Mystic Messenger – Jumin Route – Day 9 Chats

by Vehura
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01:09 – Where is here T_T

Character(s): Yoosung, Jaehee


Selection 1
Is it a candy bar or something? (Nothing)
Of course. (Yoosung)

Selection 2
Wow! It must be fun, haha. (707)
I though Seven was a good driver? T_T (Yoosung)

Selection 3
Be friends! (Yoosung)
I think Seven will take care of everything. (707)
You’ll be turned into a delicious meal… nom nom (Nothing)

Selection 4
Jaehee… Please do something about Jumin. (*Jumin)
Jaehee, I’m sorry you had to go back. (Jaehee)

Selection 5
It’s a photo of an alleyway in the shape of the mobius strip. (Nothing)
Seven and Yoosung are on a picnic… (Nothing)

Selection 6
Trust Seven. (707)
No way… You don’t think he’s going to get on a boat, do you? (Nothing)

Selection 7
He was a bit harsh… but please understand considering his current state. (Jumin)
He was a bit too harsh, wasn’t he? (*Jumin)

Selection 8
Jumin’s such a child to be honest;; (*Jumin)
I just think that Jumin needs more time… (Jumin)
I guess her patience has reached its limit T_T (Jaehee)

Selection 9
Yes, Jumin is very nice to me… as always. (Jumin)
Nothing weird has happened yet, but I think it might. I can’t trust Jumin. (*Jumin)

Selection 10
It’s all Jumin’s fault if we can’t hold the party now. (*Jumin)
I’ll try to do what I can here…! (Jumin)

Selection 11
There was a fight… (Jumin)
That woman is still kissing up to Mr. Han? (*Jumin)

Selection 12
Jumin is being too selfish right now. I don’t think I can trust this man any longer.  (*Jumin + Jumin Break…. Wat…..)
I’ll talk to him so that nothing like that will happen. (Jumin)

Selection 13
I can’t believe this is being in a relationship. (*Jumin)
He won’t be in another relationship. I’ll be the last… (Jumin)

Selection 14
I don’t believe in praying. (Nothing)
Please continue praying… So that I can escape this place! (*Jumin)
I’ll also hope for Jumin to organize his feelings and feel better. (Jumin + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
You really are cute to believe in such things. (Yoosung)
You really are a child to believe in such things.

Selection 15
Okie. Bye bye. (*Nothing)
Jaehee, hang in there! I’ll try to talk to Jumin too. (Jumin + Jaehee)

Selection 16
I hope he comes back to normal soon… (Jumin)
I would have reached my limit already. (*Jumin)
Jumin did cross the line… I feel so bad for her. (*Jaehee)

Selection 17
I don’t think that’s a good idea. Look for someone else.
Let’s invite them! (Email from toeic)

Selection 18
I’ll tell Jumin you said that… Thank you. (Jumin)
He doesn’t talk much to me either. He’s such a strange person. (*Jumin)

Selection 19
The beginning of a new mobius strip? lol (Nothing)
Congrats! Go ahead! (Nothing)

02:29 – Adverts

Character(s): Zen


Selection 1
I’m fine Zen ^^; You were awake. (Jumin)
Zen… Please save me… (Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
No… I just want to see you!
Something is happening. I’m trapped inside here!  (*Jumin)

Selection 2
I still can’t believe that Sarah is still all over TV! (*Jumin)
Why isn’t there anything about you on TV? T_T (*Zen)
If people find out that I’m with Jumin right now… will that badly affect him? (Jumin)

Selection 3
Cheer up Zen… (*Zen)
Jumin will feel better soon. Just wait a bit more. (Jumin)
Seriously, he things[sic] he’s the center of the universe. (*Jumin)

Selection 4
I’m sure Jumin doesn’t want to be like this… (Jumin)
Okay. Isn’t it time for you to take care of your skin now? (*Zen)

Selection 5
Thank you for thinking of me. Get some rest. (Nothing)
Alright, good night. (Nothing)

VNM – Jumin.. needs some … time… and help…

Who should pick up if you call after this chat (called at 9:00): Jumin (kisses the phone), Jaehee

Please take me home. You’re so mean… (*Jumin)
What are you doing up? (Jumin)

Did you feel that way towards Elizabeth? (Jumin)
I won’t disappear so just let me free, please. (*Jumin)

Wasn’t Rika special to you? Hmm? (Jumin)
Jumin, you honestly feel like a stubborn little boy right now. (*Jumin)

Were you close to her? (Nothing)
Is Rika more attractive than I am? (Nothing)

Did you have feelings for Rika? (Nothing)
What is the real you then? (Nothing)

I understand… how you feel. I will wait until you figure things out. (Jumin)
I really think you have a mental illness. (*Jumin)

I’ll stay by your side… (*Jumin)
I will stay by your side… but everyone has to say good bye at one point. (Jumin)

You know that you have to take care of a lot of things once the sun comes up, right? (*Jumin)
There are other RFA members including Jaehee. Don’t think you’re alone. (Jumin)

Everything will work out. (Jumin)
Whatever happens, I hope this all ends soon. (*Jumin)

09:43 – Plan

Character(s): 707


Selection 1
Seven… did the driving go okay? (707)
Hello. (Nothing)
Good morning! How are you?! (???)

Selection 2
Yoosung… it must have been so hard for him. (Yoosung)
Still you got there right? I knew you could do it God Seven!! (707)

Selection 3
You should have recorded that so that you can tease him for the rest of his life lolol (707)
Oh no… it must have been so hard. (Yoosung)

Selection 4
Go back when the sun’s up. (707)
Congrats. (Nothing)

Selection 5
Ah ah~ mic test! (Nothing)
Huh? Why are you saying that all of a sudden? Is it that dangerous? (707)

Selection 6
Seven! What’s going on??? (Nothing)
Yeah. who else you protect the world if not you?! (707)

Selection 7
Alright. But be careful! (707)
Really..? So I don’t have to worry? (Nothing)
How about Yoosung?? Is he safe? (Yoosung)

Selection 8
Yeah! That’s a good idea. (Email from catlovers***)

Selection 9
Good luck!!! (Nothing)
Don’t put Yoosung in danger. (Yoosung)
What in the worlds are you doing…?? Don’t do anything dangerous! (707)

*** First route run, I received this email. On a follow up run, however, I did not. :/

Note: Jumin calls after the 707 VNM

10:58 – Jaehee’s information

Character(s): Jaehee
Note: Yoosung calls after this chat
Who should pick up if you call after this chat (called at 11:30): Jumin, 707


Selection 1
I did… Do you think they’re really okay? (Jaehee)
Yoosung must be safe, right? T_T (Yoosung)

Selection 2
But first, is Jumin actually woking now? (*Jumin)
We have to trust Seven; (707)
But… Jaehee, how are things at work? Did Jumin do to the office? (Jumin)

Selection 3
…It’s nothing new now. (*Jumin)
I think Jumin still needs more time… Let’s wait a bit more. (Jumin)

Selection 4
I’ll try my best, Jaehee. (Jumin)
I don’t think he’ll listen to anyone. (*Jumin)

Selection 5
Good bye, I’ll try my best to convince him. (Jumin)
Yes. Just focus on your work. (*Jumin)

13:03 – Castle in the mountain

Character(s): Zen, Yoosung
Who should pick up if you call after this chat (called at 13:25/01:25pm): Zen


Selection 1
Heya Zen. (Zen)
Zen, hello. (Nothing)

Selection 2
Why don’t you find another reference…? (*Jumin)
I think it’ll be more helpful if you try to understand Jumin’s background and past. (Jumin)

Selection 3
Where the hell did you go?! And why?! (Nothing)
Are you okay? Both of you are safe, right? (Yoosung)

Selection 4
What’s going on? (Nothing)
Should I call Jumin? Do you need help? (Jumin)

Selection 5
Why do you feel suspicious of the place? (Nothing)
Do you see anything around you? (Yoosung)

Selection 6
What…? You’re lying. How can a place like that exist? (Nothing)
Zen… how did you guess? (Nothing)

Selection 7
I think he should keep his promise with Seven. (Nothing)
Zen is right..! Send the photo. (Nothing)

Selection 8
Maybe it’s a coincidence? (Nothing)
Oh my god… So it really was a psychic dream;; (Zen)

Selection 9
Dust! (*Jumin)
It’s Elizabeth 3rd! (Jumin)

Selection 10
This is the chance to find Jumin’s cat! (Jumin)
Let’s just ignore the cat. I don’t want her to be found. (*Jumin)

Selection 11
I can’t understand why Elizabeth would be there. (Jumin)
If he took Yoosung with him… it can’t be just a picnic. (*Zen)

Selection 12
Get some rest. We might find Elizabeth thanks to this though. (Jumin)
It’s probably nothing! Go and get some rest. (*Zen)

14:33 – Elizabeth 3rd

Character(s): Jaehee, Yoosung
Note: Jumin calls after the VNM after this chat
Who should pick up if you call after this chat (called at 16:30/04:30): Jumin, Jaehee


Selection 1
I’m sure you’re shocked too. A psychic dream…? (*Jaehee)
I hope they find Elizabeth… (Jumin)

Selection 2
How’s work going? Did Jumin meet his father? (Jumin)
But you’ve met Jumin now, right? Did he say anything about me returning home? (*Jumin)

Selection 3
Yoosung! Hi! Is Seven with you? (*Yoosung)
Yoosung! Hi!!! Is Elizabeth with you? (Jumin)

Selection 4
Yes… I think that will be best. (Jumin)
Can’t you bring Elizabeth here right now and send me home? (*Jumin)

Selection 5
Did something happen to Seven…? (707)
Isn’t Seven good at driving? (Nothing)

Selection 6
You have to make sure that Elizabeth is safe!! (Jumin)
Jaehee, haha…  (*Jaehee)

Selection 7
Jaehee, I hope the meeting goes well… (Jaehee)
Help me get out of this place! (*Jumin)

Selection 8
I’m glad that everyone is safe. (Nothing)
What did you do? (Yoosung)

Selection 9
Take a nap! (Nothing)
You should still keep Seven company while he’s driving! He can’t doze off so keep talking to him. (Yoosung)

17:20 – Were my eyes wrong?

Character(s): Jaehee, Jumin


Selection 1
Did the meeting go well? (Jumin)
Jaehee! Is Jumin letting me go now? (*Jumin)

Selection 2
I thought I’d be able to go home once he gets his cat back…;; (*Jumin)
Oh no… I should talk to him. (Jumin)

Selection 3
He’s gone all sentimental, hasn’t he? (Jumin)
Feels as if spring is in the air? (*Jumin)

Selection 4
Why aren’t you trading me for the cat? (*Jumin)
Jumin! I heard that the meeting went well. (Jumin)

Selection 5
I miss you too. (Jumin)
Yes. Come quickly so that we can talk about when I can leave. (*Jumin)

Selection 6
Jumin must have ate something wrong lol (Jumin)
☆CONGRATS☆ (Jaehee)

Selection 7
Hmm… I think there’s a scheme. (Jumin)
It’s for real! It makes me happy to see him be nice to you. (Jaehee)

19:04 – Things we saw

Character(s): Zen, Yoosung


Selection 1
I think Jumin’s warming up now ^^ (Jumin)
Hey Zen. (*Zen)

Selection 2
I will talk about that with Jumin. (Jumin)
Yeah. I really can’t understand. (*Jumin)

Selection 3
Yoosung, did Elizabeth get home safe? (Jumin)
Cute Yoosung, heya. Did you get home okay? (*Yoosung)

Selection 4
Omg… (*Zen)
That’s not good… (Jumin)

Selection 5
Just send her to Seven. (*707)
Should I send you the cat food Jumin has? (Jumin)
Learn how to communicate with cats. (*Nothing)

Selection 6
Seven must have gone through something shocking. (Nothing)
What really happened? (Nothing)
I wish he’s keep the promise of explaining everything. (Nothing)

Selection 7
You don’t think… that person is related to the hacker, do you? (Nothing)
It must have been someone Seven knows. (707)

Selection 8
I don’t think this is the time for jokes… I’ll pass.
I think it’s a good idea. I’m sure there are people who want his help. (Email from detective)

Selection 9
You don’t have to worry about me. I trust that Jumin will let me go soon. (Jumin)
Zen, thanks for worrying about me. (Zen)

Selection 10
That’s not good… Why would Elizabeth do such a thing? T_T (Yoosung)
This is your chance to get rid of your addiction. (Nothing)

Selection 11
Have a wonderful time with the cat, Yoosung. (*Yoosung)
Give her her own space. (Jumin)

Selection 12
That’s what I’m saying. What’s so complicated about this? (*Jumin)
I don’t think it’s that simple to Jumin… (Jumin)

Selection 13
You don’t have to worry about Jumin. He jut needs time to sort out all the emotions he’s been burying. (Jumin)
Thanks for worrying. I’d like to get some fresh air too. (*Zen)

20:37 – Exhausted Seven

Character(s): 707
Note: 707 calls after this chat
Who should pick up if you call after this chat (called at 21:00/9:00): Yoosung


Selection 1
Seven, are you okay? What happened? (707)
Seven, where the hell did you go? (Nothing)

Selection 2
I’ll hear it first. (Nothing)
Is it related to the hacker? (Nothing)

Selection 3
Is he still abroad? (Nothing)
Does V know that you went to that place? (Nothing)

Selection 4
You’re really quick… (Nothing)
Did you find something major? (707)

Selection 5
Alright, Seven! Get some rest. You seem very tired. (707)
Okay. But I hope you don’t let your guard down. (Nothing)

21:46 – Still

Character(s): Jaehee


Selection 1
Jaehee, did you receive Seven’s email? (Jaehee)
Seven seems very down (707)

Selection 2
What is the information about? (707)
Seven’s the best at finding information! (707)

Selection 3
When do you think Jumin will come home…? (Jumin)
Yes! Everything will work out fine…! (*Jaehee)

Selection 4
You will tell me if he mentions me, right? (Jumin)
Good luck, Jaehee! (*Jaehee)


Hello, Jumin. (Jumin)
Why did you come home so late? (*Jumin)

Yes… But your meeting with your father went well? (Jumin)
I was dying to get out of this place. (*Jumin)

I should be the one to thank you, Jumin. (Jumin)
I see. Then send me back home. (*Jumin)

If you understand, I’ll go back right away. (*Jumin)
Yes… I think it’s time for me to go back to prepare for the party. (Jumin)

Well… I’m glad that you know you’re sorry. (*Jumin)
Thank you. We’ll be able to meet each other soon so don’t be so sad. (Jumin)

You really… don’t plan to keep her? (*Nothing)
Uhm… what do you plan to do about Elizabeth? Shouldn’t you bring her back? (Jumin)

But I think Elizabeth will be most happy by your side… (Jumin)
And it’s not that you’re feeling guilt of anything? (*Jumin)

What happens if you lose control? (*Jumin)
Okay… I’ll just stay by your side. (Jumin)

23:00 – Yoosung and Elizabeth

Character(s): Yoosung, Zen


Selection 1
Yeah!!! Why would you do that to Zen? T_T (Zen)
Hey Yoosung… is it it[sic] tough? (Yoosung)

Selection 2
Good luck, Yoosung. (*Yoosung)
Must be nice~ (Jumin)
Ugh! Goosebumps… (*Zen)

Selection 3
She might… Maybe that’s her way of expressing it. (Jumin)
Seriously, all Jumin has to do is come pick her up! What’s the problem? (*Jumin)

Selection 4
Elizabeth must be stressed out too… (Jumin)
Please don’t bring her to the party for Zen’s sake;; (*Zen)
Yoosung, good luck to you. (*Yoosung)

Selection 5
I think Jumin is being really irresponsible. (*Jumin)
What if you take her, Zen? (*Yoosung Break?)
I want her to be back in Jumin’s arms… (Jumin)

Selection 6
How did Jumin take care of her until now…? (Jumin)
How did Jaehee take care of her until now…? (*Jaehee)

Selection 7
Be careful not to hurt yourself. (*Yoosung)
I’ll talk to Jumin again too. (Jumin)

Selection 8
That’s pretty cool lol Cat therapy? (Zen)
I think he’ll start once it’s midnight lolol (Yoosung)

Selection 9
He said he’ll let me go tomorrow, but I can’t really believe him. (*Jumin)
He’s letting me leave tomorrow. Don’t worry. (Jumin)

Selection 10
Good night. (Nothing)
I think I’ll have good dreams today. (Zen)

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