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Note: There is more than one way to pass branches and get the good ends. This is just how I did it. The walkthrough will have, eventually, a marked good run and bad run. And choices you wish to follow provided by people in the comments is done so at your own risk.

00:58 – To become the child of da

Character(s): Yoosung, Zen
Note: 707 calls after the story mode


Selection 1
Go to bed. It’s not good if you stay awake late… T_T
Where’s Zen? (Nothing)

Selection 2
I think it won’t work at all with Yoosung.
Zen, you’re practicing! (Nothing)

Selection 3
I think I can do better than you, Yoosung lol (Nothing)
Yoosung, get a grip! And try again!!
Just give up….

Selection 4
Get a hold of yourself, Yoosung! (Yoosung)
So let’s now part our own ways….

Selection 5
Looks like someone’s super shy lol
I think it’s going to be fun practicing on the messenger! (Yoosung)

Selection 6
Looks like you two don’t really get along.
Yoosung….I’m sure this is your chance to grow. (Nothing)
You’re not the only one here, Yoosung – kind of?

Selection 7
Will it work…?
Oh, are we getting started here? (Nothing)

Selection 8
But no one’s perfect. (Nothing)
What about White?

Selection 9
Hey, he’s not joking – ~
I think this hacker’s more good-looking. (Ray)
You should give up if there’s no particular escapade.

Selection 10
But lame man is my style!
Wait, what’s that smell…?
I’m not sure I understand what direction this conversation is taking…. (Nothing)

Selection 11
I can’t believe you already opened your eyes to such truth!
But that’s not the case with Jumin…
Who said that? (Nothing)

Selection 12
Zen, you do realize we’re living in the 21st century, don’t you? (Nothing)
I’mnot really good at computers either….
I like lego….

Selection 13
Sure. Let’s discuss the latest technology with him! (Email from reviewer)
Not really interested.

Selection 14
Keep trying, and you’ll make it ^^…
Why don’t you try thinking about Jumin? (Jumin)
I think this is takinf a direction just so weird.

Selection 15
Yoosung, don’t play coy with him.
Zen, try barking for me. (Nothing)
You think that’s the case? ^^

Selection 16
I think it’s a bad idea….
lololol I don’t think so. (Zen)
Great idea lolol

Selection 17
This will be fun lolol
….I don’t thinkn it’s going to work.
First, you gotta look like him. (Nothing)

Selection 18
You should give up your rehersal.
Go, Yoosung! Transform!
I think it’s going to work! (Zen)

Selection 19
Your darkness within bekons you…. (Nothing)
Your heart will be corrupted….
I think he’s saying he’ll make his personality like Jumin’s.

Selection 20
I’ll be waiting…!!
…Make sure you don’t catch a cold. (Nothing)

Selection 21
I think this is all pointless.
It’s an advanced body art that draws out dark aura through your spines. (Yoosung)
It means to take a sudden turnout. In a dark sense, that is…!

Selection 22
I don’t think it’s going to work.
But I’m grateful Yoosung’s working so hard lolol (Nothing)
Aren’t you excited? Lolol

Selection 23
I will in a few minutes! (Nothing)
Good luck!
Not yet…

03:01 – At This Night

Character(s): Jaehee
Note: Ray calls after this chat
Outgoing Call(s): (unable to make outgoing calls due to time of chat)


Selection 1
It’s late. You didn’t log off? (Nothing)

Selection 2
I think this won’t be fun.
Don’t worry. You’re not going to have another boss lololol (Jaehee)

Selection 3
I think rehersal’s doomed.
What if Jumin himself helps Zen?
For now, let’s trust him! (Yoosung)

Selection 4
If you’re tired, you should go back to sleep. (Nothing)
For what…?
When is your holiday?

Selection 5
What was the email about?
It sounds like your office hour is 24/7…. Poor you. (Jaehee)

Selection 6
Anything new about the hacker?
Just maybe they might be more successful than we thought lolol (Nothing)
I think… Yoosung will just interfere with Zen’s practice.

Selection 7
I’m going to stay awake just a bit more. I don’t think I can sleep well tonight….
I can take care of myself. Good night.
I was staying awake for you. I’ll go to sleep now. (Jaehee)

06:17 – Mr. Han

Character(s): Zen, Yoosung
Note: Zen calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): (unable to make outgoing calls due to time of chat)


Selection 1
Did you eat something funny? (Nothing)
What’s the matter?

Selection 2
It suits him lololol
What is this?
It’s Elizabun!! (Nothing)

Selection 3
Mr. Kim! (Yoosung)
You two have been fooling around like this all night long?
This picture foretells a gloomy future….

Selection 4
Aren’t you worried about your rehersal?
You should take a break from time to time – (Nothing)

Selection 5
And there goes your purpose of this practice session….
Zen, show me what you can do! You’re a pro! (Zen)

Selection 6
You’ll only end up with a trouma if you try to be someone you’re not….
That’s a great enlightenment! (Zen)
You have mt applause, Yoosung.

Selection 7
…I think I’m gonna give up.
You should take at least 50000 won.
This is getting interesting! (Nothing)

Selection 8
You should stay with him till the end if you’re there to help him – ! (Nothing)
Are you going to play games?
I can see a trail of pain in the neck for you, Zen lol

Selection 9
Yes, sir. (Nothing)
Bye bye.

Selection 10
Don’t you already know the answer?
It’s great that you’re enjoying your work…! I really hope that’s the case here as well…. (Ray)

Selection 11

Don’t worry. (Nothing)

Selection 12
I’m sure it’ll work out somehow.
Good luck to everyone! (Ray)

08:43 – Continuously Thinking

Character(s): Ray
Note: Yoosung calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): Zen, 707 (these calls may be attached to the above chats)


Selection 1
Why are you here?
Ray, did you have a good morning? (Ray)

Selection 2
About what happened back then… (Nothing)
I’m tired of that attitude of yours now, Ray….

Selection 3
I don’t need something like this.
That’s adorable! (Ray)

Selection 4
I don’t want to talk to you.
Remember that we kissed the other day? (Ray)

Selection 5
Of course I don’t hate you! I really like you! (Ray)
No, it means nothing….

Selection 6
But that’s not the case for me. Don’t get me wrong.
Who told you that? (Nothing)

Selection 7
There’s no future for us if we like each other in this circumstance.
I miss you. Are you busy?
I want to kiss you again… (Ray)

Selection 8
….Look where we are right now. We’re both trapped here.
First let’s try to spend more time together. (Ray)

Selection 9
Are you feeling alright? (Ray)
But I see no future for us…

Selection 10
Do you think our feelings matter…at a place like this?
Please stay positive, even if you’re having a hard time! (Ray)

12:03 – Cooperation

Character(s): Jaehee, 707, Yoosung
Note: Jaehee calls after this chat
Outgoing Call(s): Yoosung


Selection 1
…What about you?
I did.
Not yet. (Nothing)

Selection 2
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
Did you have a healthy lunch? ^^ (Nothing)
What’s the point of eating…? Today will be just as meaninglyess as yesterday.

Selection 3
Are you two together right now? (Nothing)
Are you two on a date…?

Selection 4
Any news from the hacker…?
FRA is getting complicated within.
So this is how RFA and C&R are connected. (Nothing)

Selection 5
I don’t think he really means it…
Whoa, you actually got compliments from Seven! (Jaehee)
Don’t you mean that the equipment is cool?

Selection 6
Well done, Jaehee! (Jaehee)
I wonder if it’ll be good enough….

Selection 7
Because the hacker is so good…? (Ray)
Because this hacker’s not worth it?

Selection 8
Whomever wins, I think only despair awaits this hacker.
That would mean more work for the hacker… (Ray)

Selection 9
I don’t want to have someone too technical.
Ok! I’d like to meet this knight of the light. (Email from whitehacker)

Selection 10
Welcome, Mr. Kim! (Nothing)

Selection 11
<<It’s time to awaken your dark force!>>
I think I see a flood of Zen’s pain in my eyes. (Jaehee)

Selection 12
When are you going to end your cosplay?
Don’t tell me… Did you collect 1500 won? (Nothing)
You mean you wore a suit on your bike?

Selection 13
Maybe you should just go home. That way you can help Zen…. (Ray)
Is it time for the game event…?
Go back. Now.

Selection 14
Have fun!
What about Zen…? (Nothing)

Selection 15
How do you think you can undo that gap make by lack of talent? I suggest you give up.
Great! You’re trying various methods! (Ray)
I had no idea that would work against him….

Selection 16
That’s so random.
That’s a good idea. (Nothing)

Selection 17
Don’t tease her. (Jaehee)
If she rests now, she might as well rest forever…

Selection 18
Bye bye
Have fun!
Good bye, Mr. Kim. (Nothing)

Selection 19
He’s pretty smart. (Nothing)
What about the remaining 20%?

Selection 20
We should use real glasses…
Let’s invite her for the love of the world! Love the world! (707 + Email from eyegglasses)

Selection 22
I don’t think she’s done yet…..
Enjoy your lunch, both of you. (Nothing)

Selection 23
Enjoy your lunch – (Nothing)
Bye, Jaehee.

Selection 24
I’m fine… Sorry, I can’t tell you much. (Ray)
Maybe…this hacker isn’t worth for you to beat.

Selection 25
Thanks for your concern. (707)

14:44 – Art of Efficiency

Character(s): Jumin, Zen
Outgoing Call(s): Jumin


Selection 1
Everyone at the RFA is so full of energy – (Nothing)
Did you see how Yoosung imitated you?

Selection 2
I think he’ll have to be born again, after being blessed with something like saving the world in this life.
Zen, is your sanity ok? (Zen)

Selection 3
We have nothing but a bunch of good-for-nothings around us….
Relax^^ I think he’s trying to tick you off on purpose. (Zen)

Selection 4
I think Zen’s already doing his best. (Zen)
Do you think things would’ve turned out differently with definite strategy?
It’s impossible to defy your destiny.

Selection 5
I think hard work consists 90% of success.
I think 90% of everything in our lives is already decided for us from the beginning.
Oooh, please give me your know-how, Mr. Han! (Jumin)

Selection 6
Wow….you’ve come this far already? (Jumin)
…Why are you still doing it? It seems meaningless….

Selection 7
Oh, I knew it. You need strategic help from several people. (Nothing)
You’re working too hard…
Zen’s an actor. I think there’s a limit to the help he can get.

Selection 8
Who is the genius that calculated how much thread you’ll need for your stitching?
You live in a world completely different from mine.
And Jaehee has been working late… (Jaehee)

Selection 9
Could you order a bag for me too? (Nothing)
Now I’m starting to wonder why you won’t leave stitching part to someone else…
You’re a tactician.

Selection 10
I don’t think this person really matters here. Though he sounds interesting.
Wow! Why don’t we invite that person to the party? (Email from prorhythmist)

Selection 11
So your hobby is overall planning and stitching.
You actually have energy for that…?
My hobby happens to be cooking! But I’d like to do only the eating part! (Nothing)

Selection 12
I do! The fundamental problem of your unsuccessful repetition of practice is none other than…. (Nothing)
….There no big deal about the world?
Other than the fact that you two are completely different, I’m not sure what is there for us to get…

Selection 13
I knew you’d start from a completely different page. (Nothing)
I knew we’d need money from the very beginning.
We can’t do something like that. We weren’t born like you.

Selection 14
So what matters is the courage to actually do it! (Ray + Jumin)
You’re a smooth talked. Do you even realize you could end up failing…?

Selection 15
But investment is another form of debt….
Can you invest in someone smart? (Ray)

Selection 16
But money won’t rid the void….
Whoa…. You’re demonstrating the art of money, Jumin.
But you can’t buy people’s hearts with money! What matters in acting is heart – (Zen)

Selection 17
Let’s not fight. (Nothing)
I think both of you have enough….

Selection 18
The balance of the world will stay only when you two look at the world in different views! (Nothing)
People at the top won’t understand how lonely it is at the bottom…

Selection 19
That’s right! That could be what gives birth to your artistic performance! You should carry on with your way! (Zen)
What if you fail no matter how hard you try?
But it’s true you can learn a lot of things from Jumin.

Selection 20
Calm down, Zen – !
This world is corrupted.
This is all because of Yoosung. (Nothing)

Selection 21
…You should try performing White in your current state! (Nothing)

Selection 22
How’s your stitching going?
I think new Zen is all good to go. (Nothing)
What are you doing right now?

Selection 23
There’s no point in throwing a fit, anyways.
Not at all –
Sometimes… (Nothing)

Selection 24
I look forward to the completion. (Nothing)

16:27 – Power Save Mode Today

Character(s): 707, Yoosung
Note: V calls after this chat
Outgoing Call(s): Zen, 707


Selection 1
How’s your fight with the hackers going?
Welcome. (Nothing)

Selection 2
He finally gace up.
You don’t think there’s something wrong with the hacker, do you? (Ray)

Selection 3
That’s not true! That’s can’t happen…! (Ray)
Maybe he got thrown away….

Selection 4
That’s can’e be it… I’m sure he’s safe. (Ray)
…It’s his fate. It can’t be helped.

Selection 5
Yoosung, are you still cosplaying?
Seven, let’s talk more about the hacker. Have you picked up anything else? (Ray)

Selection 6
He’s on his own now.
I think Jumin helped him enough… (Jumin)

Selection 7
That was a pretty scary joke…. (Nothing)
Then maybe he wouldn’ve worked harder….

Selection 8
What kind of message?
I can’t stop worrying about that hacker…. (Ray)

Selection 9
Seven, could you find out what happened to the hacker, whether something’s wrong with him…? (Ray)
Looks like no hacker in this world can beat you, Seven.

Selection 10
Is it safe to think this hacker is on the brink of defeat?
…I hope you’d save the hacker if he surrenders. (Ray)

Selection 11
Maybe it was all misunderstanding that the hacker attacked us. We must find out what the truth is. (Ray)
Victors deserve celebration… As for losers, they don’t even deserve pity.

Selection 12
Even if we’re close, what point is there?
….He’s innocent. And good. I’ll leave it at that. (Ray)

Selection 13
I know. You have a good reason to suspect me. I’m trying to find peace in the middle…but it’s not easy. (Ray)
Even if I’m suspicious…nothing will change.

Selection 14
I’d have to make troulbe for V.
But you can’t find out anything about me unless you get through the hacker first….
Yes, I can see you wanna stay positive. (Ray)

Selection 15
…I think V’s a good person. I think I can trust him. (V)
Whether you trust me or not, my situation won’t change. Have it your way.

Selection 16
No matter how self-sacrificing V is, I don’t think he can solve problems so easily.
…And oyu’ve spend years with V.
I wonder what this hacker is doing right now…. (Ray)

Selection 17
Go back before it’s too dark.
Bye…. (Nothing)

Selection 18
I know…. (Ray)
I’m not worried. You can’t do anything to me even if you know about me.

Selection 19
I think that’ll happen one day.
…I hope that never happens. (Ray)

Selection 20
I will…! Good luck! (707)
But the future is uncertain….

Selection 21
I will. Thank you. (Ray)
Okay…though I know you can’t come fetch me even if I send you one.

18:31 – The Roots of Pathetic

Character(s): Jaehee, Jumin
Note: Jumin calls after the Story Mode


Selection 1
Jaehee, how’s your work going?
Jaehee, have you heard anything about the hacker? (Ray)

Selection 2
So you mean you won’t need the unit anyone once this trouble with the hacker is all taken care of?
By results, do you also mean getting the hacker in your hands? (Nothing)

Selection 3
Are you off duty now? (Nothing)
Welcome, Jumin. Are you done with your stitching?

Selection 4
And…? (Nothing)
What did you think of?

Selection 5
There’s no point in your realization… I’m sure it’s nothing but how to make more money with money.
Exactly how would you apple your realization to business? (Nothing)

Selection 6
Jaehee, I think something’s wrong with Jumin these days. (Nothing)
I want to know what it is.
I don’t really want to know….

Selection 7
I’m starting to worry about the future of C&R….
But I don’t think you look bad the way you do now.
She’s right. You used to carry more weight with you…. (Nothing)

Selection 8
What about insecurity…? (Nothing)
Do you think someone without a sense of insecurity exsists…?

Selection 9
Maybe it’s because of their personalities.
I’m sure it’s because of their family environment. (Nothing)

Selection 10
Is it actually possible to educate someone without force? (Nothing)
So you were basically running a business of yourself since childhoo.
I knew it. You had a high education.

Selection 11
Did they teach that nothing is right or wrong? Wouldn’t that create problems adapting to the world? (Nothing)
Nothing is truly wrong in this world… You actually understood that?

Selection 12
Do you actually have an imperfection in the first place…?
I think accepting even my imperfections is something really big. (Ray)

Selection 13
So that’s why people are tormented by their own inferiority and insecurity.
That’s because they might suffer disadvantages if they show their imperfections. (Nothing)

Selection 14
That’s because almost no one every criticizes you. YOu live an easy life full of respect.
This is so complicated to understand T_T
They have no leisure… because they’re always working so hard. Is that correct? (Ray)

Selection 15
Maybe… he does that so that people will keep telling him that he’s good-looking…? (Nothing)
I don’t think he flatters himself.

Selection 16
Jumin, are you sure you don’t feel insecure about anything at all?
Then again, there’s really no need for him to confirm whether he’s good-looking or not…
I think he’s just trying to be funny. (Nothing)

Selection 17
I think only the strong can survive in this world, whether they’re good or bad.
Perhaps a sense of insecurity is no different from a struggle to hide one’s trauma. (Ray)

Selection 18
You can’t deny that this pressure that you must perfect your imperfections always leads to stress. (Nothing)
You’re right. Even if someone feels insecure, that sense of insecurity can actually drive a person to work much
It’s better to have a sense of insecurity but… if you give up and do nothing, the loop of depression begins.

Selection 19
I think it’d be good if I don’t have to be the best in my workplace. (Nothing)
Don’t companies always aim for the best?

Selection 20
I think an accomplished person never gives up and keep trying.
I don’t want to be accomplished. Stree is bound to follow a goal.
I think that depends on your definition of accomplish… But whatever it is, the fact remains that no one is perfect, right? (Ray)

Selection 21
But maybe this world runs energetically because people want to win recognition.
I’d like to live in a world where I can live quietly. (Nothing)
A world where we don’t have to try to win recognition…? I’m having a hard time imagininig it…

Selection 22
I look forward to the utopia team….
I have a feeling this utopia team will be lazy.
So does this end with more work for you, Jaehee? (Nothing)

Selection 23
It was complicated, but thanks anyways. (Nothing)

Selection 24
I think he wants to make a team that does not drive people into competition but acknowledges each person as they acknowledges each person as they are. (Jumin)
That’s because he lives in a world completely different from ours…?

Selection 25
Do you think a world like that would ever progress?
I wish I could live in a world like that! (Nothing)

Selection 26
Please tell me if you pick up anything new about the hacker. Please. (Ray)
That means you need to go now.

Story Mode – … Way to go, V and  well, that doesn’t sound good

Who is it?
Yes, it’s mine.
Wait a minute! Have you seen Ray?

20:06 – Window of Truth

Character(s): V
Note: Ray calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): (Unable to make calls as chat happened in the middle of a stream)

Somewhere, I missed two hearts. Please comment on this post with where they are when you find them!


Selection 1
There you are. Finally.
There’s nothing wrong with him, is there? (Nothing)

Selection 2
I’ll be fine… Somehow…
Everything’s quiet here. But…I’m worried about the hacker…. (Ray)

Selection 3
Why would you find only troubles around you? (Nothing)
Don’t you think you’re at the root of all secrets? Don’t you think this is all your fault?

Selection 4
I’m sure it’s not entirely your fault. (Ray + V)
….So that’s how you makde some victims.
Maybe things would’ve been better if Jumin were the representative of the RFA….

Selection 5
…I’m sure he stayed your friend because your lifestyle could match his.
Perhaps we need his advice right now. (Jumin)

Selection 6
I know you’re worried about me but… I think it’s best to admit what you can’t do and ask for help. (Ray)
Even if he’s willing to help you, I think now it’s too late.

Selection 7
If you’re having such a hard time accepting yourself, you should rather do nothing at all.
You should gaze at yourself, V. (Ray + V)

Selection 8
Maybe you should spend some time with yourself right now.
Maybe you should give a call to Jumin. (Nothing)

Note: The MC says something after automatically that gets you a heart from Ray and then another one choice that also gets a heart. I’m not sure if they are explicitly attached to the choice above or not.

Selection 9
Nobody is perfect…. I think you need some time for yourself. (Ray)
I think there’s nothing you can change now. Jumin would’ve been more prudent…

Selection 10
The past can never return or be undone…
Good luck… (Zen?White heart?)

Selection 11
You should go now.
Good luck…(Nothing)

21:43 – My True Identity Is

Character(s): Yoosung, 707


Selection 1
What’s wrong, Yoosung? (Nothing)
Stop crying. It’s annoying….

Selection 2
You’ll be an adult someday.
Don’t worry Everyone can catch puberty. (Nothing)

Note: There is one choice that gets a heart from Yoosung after this choice. I’m not sure if they are explicitly attached to the choice above or not.

Selection 3
IS that you, Prince Seven…?
I think you souldn’t feel insecure as well, Seven… (Nothing)

Selection 4
Your bluff is on a completely different level….
Why do you have no status? (Nothing)

Selection 5
A battle robot…?
…Now I see what your type is like.
An android…? (Nothing)

Selection 6
You sounds really serious.
Maybe he’s being serious…. (Nothing)

Selection 7
But the law is meant to be kept…
Why do you think they’re running special inspections all of a sudden? (Nothing)
Why do you think they had to forge their status?

Selection 8
Uh…V wanted me to tell you that! (V)
I don’t think you need to worry about that.

Note: There is one choice that gets a heart from Ray after this choice. I’m not sure if they are explicitly attached to the choice above or not.

Selection 9
All of a sudden…? (Nothing)
Run along…

Selection 10
I think he’s keeping a bunch of secrets just as well…
…There’s no need for him to be concerned that much… (Ray)

Selection 11
No comment. (Nothing)

Selection 12
You actually have the energy to waste for someone else…?
I’m concerned as well. I couldn’t see him all day long…. (Ray)
But the world will be a better place, right?

Selection 13
A set of fried wings. (Nothing)

Selection 14
I think he’d be stubborn again.
But I’m suspicious about the prim minister’s purpose… (Ray)

Selection 15
He might throw a fit at you lol (Nothing)
Run along now.

23:59 – Strange

Character(s): V, 707
Note: V calls after this chat
Outgoing Call(s): Jumin


Selection 1
Did you sell your pictures?
That took long…
Have you hear nothing about the hacker yet? (Nothing)

Selection 2
Then isn’t that a good thing? Though I wouldn’t be at the stage for the commendation…
Something’s not right about this.. We only had 2 parties so far. (Ray)

Selection 3
i know you’re hiding something. Can’t you slip it to me at the least?
That doesn’t apply to me as well, does it? (Nothing)

Selection 4
Looks like he’s working again…
Is he back!? (Ray)

Selection 5
Completely different person? Are you sure? (Nothing)
…Has he been replaced?

Selection 6
I wish you luck.
…The hacker is behaving like someone else…? (Nothing)

Selection 7
V…You’re coming, aren’t you? I have a bad feeling about this. (Nothing)
…If he’s been replaced by someone, do you think this new person is stronger?

Selection 8
I’ll be waiting. (Ray)
Go. Now.

Story Mode – No way… I didn’t see this coming at alllll….

Who is it?
Ray…! I missed you so much!
Ray, you don’t sounds like you.
…This is not fair. Let go of me.

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