Mystic Messenger – Jumin Route – Day 11 Chats

by Vehura
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08:00 – It is the place

Character(s): Yoosung, Zen, Jaehee, 707, Jumin


Selection 1
Where’s Jumin?
Hey everyone! (Nothing)

Selection 2
You cleaned up your house?
Since it’s my first party, I’m nervous lol (Nothing)

Selection 3
Yes. I feel like Jumin and my love is going back to normalcy too. (Nothing)
Congrats on gaming again lol

Selection 4
I thought Zen really wanted to see my face.
Jumin deserves that privilage though. (Nothing)

Selection 5
How’s the preparation going? (Nothing)

Selection 6
They will be waiting for you too Yoosung~!
Right. (Nothing)

Selection 7
Jumin is the main face though.
Everyone is the main face, so calm down lol (Nothing)

Selection 8
You deserve an amazing break~ really lol
I want to go on vacation with Jumin.. (Nothing)

Selection 9
Hello hello!
How’re you feeling? (Nothing)

Selection 10
Seven, please cheer up as the party is today! (Nothing)
It’s all thanks to V lol

Selection 11
Jumin~ I miss you~ (Nothing)
Is my honey bunny here?

Selection 12
I believe in you Jumin! (Nothing)
Isn’t the party venue too small then?

Selection 13
Huh?;; (Nothing)
Why are they coming?

Selection 14
Yes, Jaehee really deserves some credit.
I really like how honest you are Jumin. (Nothing)

Selection 15
No, the flowers will bloom all over the earth now.
Jumin is a kind person by nature. (Nothing)

Selection 16
But is Seven still here?
Since it’s a good change, let’s encourage him to keep doing it ^^ (Nothing)

Selection 17
I don’t thnk Jumin wants to interrogate you. He’s just curious. (Nothing)
Could you describe your home environment in detail Yoosung?

Selection 18
Don’t tell me Jumin that you wear those?
Just send Zen those sweatpants through quick delivery. (Nothing)

Selection 19
Jumin… you want to protect me 100%, right? I understand. (Nothing)
I want your protection Jumin, unconditional protection.

Selection 20
I miss you back.. (Nothing)
We will see each other soon. ^^

Selection 21
It’s better to talk about serious matters in person~ (Nothing)

12:00 Party Start


You need a minimum of 10 guests to attend the party to get the good end, but invite as many as you can.

If you want to normal end, you are better off not inviting any guests to the party.

Once you get an ending, the extras area will unlock and your game will be saved there.

The party is the end of the game, you can put it off as long as you want and it doesn’t cost anything to unlock.

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