Mystic Messenger – Ray Route – Day 9 Chats

by Vehura
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Note: There is more than one way to pass branches and get the good ends. This is just how I did it. Choices you wish to follow provided by people in the comments is done so at your own risk.

01:29 – Don’t you want to try this?

Character(s): Saeran
Note: Ray calls after this chat


Selection 1
I’m too hungry to sleep…
…The savior is the same person as ‘Rika,’ isn’t she? The one who supposedly committed suicide? (Ray)

Selection 2
I want it….
…You can’t torment me. It won’t work.
You should eat well…. You’re so thin. (Ray)

Selection 3
She said you need me…. She said you must have someone weaker than you. (Ray)
Please don’t throw me away….

Selection 4
I want to say here as long as I can….
can’t you tell me what’s happening at the RFA…? (Ray)

Selection 5
The RFA will not leave me here like this. (Ray)
…I think this is the only place that will accept me.

Selection 6
That’s not true. (Nothing)
Then you’d be able to show how strong you are.
It’s only because Luciel is in trouble. They won’t surrender.

Selection 7
The RFA will never be part of the Mint Eye. (Ray)
Doesn’t matter… As long as someone recognizes that I’m useful.

Selection 8
Though you look the same, I know that you’re not him.
I know that Ray is still in there. (Nothing)
Now I don’t miss Ray anymore.

Story Mode – TOO MUCH EDGE

You’re not Ray.
(Push Saeran away.)
Ray, it’s me..! [Name]! What happened to you?
Ray… You’re back, aren’t you?
It wasn’t you. Ray. It was Saeran… Are you back now?
You’re not weak. You’re the kindest person I have ever met…! Please don’t go….

03:37 – What have you done to me?

Character(s): Saeran


Selection 1
Ray…!? (Nothing)

Selection 2
You’re right, Saeran….
But you were Ray back then…! (Nothing)

Selection 3
I think you’re right… Don’t let Ray beat oyu.
Give me back Ray…! You’re not real! (Nothing)
Saeran, don’t be scared… Everything will be alright.

Selection 4
Let’s just calm down. Where is Ray? (Nothing)
Saeran, you’re just trying to protect yourself. I know it…!
You’re right. More than anyone else…

Selection 5
I’m not the reason why you’re suffering right now… You’re tormenting yourself. (Ray)
Ray will be back again. You’re scared, aren’t you?
Please don’t throw me away!

06:18 – Self inflicted

Character(s): Rika
Note: V calls after the Story Mode


Selection 1
I didn’t ream to bring back Ray! It’s not my fault.
Is Saeran alright…? (Ray)
I brought Ray back!

Selection 2
That’s what I did!
Saeran’s trauma is so deep… As deep as Ray’s trauma… (Ray)
I’m going to take Ray out of here with me.

Selection 3
can’t you give me a chance?
Ray will save me.
Saeran might look strong, but it seems he’d fall apart any moment… (Ray)

Selection 4
But without me, who will serve as the weak for Saeran…?
…What will happen to Saeran? (Ray)

Selection 5
Are you also afraid of me? IS that why you want to get rid of me? (Ray)
When will the ceremony be held…?
Can’t you give me one last chance…?

Selection 6
Your darkness is much stronger than Saeran’s… (Ray)
Once Ray is back, he’ll never forgive you.

Story Mode – And the award for flimsy excuses so it’s not his fault is…

…Who is it?
It’s Saeran. Ray’ second persona. He’s the one tormenting me.
Do you know a way to bring back Ray?
Why did you keep that a secret?
I already knew Rika is the savior.
But you shouldn’t have lied about her death. Poor Yoosung….
Protecting serve as the weak for Saeran…?
…What will happen to Saeran was your duty?
Wait… are you talking about the prime minister?
Illegitimate sons…?
Do you really know nothing about how to being back Ray? Any clue by any chance?

09:11 – Now Alone

Character(s): Saeran
Note: Saeran calls after the Story Mode


Selection 1
Saeran, please don’t throw me away!
…Do you feel better now? (Ray)

Selection 2
Nobody. (Ray)
How did you know?
It was V.

Selection 3
Will you be alright…even if I’m not here anymore? (Ray)
Once I’m cleansed, can I stay here?
…Now I leave everything to my fate.

Selection 4
She’s probably afraid that you’ll start to fall apart again if you see me there…. (Ray)
This place isn’t normal…. Both you and that savior is not normal…
I really wish you’d be there…

Selection 5
The world can change whenever I want it to, depending on how I look at it… (Ray)
You’re right… I want to be strong too…
I was happy when I was all alone with Ray!

Selection 6
But if you won’t get to see me anymore very soon…why would you tell me all of this now? (Ray)
I think you’re right! Please believe in me!
You’ll son realize that you’re the one who’s wrong.

Selection 7
I’m lonely….
I’m not a loner. (Ray)
Ray will be back for me!

Selection 8
I want to see you one last time…
Maybe it’s because you might raise a disturbance…
Every here pretends to be okay… But it looks like they’re all shivering in fear… (Ray)

Selection 9
Are you afraid that you’ll lose me…?
Saeran, please calm down… (Ray)
Please come see me right now…
Is being angry all you can do?

Selection 10
You’re the one who’s ruined…
Maybe you’re not torturing me… Maybe you’re torturing yourself. (Ray)
I’m sorry… I’ll try to be more entertaining.

12:16 – Don’t Need You Anymore

Character(s): Rika
Note: Rika calls after the Story Mode


Selection 1
What’s going to happen tonight?
Why did you create the RFA? (Ray)

Selection 2
Freedom is true salvation for Saeran and Ray. (Nothing)
Rika, I also think you’re full of potentials. If only you have stayed on the right path…
Please let me stay here…

Selection 3
You’ll need me too.
Can you help Saeran…to be one day secure enough even without hurting other people? (Ray)
Then I might still be useful…!

Selection 4
Ray… (Nothing)
It’s not useless.

Selection 5
Don’t tag me to that man in comparison…!
We both hate you.
Both of us are trying to truly protect Saeran… (Ray)

Selection 6
Have you ever experienced such love?
Then what’s your definition of true love? (Nothing)

Selection 7
What about you? Have ou succeeded in love?
Ray has become stronger in the warm embrace of love… You’re the one who decided that is weak. (Ray)
I agree… Not all people deserve love.

Selection 8
Now it’s time for Ray to come back.
…This isn’t the end of it. (Ray)
I’m sure I’l still useful…!

14:31 – How Does It Feel?

Character(s): Saeran


Selection 1
I feel excited.
I miss you…
Are you asking me how I feel now? That was fast. (Ray)

Selection 2
I’m scared….
Are you jealous?
I miss both you… You and Ray…. (Nothing)
…Even the ceremony would be as sad as watching you.

Selection 3
Why won’t she let you see me…??
Saeran, you sound a little different. (Ray)

Selection 4
You actually believe that?
I’m so honored…. I want to stay your toy.
That’s not a true honor… She said so that she can continue manipulating you. (Ray)

Selection 5
Ray is still in there, isn’t he…?
Are you sure you hate Ray? (Ray)
I want to stay with you and you only….

Selection 6
You’re so different from Ray….
You’re tormenting others because you’re afraid someone will torment you… Isn’t that right? (Ray)
But you’re already strong… No one can hurt you.

Selection 7
Who’s a better hacker between you two?
I prefer you than Ray.
What do you remember about Ray? (Ray)

Selection 8
That’s not all… He was so frustrating.
I think everyone’s useful as long as they’re good-looking.
He was such a pure person who was fond of flowers. He was truly fond of me…. (Ray)

Selection 9
Things would’ve been different….if Ray realized how precious a person he is. (Ray)
That’s why he was no longer needed.
I prefer Ray

Selection 10
That’s right! You’re strong!
You’re scared that Ray will beat you, aren’t you?
Do you feel nervous unless you keep telling yourself that you’re strong…? (Ray)

Selection 11
Of course.
No! Please stay here, Saeran!
Saeran, you don’t sound well… Are you alright? (Ray)

Selection 12
I know that. So please come see me…
You say you’re strong, but why do you sound so unstable?
Please calm down, Saeran…. (Ray)

Game Branch

16:56 – Get Right Into It!

Character(s): Saeran, Rika
Note: 707 calls after the Story Mode


Selection 1
What’s going on? (Nothing)
Is the savior going to be here soon?

Selection 2
Saeran, could you tell me what’s going on…? (Ray)
For eternal paradise!

Selection 3
So Mint Eye’s victory is near.
Is RFA in a crisis…? (Ray)

Selection 4
He’s right! We should get the RFA right now!
Did something happen at the RFA…? (Ray)

Selection 5
I’ll greatly appreciate it if you could postpone the ceremony…! (Ray)
Saeran… Is it because you don’t want to lost to me?

Selection 6
I can be more faithful to the Mint Eye!
I don’t think she’ll changer her mind…. (Ray)

Selection 7
Could you please give me that elixir too…?
This is a sign that Ray will be back.
Saeran. are you not feeling well? (Ray)
I think she’s compromising your judgment with the drug and forcing you to believe her….

Selection 8
Saeran…. (Nothing)
Please talk to her some more!

Selection 9
Please save me. I want to stay here!
Everything is going as you planned. Are you happy now? (Nothing)
Saeran will never be happy by your side.

Story Mode – Are you done being a ball of teenage rage yet?

Alright… Calm down.
Saeran, please. That’s enough! You’ll just hurt yourself!
It’s painful….
Even if I’m gone, you won’t be saved….
…You’re strong, Saeran. You don’t have to torture someone to prove that.

17:59 – It’s not too late

Character(s): Rika
Note: V calls after the Story Mode


Selection 1
Where is Saeran? (Nothing)
I’ll find him and send him back to you!
There is no winning and losing here…

Selection 2
Ray is coming back! Hahaha!
I’m sorry… This is all my fault… I’ll do what I can.
Didn’t you say I won’t be able to influence Saeran, no matter what I run into? (Ray)

Selection 3
Ray loves me. That’s why you’re tormenting Saeran. (Nothing)
You can use me if you find me useful.
I didn’t want to manipulate him… I was only trying to help him.

Selection 4
It’d be an honor.
No thank you. I’ll soon run away from here with Ray.
I won’t manipulate Saeran or Ray. (Ray)

Selection 5
You mean giving live only to strong an useful people? I agree with your method.
You say it’s love, but it’s nothing but manipulating people with conditions as you’d like. (Ray)
Love is impossible without corage to devote yourself like Ray.

Selection 6
You’re going to take care of him until the end? That’s so noble of you, my savior.
I won’t give up on him, either.
It sounds like somebody once abandoned or neglected you, Rika. (Nothing)
Just because you don’t abandon Saeran doesn’t mean you can manipulate him however you want.

Selection 7
If people question themselves, we can provide a respite for them with our hearts.
Unconditional love is reserved for people who have lots of possessions, lots of love….
I’ll help him to defeat his demons of doubt. Deep down inside he truly longs for unconditional love. (Ray)

Selection 8
Now I can do whatever you want me to. Now I’ve completely understood the Mint Eye!
You’re the one who rendered this place a heartless, heartbreaking place full of suffering. Is this really a paradise? (Ray)
Both Ray and I would’ve been happy if Saeran didn’t arise.

Selection 9
I’ll bring Ray back and me happy together… That’s my dream.
I’ll stand with you…!
Stop manipulating him. You cannot possess and forge a human being. (Ray)

Selection 10
I’m all set to go.
All troubles will be gone once Ray and I run somewhere your interference can’t reach.
Now you’re trying to manipulate me… (Ray)

Selection 11
For eternal paradise…
I’m sure he;s back to Ray.
…I hope he wouldn’t suffer anymore. (Ray)

19:47 – Empty Shell

Character(s): Saeran
Note: Saeran calls after this chat

Note: One of the selections I marked as Nothing seems to be a heart I missed. Please comment with which one it is so I can update this chat.


Selection 1
Saeran, are you alright? (Ray)
I should tell the savior.

Selection 2
I think you need the elixir again…..
Are you feeling sick…? I’m so worried about you. (Ray)
Ray must be coming back!

Selection 3
I see you’ve had such a hard time until now…. (Ray)
Why do you thnk this place is hell? This place will soo be a paradise!
And…I wish my pure, innocent Ray were here…

Selection 4
You didn’t have enough faith from the beginning…
Saeran… Can’t we start over from the beginning? (Ray)
It looks like your persona is disappearing.

Selection 5
It’s a dangerous world out there. You know that.
Please don’t throw up Ray as well…
You can start again whenever you want to. I’ll help you. (Nothing/Ray?)

Selection 6
I want to help you… (Nothing/Ray?)
Because I like you, as much as I like Ray…

Selection 7
Then you can’t secure your future. You’ll be scared.
Of course you can… You’re free to choose that. (Ray)
Don’t let the world distract you. I want you to look at me.

Selection 8
Weak and strong? Why don’t you yourself come up with a new definition of weak and strong? (Ray)
Then who’d make money?
No. If you live like that, you’ll be a loner and waste your time.

Selection 9
But you were born as a tragic human being. You don’t have a choice.
If we decide to think differently, even a weed will be a beautiful flower for us. (Ray)
Let’s forget about weeds. They’re lame.

21:31 – An Okay Suggestion

Character(s): Rika
Note: Rika calls after this chat/the Story Mode


Selection 1
This is bad. I’ll do what I can!
He threw up the drug. I think now he’s regained the power to think for himself. (Ray)
That means Ray is waking up!

Selection 2
….I think he’s slowly breaking away from your boundaries and opening his eyes to the truth. (Ray)
He’s confused because of the elixir’s side effects.
He’s coming back as Ray.

Selection 3
I’ll let you know right away once Saeran comes back.
…I see. (Ray)
Oh dear. He must have liked me.

Selection 4
I’ll cooperate, my savior.
You’re going to capture him by force? (Ray)
Ray will be back like a prince.

Selection 5
That’s not good enough. I need a house to live with Ray.
I cant do that. I know what he wants…. (Ray)
I’ll do my best, my savior!

Selection 6
That won’t happen. Please trust me.
You seem to be used to exploiting pain. (Ray)
Rika, you don’t happen to enjoy this, do you?

Selection 7
When that happens, I’ll witness it with a solemn heart.
I hope…such circle will no longer make Saeran suffer. (Ray)

Story Mode – The edge is no more

What happened?
I thought that you were bieing mean to me because you were terribly wounded in the past.
But even if you said those cruel words, you were the one to get hurt.
Can’t you be one with Ray?
If both of them are you…..
Saeran, wait!

23:13 – Are You Okay?

Character(s): Jaehee, Zen
Note: Jaehee calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): Zen, Yoosung


Selection 1
My messenger is back! (Nothing)

Selection 2
Please tell V and Jumin!
Please tell Lucial and the unit about me!
Can you tell me what’s new so far? (Nothing)

Selection 3
They didn’t get Seven yet?
Don’t tell me… Is the prosecution’s investigation not over yet? (Nothing)
What interview?

Selection 4
….I can’t tell you what happened, but I think things will be better. (Ray)
Oh, no need to mind this place, Jaehee. Are you sure we’re not having the party?

Selection 5
I was a little sick, but I’m alright.
Yes, I am! (Ray)
No… My body and mind are no good.

Selection 6
Zen! Is everyone alright? (Nothing)
Long time no see.

Selection 7
I can’t tell you yet. Please give me some time. (Ray)
The hacker. It was his whim. But I can handle him.
Why do I have to tell you? I’m tired.

Selection 8
Forget everything else. Could you tell me what happened to the rest of the RFA?
That’s okay. You were caring for me! (Ray)

Selection 9
Seven’s absent? (707)
Let’s understand V… He’ll probably be busy.
When is Jumin coming back?

Selection 10
You’ve done so well, Jaehee. (Jaehee)
I wanna try Yoosung’s stew once I’m back!

Selection 11
Show me! (Zen)
No, that’s alright.

Selection 12
There you go again…..
I’m so glad I’m back. (Zen)

Selection 13
What shampoo do you use?
I think I saw someone who looks even better. (Ray)

Selection 14
I made a close call here. But now I gotte be strong too.
Thank you for your concerns…. I think I could come back thanks to you all. (Ray)
Don’t bother.

Selection 15
I’m sure he has complicated stories… Let’s understand him. (Ray + 707)
I just hope he’s not sick or something….
It’s fine, as long as he didn’t run off to somewhere.

Selection 16
Yes, please do. I wish I could talk to him all bright and cheery. (Ray)
Let’s call him and find out what he’s hiding!

Selection 17
Bye, Jaehee.
I agree lolol (Nothing)
Uh, thank you…?

Selection 18
I could come back because everyone care for me. I’m glad there’s no huge trouble with the RFA. (Nothing)
I will survive, wherever I end up in.

Selection 19
It could’ve been worse. Like, kidnapped in group by a strange religious cult..? (Nothing)
I’m a little disappointed the party won’t be held. The guests would be disappointed.

Selection 20
I wonder if his stitching is complete lolol
What happened to your practice, Zen? (Nothing)
You don’t get to run a giant company without gutys like his.

Selection 21
…I’ll tell you everything soon. Please go tell him I’m back. (Ray)
I can take care of myself. You don’t have to care about me.

Selection 22
Don’t worry.
Promise! (Nothing)

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Jiyuu September 4, 2021 - 6:27 pm

01:29 – Don’t you want to try this?
Selection 8
Though you look the same, I know you’re not him. (Ray)

03:37 – What have you done to me?
Selection 1
Saeran… (Nothing)

Selection 3
Saeran, don’t be scared… Everything will be alright. (Ray)

Selection 4
Saeran, you’re just trying to protect yourself. I know it…! (Ray)

12:16 – Don’t Need You Anymore
Selection 2
Rika, I also think you’re full of potentials, if only you have stayed on the right path… (Ray)

Selection 6
Have you ever experienced such love? (V)

14:31 – How Does it Feel?
Selection 2
…Even the ceremony would be as sad as watching you. (Ray)

16:56 – Get Right Into it!
Selection 9
Saeran will never be happy by your side. (Ray)

Sel 1
There is no winning and losing here… (Ray)

Sel 3
I didn’t want to manipulate him… I was only trying to help him. (Ray)

Sel 6
Just because you don’t abandon Saeran doesn’t mean you can manipulate him however you want. (Ray)

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