’t lose your confidence. (*Zen)
Jaehee, you’re really good with words. (Jaehee)
Then I wonder what Jumin’s existence is like… (Jumin)

Selection 20
They just work together;; No need for all that. (*Jumin)
I’m sure Jumin will show his gratitude one day. (Jumin)

Selection 21
So next time, be careful before you talk.(Zen Break)
Why are you changing your thoughts now? (Nothing)

Selection 22
Jumin is going to ditch work and play with me. (*Jumin)
I’ll return safely so don’t worry ^^ (Jumin)

Selection 23
Good bye, both of you~ (Nothing)
I’ll go to bed too.(Nothing)

08:30 – Please come to work

Character(s): Jumin, Jaehee
Who should pick up if you call after this chat (called at 9:50): Zen, Jaehee


Selection 1
I’m sleep… Jumin, sing me a lullaby. (*Jumin)
Do you think I am beautiful? (Jumin)
Jumin, what are you doing at the kitchen? (Jumin)

Selection 2
Heya Jaehee. (Nothing)
Did you go to work? (Jaehee)

Selection 3
You’ll need to give a better excuse if you want him to come to work ^^;; (Jumin)
Why are you trying to take Jumin away from me? (*Jumin)

Selection 4
Preparing for the wedding… That’s not pleasant. (Jumin)
I don’t care about such rumors. As long as Jumin is honest, nothing is wrong. (*Nothing)

Selection 5
I’m fine. I think Elizabeth will be too. (*Jumin)
Nothing good can come out such rumors getting around… (Jumin)

Selection 6
I’ll take care of her! Go ahead. (Jumin)
Yes… You have to stay here. (*Jumin)

Selection 7
Don’t go Jumin… (*Jumin)
I agree. You can’t ignore your work because of this. (Jaehee)

Selection 8
I wish you wouldn’t interfere with our relationship. Good bye. (*Jumin)
I’ll try. Go ahead, Jaehee. (Jaehee + Jumin)

VNM – Elizabeth

Note: Jumin calls after this VNM

I want to stay in bed longer… (*Jumin)
Yes, go ahead. (Jumin)

Don’t leave me here by myself… (*Jumin)
I’ll take care of her. Don’t worry and go. (Jumin)

Thank you for saying so, but don’t worry about me and do what you have to do…! (Jumin)
And you’ll buy me a princess handbag too? (*Jumin)

How should I take care of Elizabeth? (Jumin)
I’m afraid of any man other than you, Jumin… (*Jumin)

The cage… it’s pretty. (*Jumin)
She looks tired inside the cage… when will you let her free? (Jumin)

No… Elizabeth? (Nothing)
Maybe you saw it wrong? (Nothing)

Oh no… What do we do? (Nothing)
Jumin, I’ll help you find her! (Jumin)

09:55 – A bolt from the blue

Character(s): Zen


Selection 1
That’s not important… Elizabeth is missing! (Jumin)
Zen… I’m so lonely after Jumin left. (Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
Elizabeth just left… That cat has all of Jumin’s attention now. (*Jumin)
He went to catch the furball. It ran away.

Selection 2
It’s all because of the chief of security. (*Jumin)
It was a mistake… I’m sure it’s not because she hates you. (Jumin)

Selection 3
You have to come back soon… I’m lonely. (*Jumin)
Okay, Jumin! You’ll find her. I know you will. (Jumin)

Selection 4
I’d like to go into that empty cage. (*Jumin)
I’m shocked too.. I’m worried about Jumin. (Jumin)

Selection 5
Do you think Jumin will give me all his attention if Elizabeth doesn’t come back? (*Jumin)
Let’s hope not. (Zen)

Selection 6
Help me find the cat, Zen. (Jumin)
Jaehee should be promoted as the Director at this point T_T (*Jaehee)

Selection 7
Wow! Can’t we invite him to the party? (Email from nolem)
I don’t really watch movies… Who is he?

Selection 8
Good luck with the meeting. I hope Jumin finds his cat soon… (Zen)
Bye. (Nothing)

11:43 – Find the cat

Character(s): Jaehee


Selection 1
Do you know when Jumin will come home? (*Jumin)
He still hasn’t found Elizabeth? (Jumin)
Jaehee… Hang in there… (*Jaehee)

Selection 2
He let her out when he was feeding her. (Jaehee)
I didn’t really see it either. (Nothing)

Selection 3
I’m sorry I couldn’t be much of a help… (Jaehee + Jumin)
You put work above Jumin’s well-being. (*Jumin)

Selection 4
I think I should stay until Jumin feels better… (Jumin)
Don’t do that. I don’t want to go back! (*Jumin)

Selection 5
She might just be rebelling.(Nothing)
She must have been curious about the outside world. (Jumin)

Selection 6
Do as much work as you can. (Nothing)
Please let me know if you get in touch with him. (Jumin)

VMN – Jumin comes home

Maybe Elizabeth always wanted to escape this place. (*Jumin)
Jumin… don’t be sad. We’ll find her. (Jumin)

I’ll be here until you feel better, Jumin. You can trust me. (Jumin)
If you’re that nervous, just keep me locked up. (*Jumin)

Nothing bad will come out of hearing some information. You can judge whether or not what she says is helpful. (Jumin)
I hope you just send her back… I want to be here alone with you. (*Jumin)

It’s nothing like that… First show us the photo of Elizabeth. (Jumin)
I am his girlfriend. (*Jumin)

Sarah, I’m Jumin’s friend. Please watch what you say. (Jumin)
Jumin… She’s scaring me… (*Jumin)

Just give her the money and get it over with… (*Jumin)
Jumin… I think you’re too emotional right now. Are you okay…!? (Jumin)

Ju-Jumin!? (Jumin)
… (*Jumin)

Jumin… can we really do this? (Jumin)
It was so nice. I want to do more. (*Jumin)

Forget about Elizabeth now. I’m by your side. (*Jumin)
Is this appropriate… when Elizabeth is missing? (Jumin)

Jumin… first calm down. You were worried about Elizabeth a minute ago! (Jumin)
That’s what I wanted to hear! (*Jumin)

I want you too. (*Jumin)
I think any relationship needs time… Let’s think about it. First, let’s find Elizabeth. (Jumin)

13:15 – Come back home Elizabeth

Character(s): Yoosung
Note: Jumin calls after this chat
Who should pick up if you call after this chat (called at 14:00/02:00pm): Jumin, Yoosung


Selection 1
lol Expensive main ad! (*Yoosung)
He put up an ad already… I hope he finds the cat soon thanks to that. (Jumin)

Selection 2
You don’t think Jumin cherishes his cat more than me, do you…? (*Jumin)
No on knows that… I hope he finds her soon. (Jumin)

Selection 3
Yes… they haven’t seen Elizabeth, but others might be in a similar position, so I think it’ll be nice to invite them. (Nothing`)
I can’t think of that in the current situation. (Nothing)

Selection 4
Who cares if she doesn’t come back? (*Jumin)
I’m sure she’ll come back safely and see Jumin again…! (Jumin)

Selection 5
Shouldn’t you at least go to school… T_T (Yoosung)
I want to do nothing and be pathetic too… (Nothing)

Selection 6
Where are you two planning to go? (Yoosung)
Isn’t he trying to take you some place weird? (Nothing)

Selection 7
I wish we’d at least find the body. (Yoosung Break)
That won’t happen… (Yoosung)

Selection 8
I’m not so sure… Just go look for her on your own. (Nothing)
You might be right. Go ahead. (Yoosung)

15:30 – What Jumin realized

Character(s): Jumin


Selection 1
I’m fine. Where are you Jumin? (Jumin)
When are you coming home…? I miss you so much. (*Jumin)

Selection 2
Shouldn’t you at least visit your office…? (Jumin)
Shouldn’t you come home to see me? (*Jumin)

Selection 3
But we still haven’t found her yet. (Jumin)
Why? (*Nothing)

Selection 4
I’ll be by your side from now on. Until the end of the world!(*Jumin)
You’re not thinking of me as a replacement for your pet, are you? (Jumin)

Selection 5
Thank you… But shouldn’t you still be responsible for Elizabeth? (Jumin)
I’m glad you realized that. Let’s spend the rest of our lives together. (*Jumin)

Selection 6
Hurry and come. I want to spend the most luxurious night with you as much as I’ve waited. (*Jumin)
Don’t go over you way too much. I’ll be here no matter how late you come. (Jumin)

17:22 – Jumin’s change

Characters(s): Zen, 707


Selection 1
I think Jumin’s a bit strange. (*Jumin Break)
I love it. Now is the beginning of a happily ever after~!! (*Jumin)
I can’t make a judgement on Jumin right now… I need time. (Jumin)

Selection 2
Yeah. I don’t want to go home~ (*Jumin + Alt Selection)
Yes… I think I should stay with Jumin for now. (Jumin)

Alt Selection
Ya. It’s comfy.
I’m a bit uncomfortable to be honest… You don’t know when he’ll turn into a beast and violate me ^^ (*Jumin)

Selection 3
Jumin will have such a hard time if I leave now, I’m sure of it. (Jumin)
Why are you trying to tell me what to do? (*Jumin)

Selection 4
That’s not true. Jumin knows that I’m not a cat. (Jumin)
I like Jumin so much that I’d be fine being his cat. (*Jumin)

Selection 5
He only needs to be responsible of me. (*Jumin)
I think Jumin should be responsible of Elizabeth until the end. (Jumin)

Selection 6
I don’t think Jumin is stable right now. Let’s give him some more time. (Jumin)
I hope he never finds the cat… (*Jumin)

Selection 7
Something so important won’t be decided so suddenly ^^;; (Jumin)
I want to marry him right now… to be honest. (*Jumin)

Selection 8
Jumin’s obsession and love/hate… I like that.(Jumin – Just seems bad…)
lolololol (707)
Let’s be more serious about this. (Nothing)

Selection 9
I think Jumin needs some time to relax. He’s afraid he might lose me when he lost his cat already. (Jumin)
Jumin needs someone who lives longer than a cat. Someone like me. (*Jumin)

Selection 10
I don’t need an alarm. (Nothing)
Me. (707)

Selection 11
Zen, what genre do you watch the most? (Zen)
I’m a bit too young to talk about things like that ^^* (707)

Selection 12
When do you think Jumin will get home…? (Jumin)
But Zen… how did your meeting go today? (*Zen)

Selection 13
I should ask Jumin to introduce me to him. (Jumin)
Just the fact that you met him is newsworthy ^^ (Zen)

Selection 14
I don’t want to leave here. I’m going to live here. (*Jumin)
I really hope Jumin finds his missing pet… (Jumin)
I’m not imprisoned. (Nothing)

Selection 15
Is the hacker thing going okay? (707)
Seven, use your resources to find Elizabeth. (Zen + Jumin)

Selection 16
We should invite the uncle, not Tom;
Good. His uncle is coming too then? (Email from tom)

Selection 17
Seven, is it possible to trace what Jumin is doing now? (Jumin)
But Seven, what is Yoosung doing? (Yoosung)

Selection 18
Kidnapped… You don’t seem like the type to get kidnapped, Seven. (707)
Kidnapped….? Where are you planning right now? (Nothing)

Selection 19
Are you saying gaming is nothing important? (Yoosung)
I don’t know what’s going on… but I hope it’s safe. (707)

Selection 20
Go work like a slave. Laterz. (Nothing)
And call us if anything happens… (707)

Selection 21
Don’t worry too much about me. I’m fine~ (Jumin)
You’re the only one I have Zen… (*Zen)

Selection 22
Don’t worry. I’m happy being with Jumin. (Jumin)
Go ahead and take it. Talk to you later. (*Zen)

Game Branch

VNM – Whelp…

Who should pick up if you call after this chat (called at 18:30/06:30pm): Zen, Jaehee

Will you abandon me once you find Elizabeth? (*Jumin)
I’m sad that you didn’t find Elizabeth yet… (Jumin)

Thank you… but shouldn’t I be going home now? (Jumin)
We’ll go shopping tomorrow, right? (*Jumin)

Sounds good. (*Jumin)
Still, I can’t just start living here so suddenly… I have to go to the apartment to prepare for the party. (Jumin)

What is our relationship…? (Jumin)
I’ll do whatever you want. Everything is good with me. (*Jumin)

I understand. Make me yours… (*Jumin)
Jumin… You’ll take good care of me, right? (Jumin)

I’m lonely. Kiss me. (*Jumin)
I’m not… a replacement for Elizabeth, am I? That’s not the relationship I want. (Jumin)


Note: From this point on, if you are able to continue to follow this, congrats! You passed the branch! If you are in the bad end, you will not see these choices, but only one selection choice. Keep playing out, but if you miss chats, I wouldn’t pay HG to get into them.


I don’t think this is right. I want to go home. (Nothing)
Thank you for being so considerate, but I can protect my own body. (Nothing)

Jumin… I wasn’t going to run off. Let’s calm down and take some time to think about it. (Jumin)
Don’t pretend like you know everything! This is blackmail! (*Jumin + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
So what if I have someone else? (Nothing)
Stop being ridiculous.

I won’t go anywhere so please move away. (Jumin)
Jumin, you’re too close. It’s uncomfortable. (*Jumin)

We were both surprised… I think it’ll be best for me to stay here until you feel more calm. (Jumin)  
I was surprised. Don’t ever do that again. (*Jumin)

19:00 – Dating in common sense

Characters(s): Jaehee


Selection 1
Inside your brain…? (*Jaehee)
Jumin came home safely. (Jumin)

Selection 2
He’s practically locked me up here. (*Jumin)
Jumon was too nervous… I decided to stay here with him. He’s not taking your calls? (Jumin)

Selection 3
I just think that Jumin needs some time. (Jumin)
I would have escaped already if I weren’t afraid of the consequences. (*Jumin)

Selection 4
Did you find anything new about Glam Choi or Sarah? (Nothing)
Is everything going okay at the office? (Jumin)

Selection 5
I don’t think Jumin cares. (*Jumin)
Can’t you just tell me? (Jumin + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
I’ll think about it. (Jaehee Break)
Alright. (Jaehee)

Selection 6
I’ll be able to go back before the party. (Jumin)
I’ll make sure to escape before the party. (*Jumin)

Selection 7
Jaehee, make sure you don’t skip your meals and hand in there. (Jaehee)
Yes, Jumin said he got a bottle of wine ready so I’m excited. Good bye. (Jumin)

21:03 – Staying at the office

Characters(s): Yoosung
Who should pick up if you call after this chat (called at 21:50/09:50): If you like Jumin, you’ll want to call him


Selection 1
I couldn’t leave Jumin on his own. (Jumin)
Yes, we’re in the same boat. (Yoosung)

Selection 2
Trust Seven~ (707)
Are you guys really leaving? (Yoosung)

Selection 3
Yes. He’s still a bit unstable… but I think he’s trying hard to control himself. (Jumin)
He’s not letting me go home. T_T (*Jumin)

Selection 4
He loved Elizabeth as more than a cat… I think he just realized that she is eventually just a cat and organized his thoughts. (Jumin)
I know. I’m not a cat! (*Jumin)

Selection 5
Thanks for worrying… I’ll try to communicate with Jumin more. (Jumin)
You don’t think he’d put me insides a cage like his cat, do you? (*Jumin)

Selection 6
Yoosung, run away. (*Jumin)
It must be exhausting… but don’t lose hope! Good luck! (Yoosung)

23:17 – I need to see with my own eyes

Characters(s): Zen, Jaehee


Selection 1
I’m still here… Save me. It’s hell here. (*Jumin)
I’m still here… Don’t get too mad. (Jumin)

Selection 2
I’m a bit sick of Jumin now so I don’t even care. (*Jumin)
I think he’s more of a beast than you are, Zen. (Jumin? Break)
Yes… He’s still very gentle. (Jumin)

Selection 3
Jaehee, save me… (*Jumin)
Jaehee, did you finish work? (Jaehee)

Selection 4
What if you two break out into a fight…?^^; (Jumin)
Come and save me! I want to see you, Zen. (*Jumin + Zen)

Selection 5
Come together! The more the better for me. (*Jumin)
Yes. It would be better for Jaehee to come. (Jumin)

Selection 6
No way. That won’t happen… (Jumin)
Make sure to bring lots of bodyguards. (*Jumin)
Jaehee, let’s have a sleepover here ^^ (Nothing)

Selection 7
Be careful! (Jaehee)
I’ll be waiting. (Nothing)

Selection 8
I honestly think Jaehee should change jobs. I feel like she’s having such a hard time. (Jaehee)
Even if Jumin is unstable, he’s slowly opening up… so that day will come soon. (Jumin)

Selection 9
I hope we find Elizabeth soon… I’m worried. (Jumin)
He won’t release me until he finds his cat;; (*Jumin)

Selection 10
Everyone has their faults… He must be more lonely since he always has to hide them. (Jumin)
Honestly, I feel like I’ve been tricked because he’s so not who he seems to be. (*Jumin)

Selection 11
I’ll have to think of a way to run away from him. (*Jumin)
I should spend some time with Jumin. (Jumin)

Selection 12
Okay… Good night. (Nothing)
Okay, thank you ^^ (Zen)

VNM – Let’s both just calm down…

Note: Zen calls after this VNM

… Thank you for this nice meal. But I can’t help but worry over Elizabeth. (Jumin)
I want to get out of this place. (*Jumin)

But first, I think I have to go home tomorrow to prepare for the party… What do you think? (Jumin)
I don’t feel any threat. Please send me home tomorrow. (*Jumin)

No, I’m going to walk out of this place on my own tomorrow. (*Jumin)
I still think I should return as soon as possible… (Jumin)

I do understand… (Jumin)
I can’t understand. (*Jumin)

I’m here because I’m worried about you losing Elizabeth. (Jumin)
It all feels like I’m being imprisoned. It’s frustrating and I can’t stand it. (*Jumin)

Jaehee~! Save me!!! (*Jumin)
Jaehee said in the messenger that she’s coming here… Can’t we see her? (Jumin)

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