Mystic Messenger – Ray Route – Day 6 Chats

by Vehura

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Note: Please make sure you read the notes at the top of the fifth day.

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Note: There is more than one way to pass branches and get the good ends. This is just how I did it. The walkthrough will have, eventually, a marked good run and bad run. And choices you wish to follow provided by people in the comments is done so at your own risk.

00:55 – Swamp of Emptiness

Character(s): Zen, Yoosung
Note: Zen calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): Yoosung


Selection 1
What are you doing awake? (Nothing)
I can’t sleep…
I’ve been waiting!

Selection 2
That’s because you’re not working hard enough.
Don’t you think that’s the beauty of being an actor? You get to be someone you’re not… (Zen)

Selection 3
Isn’t tomrrow the rehersal? Are you sure you’ll be fine?
Should you take a break? It’s also important that you stay in good shape. (Nothing)

Selection 4
I think it’s okay as long as you do your best. (Zen)
You’re nervous because you haven’t worked hard enough.

Selection 5
Yoosung, are you playing games…? (Nothing)

Selection 6
You’re distracting Zen. Out!
Oh, shoot…. I know what that feels like. (Yoosung)
Don’t stay up at this hour to play games. It’s not good for you.

Selection 7
Why don’t you help him, Yoosung? (Yoosung)
I wish I could be an actor like you, Zen…
Lolol Zen I think you’re distracted.

Selection 8
You didn’t even start your life outside of school. You already think life is pointless? (Nothing)
Why don’t we think about happy things?
I don’t think there’s any particular meaning in life….

Selection 9
But you should at least try to look on the bright side.
Just let it go – let it flow – (Yoosung)
You should always watch your behavoirs and obey the rules.

Selection 10
Yoosung T_T You sound too hopeless… (Nothing)
The world is a dark place! Hopeless! With no light!
You’re a bit pathetic.

Selection 11
Now you’re finally growing up… LOL
It’s so heartbreaking to see someone like you so lifeless T_T (Ray)
I think he still has a long way to go until he matures.

Selection 12
Oh, so this is the infamous…
I see… That’s the important time of life. (Nothing)

Selection 13
What did you stitch? (Nothing)
That’s a nice hobby.

Selection 14
Awwww, is that so…?
What a repetition… It must have been boring. (Nothing)
At least you were diligent back then.

Selection 15
So…is that darkness of yours…still there in your heart?
I think you need someone, Yoosung. Like a mentor.
You still miss Rika. (Nothing)

Selection 16
I wanna have some popcorn too….
Boom and bam and wham!!!!!! (Yoosung)
Think about how frustrated your parents will be with you.

Selection 17
You were too weak to stand up on your own.
What about new LOLOL costume? (Nothing)

Selection 18
It’s bedtime for you.
Yoosung, your emotions are so touching. LoL. I’m actually tearing up…
Cheer up…! (Nothing)

Selection 19
You’re teasing him, aren’t you? Lolol
Back to practice you go, Zen. (Nothing)
I think you can learn something from Yoosung.

Selection 20
I think you’re better off alone.
I think you can help him a lot…lol (Nothing)
I can help….

Selection 21
You should sleep early.
Enjoy – (Nothing)
Thus begins another batle with your void… Farewell.

Selection 22
You’re not making excuses because you’re tired of practicing, are you…?
I think you can manage it yourself…
If you think you need to work on being ’emo’ and symptoms of puberty, you’d definitely need him…lolol (Yoosung)

Selection 23
Got it, Zen. Good luck! (Zen)
Have a good one.

03:17 – If I was stronger

Character(s): Ray
Note: Ray calls after this chat
Outgoing Call(s): (couldn’t make outgoing calls due to the time)


Selection 1
I had something to do.
I thought you might be still awake…! (Ray)

Selection 2
She said you need to do better than that.
I think she basically welcomed me. And it looked like she’s worried about you too. (Ray)

Selection 3
I have a feeling I’ll get along with her well.
I’m happy…that I was welcomed and introduced to an interesting mission thanks to you. (Ray)

Selection 4
I don’t think you have to deny such a natural feeling… (Nothing)
You’re not thinking anything funny, are you?

Selection 5
That’s a bit creepy.
Of course. (Ray)

Selection 6
You’re protecting me, aren’t you? Thank you… (Ray)
I can drink it if I have to.

Selection 7
I think you’re weak.
I think you’re good enough. But I think your environment is suffocating you. (Ray)

Selection 8
I wish I could stay longer with you too… (Ray)
Don’t make me hear such weak thoughts. I’m tired of them.

Selection 9
You’re pathetic…
You might have a hard time right now, but things will get better soon. I hope you’d consider that I’m there with you. (Ray)

Selection 10
Run along now.
Please, stay with me just a little more… (Ray)

Selection 11
Yes, I’m sure we will be happy! (Ray)
If you have time to show me this, you should work more on proving yourself.

Selection 12
I hop you get some rest too… (Ray)
You should go. Now.

07:40 – Busy on a fine day

Character(s): Zen, Jaehee, V
Note: Jaehee calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): Jumin (there is a chance this call is attached to the chat above)


Selection 1
How are you feeling today? (Nothing)
I’m feeling gloomy….
Did you call Yoosung? Lolol

Selection 2
Is there something wrong again?
Situation? (Nothing)

Selection 3
Why would you look for V?
It’s not related… to the hacker, is it? (Ray)
Do we have a trouble or something?

Selection 4
That’s really good. (Jaehee)
Let’s hear it – !

Selection 5
A politician…? (Ray)
Don’t you think it’s so alarmingly sudden?

Selection 6
V’s work must be awesome!
Something’s a bit suspicious here…. (Ray)
How did he know they’re friends?

Selection 7
I think you should first contact V about this.
So getting to know a lot of influential people is important. (Ray)
I hope V would see them for handsome prices.

Selection 8
I hope everyone will work together for the growth of C&R.
Maybe he wanted to get in touch with the prime minister for his grand personal plan…? (Ray)
Don’t you think a partnership between a businessman and a politician is not always recommended?

Selection 9
Wait, is his last name Choi? (Ray)

Selection 10
I wonder if V can manage to grasp this opportunity… (Ray)
He seems to be rather in a hurry….

Selection 11
I think you’re all being overdramatic here. (Ray)
Something’s not quite right about this… Shouldn’t we find out what the prime minister is thinking?
I hope we’d get to hear good news!

Selection 12
This is awesome!
What a joy, but I think V wouldn’t even bat an eye at the news. (Ray)
I think thinks are progressing way too fast here….

Selection 13
But he’s too high in the authorities. I’m getting nervous… (Nothing)
Congratulations, and celebrations!

Selection 14
I wish we could bring the prime minister to the RFA. That will be… so fantastic. (Ray)
But this is all so sudden. I think we should be a bit prudent about this.

Selection 15
Don’t you need Yoosung to help you with your practice? (Yoosung)
Don’t mention it. ^^
You do know you have less than a day till the rehersal, don’t you?

Selection 16
Good luck – ! (Zen)
See you.

Selection 17
Are you sure the prime minister means nothing strange?
Maybe you should keep trying to reach him.
I think you should take your time and progress step by step. (Nothing)

Selection 18
I thought V hasn’t been working on his photography for a while now. (Nothing)
It’s no wonder. They’re childhood friends.

Selection 19
Congrats! The prime minister wants to buy your pictures.
…Is everything okay? (Nothing)

Selection 20
I’m fine. Thought I am worried about this particular person… (Ray)
Well, I am getting a bit frustrated. Isn’t it about time…?

Selection 21
Congrats – !
You should set the appointment now. Why don’t we bring him to the RFA? (Ray)
V…what do you think?

Selection 22
You should be happy!
You look like you’re not really happy about this…
I hope the prime minister could be one of us. (Ray)

Selection 23
That’s just my opinion. (Nothing)
What’s the matter?

Selection 24
I hope you consider bringing him to the RFA. (Ray)
Take a breath and good luck on your meeting!

Selection 25
What is it?
Yes…? (Nothing)

Selection 26
I will. (Ray)

10:23 – Stabilization of Body & Soul

Character(s): Jumin, Yoosung
Note: V calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): 707

17 heart


Selection 1
Hello, Jumin.
Jumin – ! You’re seeing the prime minister today, aren’t you? (Nothing)

Selection 2
That’s adorable lolol
What a waste of few seconds of your life.
So you started your quest. May your trail lead you to a gran finale! (Jumin)

Selection 3
I think that’s a really healthy hobby. ^^ (Ray + Jumin?)
Do you think there’ any meaning in temporary leisure…?

Selection 4
I want to live a life full of leisure… That’ll be a dream come true.
But we can’t deny that social recognition comes before leisure. That’s unfortunate… (Ray)
I think I can enjoy leisure… only after defeating the uncertainty of the future.
This is tricky. I think there’s no right answer for this.

Selection 5
I think break and hobby are the same… They prove how lazy a person is.
Hobby and break are two different things. (Ray)

Selection 6
I salute you, o wielder of life oh-so-empty…
Are you sober from your emotions now? (Nothing)

Selection 7
The pure essence of darkness… Oh, the might power of puberty… (Nothing)
But it was cute lolol
Please don’t do that again…

Selection 8
But this is too sudden. Don’t you find that strange?
I wish for the best!
Don’t you think it’d be more lit…if the prime minister joins us? (Ray)

Selection 9
And you’re stitching on your way there.
You must be nervous! (Nothing)

Selection 10
Then what are you other hobbies? (Nothing)
But you already have a wonderful hobby, Yoosung.
You two shouldn’t get too involved in your hobbies and instead focus on your duties, with classes and work.

Selection 11
Don’t you want to know my hobby?
Does it matter whether if you tell them apart? It’s just another way of wasting your time.
It’s a break and a hobby! I think they’re both meaningful! (Ray)

Selection 12
I should find myself more time to do some hobbies.
Oh wow… what a CRYSTAL CLEAR description.
I wish I could share my hobbies with…. (Ray)
…Anyways, I think slacking ogg is lazy and bad.

Selection 13
Don’t ask me something like that.
I do. (Nothing)

Selection 14
I’m all ears, Yoosung – (Yoosung)
It’s a break when you do something without any thought. It’s a hobby when you use your head as you slack off.

Selection 15
His world is different from ours. No need to understand him.
I think background doesn’t really matter. You need to actually motivate yourself to enjoy your hobby. (Ray)
I wish I could be smart and successful like you, Jumin….

Selection 16
That’s why we gotta choose our hobbies wisely.
Honestly… I think such anxiety takes happiness even further away from us. (Ray)

Selection 17
I don’t know. I’m not really interested in his philosophy…
I’m curious about him. Why don’t we invite him to the part and hear more from him? (Email from youth)

Selection 18
I think hobbies are something out of our league. We should just balance work and break.
I think the most ideal type of hobby is improving yourself continuously.
I think people should take courage and find one or two. (Nothing)
People should find hobbies when they’re older, with more financial background.

Selection 19
That’s is important! (Nothing)

Selection 20
So I’d get to understand myself better through my hobbies. (Jumin)
But that doesn’t really help with your work.
I’m not sure if there’s anything I’ll find enjoyable…I feel like I have to make one for myself.

Selection 21
She’s such a good model.
I think that’s possible because her job is still her No. 1 priority.
Thought it looks like she’s basically buried in her work these days…. (Nothing)

Selection 22
Cruel is reality….
Why don’t you try talking to your parents?
As an adult, I think it is necessary to establish personal philosophies. (Ray)
I don’t think parents are every wrong…

Selection 21
Jumin, you actually know what ‘fangirling’ means?
Jaehee is a good example of life –
That’s because she already got great job – (Ray)

Selection 22
Jumin, who do you stan for like?
….Why would you learn all those words…? (Nothing)

Selection 23
Nice talking to you – (Nothing)
I hope you make yourself useful.

Selection 24
Do ask him about joining us… (Ray)
Do share with me what the meeting was like –

Selection 25
I think you need to get a grip on yourself.
Why don’t you try several things at your freedom? (Ray)
If you study hard for your major, you’ll naturally find a hobby or two to relieve your stress.

Selection 26
You should first find your heart some peace. Everything’s going to be alright. (Ray)
I don’t think this is the time for you to procrastinate.

Selection 27
It’s lunchtime. I’m ready for my lunch!
I’m gonna finish what I’m doing!
I don’t know… I’ll have to think of something to do.
I have to be somewhere. (Nothing)

13:10 – Evaluation

Character(s): Jaehee, Jumin
Outgoing Call(s): (didn’t get to call anyone)


Selection 1
I’m skipping today –
I did. (Nothing)
Not yet!

Selection 2
How was it?
This is the first day for everyone, isn’t it? (Nothing)

Selection 3
The difference between talents isn’t something that can be overcome.
Our goal is ‘peace!’ Let’s keep that in mind! (Ray)

Selection 4
I kind of having a bad feeling…. (Ray)
Tell me about it…. I wish his pictures would see at high prices.

Selection 5
How did your meeting go? (Nothing)
So you’re stitching right now…?

Selection 6
Did something happen? (Nothing)
You mean V lost this golden opportunity?

Selection 7
I see… I’m sure V had a good reason. (Ray)
I’m sure it’s related to that secret of his. Just what could it be?

Selection 8
He just can’t tell apart his personal life from his business life, can he?
V had lots of complicated secrets to bear… I’d like to think he made a right choice. (Ray + V)

Selection 9
Didn’t V tell you anything else in particular? (Nothing)
Was the prime minster understanding?
But if your meeting ended in 20 minutes, where have you been this time?

Selection 10
I think V is ill. Both his body and mind seem weak.
I think what matters more to V is his mental health… He must have a lot of things burdening his mind… (Ray)

Selection 11
I wouldn’t have let that opportunitu slip away.
I’d like to think he had his reasons. Human mind isn’t simple, you know? (Ray)

Selection 12
He could have had a new recruit!
I wish he’d tell us exactly why he declined. (Nothing)

Selection 13
Did you have a feel that V’s hiding something?
Jumin, what do you think? What was the prime minister like? (Nothing)
Do you think the prime minister would request another appointment?

Selection 14
Then that would mean we can trust him…!
If he’s really a good person with fine talents, I’m sure he’ll he perfect for presidency.
I hope he’s a good person…. But why do I have this bad feeling? (Ray)

Selection 15
I hope he’s not the type of politician who’d pull a bunch of shows. (Nothing)
I wonder what he liked about V’s photos.
What’s his political standing?

Selection 16
He is good-looking. But…he looks kind of similar to someone. (Nothing)
I don’t think discussions on politicians’ looks have any particular meaning.

Selection 17
I think those articles are concerned more with business. Don’t you think people should come first. (Nothing)
I don’t know. I’ll side with the majority.
I think a country must grown for every citizen’s sake. I think we’re going to the right direction.

Selection 18
I don’t think giant corporations will always assume the bad role in the economy, as long as there are good
I think the world won’t stop running just because I tune out how politics or this planet works.
I hope this policy would raise more qualified workers than support business. (Jaehee)

Selection 19
I think it’s okay as long as we respect each other’s opinions. I mean, we live in a democratic country. (Nothing)
I’m not really interested in politics.
Politics is a sensitive topic.

Selection 20
You’re right. We should talk about politics more often.
Isn’t political knowledge a must for a businessman? (Nothing)
I didn’t know you were interesed in politics.

Selection 21
It was nice talking to you! (Nothing)
I’ll see you again, Jumin.

Selection 22
Somewhere between?
I think I’m close to liberal. (Nothing)
I’m not sure.
I wish we could all be together, regardless of the political preference!
I think I’m close to conservative.

Selection 23
Hmm, not really interested.
Good idea. I’d like to learn couple things from him too. (Email from politics)

Selection 24
I enjoy it too. Good luck on the rest of your duties…
Let’s chat again ^^ (Nothing)
I’ll see you.

14:50 – Always New

Character(s): Yoosung, Zen, 707
Note: 707 calls after this chat
Outgoing Call(s): Jaehee


Selection 1
Are you having class?
hey hey hey Yoosung
Zen – are you there – ? (Zen)

Selection 2
You’ve barely done anything so far. I don’t think going to class will do any difference….
I understand (Yoosung)

Selection 3
But looks like at least you brought the correct textbook! (Yoosung)
I thought the only thing you do at night is playing games….

Selection 4
Yep…ambitious is bad.
You said you’d do it. Now there’s no point if you’re not the best.
Everyone goes through a period of being lost. (Ray)

Selection 5
Then you can just stop thinking. (Nothing)
I thought you had a lot of thoughts the other day…..thinking about your dark, pointless life….
Yoosung….this is an important period of your life. Get a grip!

Selection 6
Tsk tsk…. You’re weak.
You’re adorable lolol
Why don’t we change the subject? ^^ (Nothing)

Selection 7
What do you think about the 4th industrial revolution?
Same here lol
But doesn’t that prime minister kind of resemble someone? (Nothing)

Selection 8
I wonder why V didn’t want to sell his photos… (Nothing)
So you’d also be good-looking after 20 years, Zen…
He’s got looks, good social standing, authority…. I think he has everything.

Selection 9
V’s reason was kind of unreasonable….
V is feeling complicated. Let’s try to understand that. (Ray)

Selection 10
I thought you needed negative energy… (Nothing)
I think you lost your concentration here.
Show us your positive energy, Zen! We need to freshen up the air here!

Selection 11
Taking a break matters. It matters to everyone. (Ray)
Tomorrow’s the d-day for the rehersal.
Tyr blanking out for a sec –

Selection 12
Why don’t you take a break and try again? (Ray)
Don’t fall for such waste of time…..

Selection 13
Any response from the hacker? (Nothing)
Welcome, Seven.

Selection 14
You look like you’re in a hurry…
What’s the matter? IS it related to the prime minister? (Ray)
Is there something wrong? It’s not related to the hacker, is it?

Selection 15
Is there something that unnerves you…? (Ray)
ou’re not relatives with the prime minister, are you? lololol
ARe you gonna buy V’s photo beforehand…??

Selection 16
??? (didn’t cap the selections)
I will…! (Ray + 707)

Selection 17
I’m sure he’ll manage.
I have a bad feeling about this. (Nothing)
This isn’t related to the hacker, is it…?

Selection 18
Yoosung, why don’t you go help him? I’m serious. (Nothing)
I don’t think you have time to chat right now….

Selection 19
That’s right. What you need right now is darkness! (Nothing)
….I don’t think it’ll be really helpful even if Yoosung goes to help you.
I wish I could go…

Selection 20
I’m not sure if this is a good idea….
Yoosung, now’s your chance to ask him for whatever you want! We’re helping each other at the RFA! How sweet! (Ray)

Selection 21
Bye… (Nothing)
Focus on your class. Now.

Selection 22
Now, back to your practices.
I think you need a break. Why not go for a walk? (Ray)

Selection 23
A job is meant to be painful
I know you can do it! I know you can beat this! (Zen)
You’d be able to avoid falling victim to slump if Yoosung helps you.

Selection 24
I want you to think about how to improve your acting before you come back.
Ok. No worrying about your job while you’re running. (Ray)
See you – !

16:37 – Daffodil

Character(s): V, Jumin
Note: Jumin calls after this chat
Outgoing Call(s): Yoosung


Selection 1
Why did you decline the offer for purchase?
Seven was looking for you. And he was in a hurry. (Nothing)

Selection 2
….I think it’s fishy that you declined.
Are you sure he wanted to see you just because of your pictures? (Nothing)

Selection 3
Has anyone ever told you that the guilty tends to be talkative?
I don’t understand what you mean. Could you explain to me more clearly? (Ray)

Selection 4
V, why didn’t you invite the prime minister to join the RFA?
Jumin…. Have you detected anything strange between V and the prime minister (Ray)
Welcome, Jumin.

Selection 5
Jumin, don’t you think that V and Seven…are really suspicious?
I believe that you’ll do well, V.
I’d like to know…what was on your mind. (Nothing)

Selection 6
I think things have now gone way out of your league, V.
Considering the weight of the secret burdening V, I think it’s amazing that he’s performing this much as the head
I’m worried that thing will get too complicated. (Ray)

Selection 7
Why don’t you tell everything and ask for help? (Ray)
Of course you feel complicated. You have too many secrets.
I don’t understand why the rest of the RFA would still trust you, V.

Selection 8
…It looks kind of dark.
It’s beautiful. (Nothing)

Selection 9
At least there’s no doubt that flower doesn’t belong there…
But there is a way for such flower to survive, isn’t there? Right? (Nothing)

Selection 10
..I think you should plant the daffodil somewhere else for the sake of the small flowers. They will suffer if the
Still, you can’t give up the daffodil. You gotta make it look towards the sun. (V)

Selection 11
But it’s just a flower, isn’t it?
Why don’t you take out the rest of the flowers and raise only the daffodil, if you like it that much…? (Nothing)
I think you’re being obsessive, V. I think the daffodil has reached a stage you can’t do anything about it….

Selection 12
What would you like to do?
I…kind of feel bad for the daffodil. (Nothing)
you should give up the daffodil. It will just ruin your garden.

Selection 13
Yes. Sacrifice is noble, but it cannot be the remedy for everything. (Ray)
Why don’t you leave the daffodil…and move the little flowers?
No. Rather than throwing away a problem, I think you should try to fix it until the end.

Selection 14
What was right today could be wrong tomorrow. That’s why we’re always nervous about the future…. (Nothing)
Don’t you think we’d get to expect tomorrow because it can’t be predicted?
Life would be so easier if answers are actually written.

Selection 15
That’s what friends are for. You can count on your friends. (Jumin)
You should give up if you can’t solve it.
Don’t give up. Your problems will someday unravel…

Selection 16
Come on, they don’t look alike at all.
Could it be…..? (Nothing)

Selection 17
Explain to me later on.
Uh…ok. (Nothing)

Selection 18
I hope he can find a good answer.
Do you honestly think….he really deserves the seat at the top of the RFA?
I think this one won’t be easy. (Ray)

Selection 19
I think I’ve seen daffodils here. (Nothing)
Does he…still miss Rika?
So then….

Selection 20
Tell him the solid truth!
…Don’t you think there’s a reason why V can’t accept the truth? (Ray)

Selection 21
I have something to deal with too. (Nothing)
I’m going to have dinner.
There’s something else to do.
I don’t know.

18:52 – Evil Within Me

Character(s): Zen, Jumin


Selection 1
I think he’s trying to run away from reality… It’s kind of irresponsible of him.
It must have been a mixture of guilt and longing for Rika… (Nothing)

Selection 2
I don’t think V would be shaken so easily. (V)
We should consider our audience’s state even when discussing truth, shouldn’t we….?
I think we should all be strong enough at all times to accept the truth as it is.

Selection 3
A true friend should tell the truth without hesitation. Don’t you think that’s what friendship is? (Jumin)
Uhm….I tend to say truth indirectly, so that I won’t hurt anyone….
I care more about avoiding troubles and keeping good relations.

Selection 4
Don’t you think you’re losing focus? I knew it….
I’m sorry. It seems your slump is lasting longer than I thought…. (Zen)
I think you need help from Yoosung lol

Selection 5
Don’t you think you’ll get disappointed in yourself if you ruin this?
Don’t let that get to you, and have faith in yourself! (Ray)

Selection 6
If you take a look at the world from evil viewpoint, you’ll see that evil is also justice.
I don’t think being good is always right.
A solution from pain leads to another pain. (Ray)

Selection 7
Good evening – (Nothing)

Selection 8
What kind of wine are you drinking?
Jumin, what do you think is the message White wants to deliver? (Nothing)

Selection 9
Jumin, you can be evil? Voluntarily?
I’ll say. I thought it’s easy.
I think it’ll be difficulr for you, Zen…since you’re so kindhearted…. (Nothing)

Selection 10
You shouldn’t do that to your family.
Perhaps you’re tired of your father’s repeated marriage? (Nothing)

Selection 11
I think this role will be a major challenge for you T_T (Zen)
I think everyone has evil within. You should awaken it, Zen.
Why don’t you get some help from Jumin?
Jumin, I think you’d be better at playing White….

Selection 12
I wonder what your Zekyll would look like, Jumin.
But Zen would be the master of protraying good Dr. Zekyll. That’s his area of expertise….
Acting isn’t your area of expertise. You shouldn’t push yourself, Jumin. (Nothing)

Selection 13
I just pictured him smiling… And is it just me, or is it kind of chilly here? (Zen)
I’d love to see you smile… I bet you’ll look like an angel.
You’re good-looking. I’m sure you’ll look good with whatever expression.

Selection 14
Relax – let’s make peace in the RFA –
Nope he’s not.
Jumin, would you recommend me a party guest? (Nothing)

Selection 15
Still, he might be able to help you with the main event! (Nothing)

Selection 16
Is it…the hacker?
Is it Mrs. Kim? (Nothing)
Is it your chief bodyguard?

Selection 17
Oh… But that’s what he’s supposed to do. (Nothing)
I knew it. Youso smart, Jumin.

Selection 18
Then tell him to send me an email! I’ll ask him. (Email from bodyguard)
I think he’ll just be busy working even if he attends the party…. Let’s just keep him working.

Selection 19
I think what matters is whether you wish to achieve your goal.
Hard work matters.
That’s right. You should keep that in mind, Zen. (Nothing)

Selection 20
Jumin, you’re leaving now?
He didn’t call you yet? (Nothing)

Selection 21
Bye –
So long. (Nothing)

Selection 22
You sure are interested in Jumin a lot.
Most likely lolol
But I think they’re so close. (Nothing)

Selection 23
Go practice now.
Really? That’s great! That’ll help you to practice. (Zen)
Then you should try with a print of Jumin’s photo with you.

Selection 24
Good luck! (Nothing)
Do your best.

20:49 – Suddenly Afraid

Character(s): Ray
Note: Ray calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): (Was unable to make outgoing calls)


Selection 1
Are you whining to me?
Yes, Ray… Are you alright? (Ray)

Selection 2
Is there something wrong? (Nothing)
Aren’t you gonna work?

Selection 3
I also feel excited ever since I met you. (Ray)
You don’t even desreve to get excited.

Selection 4
I want to make you happy too..! So let’s cheer up, ok? (Ray)
Do you even realize what the best really means?

Selection 5
I like you just the way you are…. Please don’t think like that. (Ray)
I wish you’d be different. I think you’re being a parrot here.

Selection 6
Please stop blaming yourself, Ray…! (Ray)
You’re such a freak.

Selection 7
I like you, Ray. I really do… Why won’t you trust me? (Ray)
You’re growing more pathetic the more I stay with you.

Selection 8
I was talking to be nice to you. But since you say no, I can’t help it.
Please don’t say that. You’re so precious to me…. (Ray)

Selection 9
You disappoint me every time….
But I like you just the way you are…. I am sad. (Ray)

Selection 10
Ray, I wish you’d have more faith in yourself. (Ray)
Really? Anything?

Selection 11
So you’ll do whatever I tell you to do?
But I think this place does no good to you, Ray. (Ray)

Selection 12
Again with the please… I’m getting tired of this.
I think we should leave this place… Do you think we can do that? (Ray)

Selection 13
Let’s talk face to face… Could you do that for me? (Ray)
You’re such an airhead. You’re so stupid.

Selection 14
You’re leaving now…? (Nothing)
Just go away. You’re annoying.

21:21 – Need Dark Energy!

Character(s): Yoosung, Zen
Note: Yoosung calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): Jumin, Zen, Jaehee (these could be from the chat before)

Somewhere, I missed two hearts. Please comment on this post with where they are when you find them!


Selection 1
Welcome, Yoosung. Are you done with your classes?
I can see the stars… Phew… It’s raining emotions…. (Yoosung)

Selection 2
I don’t think that’s a dream…
Welcome, Zen! (Nothing)

Selection 3
A bad dream!
A dejavu! (Nothing)
A prophetic dream!
Jaehee….. I’m getting worried about her.

Selection 4
There’s barely a difference between love and hate.
Yoosung, I thought you admire Jumin.
Jumin’s cool-headedness is a bit scary, honestly. (Nothing?)

Selection 5
I think I want to twist and stretch your whole body for you, Yoosung. Arre you stretching as you play?
This world is dominated by capitalists… This world is a chose where sentiments cannot last!
You should help Zen if you’ve got time. (Zen)

Selection 6
Cringe attack… I’m having a cringe attack…
Do they sell whiskey too?
If you want to help Zen, you should get over to his place now. (Nothing)

Selection 7
The sun will rise again tomorrow. As if nothing happened. Proving how small our troubles are….
LOLOLOL I hope you two can work together, Zen, Yoosung. (Zen)
So are you taking good care of your GPA?

Selection 8
Whoa…respect, Yoosung. (Nothing)
Zen…are you sure you’ll find Yoosung helpful?
What brand is it?

Selection 9
White is your responsibility. I don’t understand why you’d ask for help.
Will you be a little more productive than when you play games…?
Come on, we have to help each other. (Ray)

Selection 10
Oh!! Tell me!! (Nothing)
But beauty is something you’re born with…
Grab a bag of chips if you feel pointless,

Selection 11
I think you should think of something Yoosung really needs. (Nothing)
That’s right… No one can dare to match your beauty, Zen.
…Yoosung, don’t go over.

Selection 12
But you shouldprepare for your future.
Health always matters. (Zen)
Yes that’s the way….

Selection 13
Yoosung, Zen really needs help… Can’t you help him out??^^ (Nothing)
Will we be able to see the masterpiece of the age…?
Zen, admit that you’re not good enough!

Selection 14
Photos! Photos!! Photos!!! (Nothing)
Narcissism doesn’t work with Yoosung the Sentimental.

Selection 15
Nope you can’t help him.
Let’s first hear it! (Nothing)

Selection 16
Don’t you think Zen can help you with that? (Nothing)
…This is tricky. Group project is another name for a little hell….
Your assignment is your own.

Selection 17
You’re doomed…
Zen, I thought you’re a math genius. (Nothing)

Selection 18
You know someone who’s good at math? (Nothing)
Are you gonna take this opportunity to master math?

Selection 19
Oh really..? He sounds pretty good. (Nothing)
Then I think he’ll know a lot of math tricks useful in real life lol
I think his area of expertise is not what I’ve been expecting…but I’ll give it a pass.

Selection 20
This is your chance, Yoosung. Learn from him. (Nothing)
Oh! That’s good!

Selection 21
Sure. I think I want to ask him something about math. (Email from insurance)
I don’t know. I think he’ll be busy trying to hunt for clients at the party…

Selection 22
He sounds trustworthy..!
Are you sure you enrolled in ones absolutely necessary?
Why did you enroll in insurance so much..? (Nothing)

Selection 23
But insurance are really about business.
You’re a perfect husband material…!
You’re thinking ahead… You’re remarkable. (Nothing)

Selection 24
I think it’s because he didn’t get enough practice.
Is it because he’s too nice? (Nothing)

Selection 25
Zen do you think you can count on Yoosung’s advice…?
I’m glad both of your problems seem very close to solution^^. (Nothing)
True. Zen is just and carefree.

Selection 26
Make sure you don’t waste time…
Good luck! (Nothing)

Selection 27
Mission accomplished!!! (Nothing)
You think that can chance anything…?

Selection 28
So there goes your sleep for the night.
I wish you the best – ! (Zen)

Story Mode – Thanks… but where are you going?

These are just the choices I made

(Opens the door)
Come in, Ray!
Thank you, Ray.

23:19 – At the top of the work pile

Character(s): Jaehee, 707


Selection 1
You must’ve been busy. Good job! (Nothing)
Are you done with work?

Selection 2
If that’s the case, then you deserve to rest. (Ray)
Great work!!

Selection 3
Jaehee, you should now get some rest. Don’t mind the others.
…Seven and that hacker must be still awake. Which is sad… (Ray + 707)
Zen and Yoosung would be practicing, so other than those two… Probably…?

Selection 4
The character is a challenge. I hope he can do it. (Zen)
I think it’s better for him to do it alone…

Selection 5
How’s the hacker doing? (Ray)
You’re jere? Don’t tell me the hacker’s loafing around…
Hey hey!

Selection 6
So the fight isn’t over yet… I wish it’d be over quickly.
My heart is breaking…that both you and the hacker have to fight. (Ray)

Selection 7
I think the hacker is being lazy.
Where could he be… I’m concerned. (Ray)

Selection 8
I hope V would give me a chance to tell the truth…
I’m sorry I confused you a little here. (Nothing)

Selection 9
If this is something illegal, I’m reporting it.
How much money did you make? Lolol
If that drink is afe…I’d like to get one for this certain someone. (Ray)

Selection 10
Seven…this isn’t something dangerous, is it? You’re okay, aren’t you? (707)
And that hacker couldn’t beat you…? I think he’s no big deal.

Selection 11
I think you should make more investments that actually matter in the future.
Yes you should spend your money on something you like. (Nothing)
Do you like cars that much?

Selection 12
…I knew it. You’re always up to something fishy.
Seven…why don’t you save some money for your family? (Ray)

Selection 13
You’re kind of weird. Seven, but since you’re talented…I’ll give you a pass.
Does your job…threaten your life or status? (Nothing)

Selection 14
…I hope it’s not real. One person in danger is enough… (Ray)
I don’t think you have time to ollect cars if you want to keep breathing.

Selection 15
It sounds like we’re all living in a huge mystery.
…But having a suspicious job isn’t a good thing. I think you shouldn’t let others know.
Jeahee, I think you need a break now. (Nothing)

Selection 16
I don’t know. That depends on how hard the hacker works…
I don’t know about hacking very well…but I know that it’s really demanding job. (Ray)

Selection 17
A true love’s kiss?
Jaehee, you should rest now. (Jaehee)

Selection 18
You just won’t stop, will you…?
Rest well, Jaehee^^ (Jaehee)
And then she’ll fall ill….

Selection 19
I don’t know whether you’re serious or just pulling a prank, Seven… (Nothing)

Selection 20
This is reality…Don’t get your hopes too high.
I’m sure one day it’ll all work out well, like in movies. (Ray)

Selection 21
I’d like to think right now we’re waiting for the storm to pass. (Ray)
I’d like to know who’d win!

Selection 22
Peace will only come after endless work.
Yes… I will. (Ray)

Selection 23
If the hacker’s back, can you tell me? (Ray)


Story mode – Oh where oh where has my extreme self pity boy gone?

(Go outside.)
Savior…where are you going?
(Stay just a bit longer.)
That’s not true, Ray! Stay with me for a bit.
That’s right. I don’t despise you.
You’re free to follow what your mind and heart desire.
Stop tormenting yourself, Ray. Look at me.

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