Mystic Messenger – Ray Route – Day 10 & Day 11 Chats

by Vehura

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Note: There is more than one way to pass branches and get the good ends. This is just how I did it. Choices you wish to follow provided by people in the comments is done so at your own risk.

01:46 – Want to Think Positively

Character(s): Yoosung, 707
Note: Yoosung calls after this chat/the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): (didn’t make outgoing calls due to chat time)


Selection 1
I missed you – ! (Ray)
I hope one day we get to meet for real…
Yoosung, are you interested in religions?

Selection 2
I’m safe, but it’s no thanks to V.
I could come back thanks to him… I owe him one. (Nothing)

Selection 3
It’s a secret, so I can’t tell you. But he worked so hard in between. (V)
He helped me not to lose faith.

Selection 4
Yoosung, you don’t find this world a very beautiful place, do oyu? What if there is a paradise? Does it sound […]
I’ve heard almost nothing about Seven… Is he doing okay? (707)
I don’t know. I don’t think he really helped me.

Selection 5
He’s always busy looking out for himself. He can’t even bother about me, I’m sure.
I’m sure he has a thousand things to worry about, even with me excluded…. (Nothing)

Selection 6
I don’t think he’ll ever hurt someone precious to him. (Ray)
Did he have to work as an agent…? I mean, there is some other place that will appreciate his talent….

Selection 7
He would’ve been better off working at the paradise… than being captured.
I’m so worried… I hope they’ll realize that he’s innocent…. (707)

Selection 8
Seven…. You must be busy…. You’re in one hot water.
Seven! It’s been so long. How are you? (Nothing)

Selection 9
Did someone get you? (Nothing)

Selection 10
He’s kidding, right?
I think he’s in trouble! (Nothing)

Selection 11
It’s too late.
Go! Now! (Ray)

03:18 – Thought it was a joke

Character(s): Zen, V
Note: Zen calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): (didn’t make outgoing calls due to chat time)

Note: This is a 35 Selection chat at 3am….


Selection 1
There’s no way V can even protect Seven. He’s so helpless….
Something must be wrong with him… I’m so worried! (Ray)

Selection 2
If that’s the case, he’ll pay for his wrongs.
Don’t you think we should track down his whereabouts…? (707)

Selection 3
Perhaps his life was much more perilous than we’d thought. He must have been lonely…. (707)
He wouldn’t have lived as an agent…if he’d chosen Rika.

Selection 4
Are you here to tell me that you’ll handle it? Making new secrets again?
Did you hear from Seven? (Ray)

Selection 5
Please tell us if you managed to reach Seven… (Nothing)
Have you heard nothing about Seven?

Selection 6
You should get over to his place! (Nothing)
This is al your fault. You should admit it – you’re useless.

Selection 7
I’m sure it’s another secret…
V, don’t you think things have gotten way out of your hands? (Ray)

Selection 8
V… Can’t you trust that the RFA is strong enough to embrace Seven’s secrets? (Ray)
I’ve had it with you both… Both you and your lover.
Keep hiding like that, and you’ll lose this battle -!

Selection 9
Seven…has a good reason why. (Ray)
I thought you’re the one who introduced the life as an informant to Seven. Is that really all you know?

Selection 10
I’m new to the RFA, but I might as well know more about Seven…
V, you’re the only one who can explain to us about Seven’s secrets. And you’re the only one who can move everyone to save Seven. (Ray)

Selection 11
Have faith in yourself! (Nothing)
Stop being so frustrating!

Selection 12
Now you see that you can’t trust him?
V…we don’t have time to suspect Seven! We should work together to save him! (Ray)
I think he was serious about that….

Selection 13
Seven has a tragic story… He’s not a bad guy. (Ray)
You realized that now? RFA is so much more naive than I thought… It’d be easy to bring all of you here.

Selection 14
I have a feeling now the RFA will be full of suspicions and uncertainties.
V… Saeran is changing. You can change too. (Ray)

Selection 15
He’s my boyfriend.
…I’ll tell you later. Please give me some more time. (Nothing)

Selection 16
You’re the representative of the RFA, but you’re being so stubborn to your members. Everyone will stay forever in […]
I’m so worried Seven’s life might be in danger…. (707)

Selection 17
But if you keep secrets to yourself and try to do this on your own, more dangers will follow… (Ray)
Don’t you think making Seven one of the RFA was a mistake in the first place?

Selection 18
I think you need to disclose Seven’s secret….not only to us but to the entire world.
I’m so worried about him… What is he gets hurt? (707)
Let’s just reveal everything and make RFA choose, to stay here or join this place.

Selection 19
If this is all because you made a wrong choice, V, I see no reason why we should pity you.
Zen, you’re so understanding. I’m sure the rest of the RFA will trust V. (Ray)

Selection 20
That’s not true. It’s not like you can see the future. (Ray)
You should now take full responsibilty for what happened and lead the rest of the RFA to the right path.

Selection 21
If you can’t even heal yourself, just don’t do anything from now on.
I want to know just why you would think this is all your fault…. (Nothing)
It’s all your fault that your relationship with Rika took an irrevocable turn.

Selection 22
No. When people love each other, they should give exactly what they want. You couldn’t give Rika the love she […]
But I think it’s kind of lonely that we gotta love ourselves.
Definition of love is not uniform. Realizing and providing the degree and type of love as exactly as a person […]
It’s difficult to love yourself, but that’s the answer of all your troubles…. (Nothing)

Selection 23
You’re so mature, Zen.
I want someone to love me in the most perfect way. I trust there will be someone if it’s destined.
But I think your family would’ve thought that your so selfish.
Zen, it looks like you always remember how to make yourself happy. (Zen)

Selection 24
V, don’t you think perhaps you were trying to imitade god regarding the way you love?
V, you should embrace your own limit. You should love your limit. (Ray)
Even if you weren’t perfect, you should’ve never stopped trying to make your love perfect.
So are we supposed to forgive everyone who’d done wrong to their beloved ones?

Selection 25
V, Rika didn’t happen to be your first love, did she?
V… Please be the representative faithfully in the lead. (Ray)

Selection 26
Please come back as soon as you can. Seven might get in trouble… (Ray)
You’re not going to take long again, are you?
I hope you don’t experience problems on that part…. I have a feeling you’ll stay awake most of the time.

Selection 27
I see you’ve made yourself very trustworthy, V. (V)
Don’t you find V suspicious? You’re so naive, Zen.

Selection 28
That you for staying and giving us a very long talk. You should now rest. (Ray)
It feels like we’re left with nothing new.

Selection 29
You say you’ll do something, but you won’t actually do it. You think words alone will make a difference?
If you’re worried, why don’t you talk to Jumin? He’s your friend. (Jumin)

Selection 30
Thanks, Zen. Have a good rest. (Nothing)

Selection 31
V, do you still dream of love like the sun…?
I think I understand Rika better than you do.
V, don’t let your guilt grip you and be strong! I wish you luck! (Ray)

Selection 32
It was a nice try but… I think this was an opportunity to view love in a more realistic light.
If you’re looking for an art, you should find it in your workplace.
True. As it’s love that makes us grow by experiencing differences and argumenteds. (Ray)

Selection 33
Maybe she needed better parents. (Nothing)
Don’t you think she wanted acceptance of herself just the way she is?
She probably needed better environment… A new life.
Romantic love?
Perhaps she didn’t really need anything.

Selection 34
Now things call for a change, V. Everything is changing. (Ray)
You should give up now. RFA won’t be staying in one piece anymore.

Selection 35
I’ll be staying here.
I’ll do that. V…please take care of Seven. (707)

06:21 – What happened last night

Character(s): Jaehee
Outgoing Call(s): (didn’t make outgoing calls due to chat time)


Selection 1
I don’t think we can find out everything new, unless V tells us his secrets.
I’ll be so sad if something happens to Seven…. (707)
Whatever it is that’s going on, I’m sure Seven deserves it.

Selection 2
You got a type.
Jaehee? (Nothing)

Selection 3
I wanted to tell you. But I didn’t get a chance, my savior.
You realized that now? (Nothing)
I see you can still log in…

Selection 4
…For now, I can’t tell you anything. This is for Saeran’s sake. (Ray)
I’ll keep that in mind, my savior.
I’m going to say whatever I want to. You can’t stop me.

Selection 5
Unlike you, the RFA is being careful in order to minimize damage. (Ray)
They are so frustrating. You must save them now!

Selection 6
I’d hate to see any more tragedy to those brothers. (Ray)
Can’t we save Seven?

Selection 7
…Allow me to keep my mouth shut. (Ray)
I think you should administer him well, my savior.

Selection 8
That’s great. Does he need cleansing ceremony by any chance?
Why is he in bed…? Is he sick? (Ray)
He looks adorable in bed….

Selection 9
I’m sure you made things very clear for him.
…Please, stop abusing him!
Even if you made him take the drug, he’ll free himself from you once he gets back up. (Nothing)

Selection 10
I won’t let you use me so easily. (Ray)
I’m ready to do whatever you want me to.
So you’re thinking of me highly.

Selection 11
Do you think you can find peace through such a forceful method…? (Ray)
I can’t wait to be saves….
Does the elixir taste good?

Selection 12
Yes. He looks so tragic, trapped in his own art.
I did. V is feeling guilty for you. He feels guilty that he couldn’t give you the love you needed…. (V)
Yeah, though I didn’t really understand what he means…

Selection 13
He’ll soon kneel before you, my savior.
Rika, you wouldn’t have to prove how strong you are to anyone, if only you accept and embrace yourself the way you are. (Ray)
I wonder what till happen if you and V meet again…

Selection 14
Saeran will soon wake up. And he’ll be make you happy.
Only if you nurtured Saeran well.
Can’t I see him…? (Ray)

Selection 15
…Please don’t hurt Saeran. (Ray)
Alright, my savior.

08:36 – I’ll Tell Everything

Character(s): Yoosung, V
Note: V calls after this chat

Note: This is a 40 Selection chat at 8am.


Selection 1
There was a reason why it was weird…
It was… Could you please tell the intelligence unit about it? (Ray)

Selection 2
But you’re fine with your life even without the RFA messenger…
It’s a good thing you could log in again. (Ray)

Selection 3
It was frustrating he wouldn’t tell the truth.
At least there’s no question that now things have reached the point where V can’t undo them.
Yes. I feel bad for V… It must have been so hard for him. (V)

Selection 4
But it’s too late.
But the reason why he told us his secrets is kind of ambiguous… I think there’s more to it.
It’s okay for him to b more honest. I hope he’ll find the courage to do so. (Ray)

Selection 5
V, have you heard anything about Seven? (Nothing)
V, you returned sooner than I thought.

Selection 6
I’m so worried… Now I really hope he’s safe…! (Ray)
Are you here to tell us that you’ll handle Seven’s disappearance?

Selection 7
You’re right. He brought this upon himself.
V, can you save Seven. Please take courage… (Ray)

Selection 8
Because public power is not part of this. This is something personal… (Ray)
I think there’s something hideous going on, where the laws cannot reach.

Selection 9
You’re not going to badmouth Rika, aren’t you?
!! Really?
About time… (Nothing)

Selection 10
We can save everyone! Although we’ll need extreme luck – !!
So you admitted perfection is not an option… That’s good. (Ray)
V, I think you have a really bad leadership.

Selection 11
Don’t you think that’s too cruel?
Yoosung… Let me join you! Let’s share the weight of this secret! (Nothing)

Selection 12
Tell us no, V. We don’t have much time. (Ray)
We’ll see if the results are in our favor.

Selection 13
But the cosplays were just pranks, right?
Taht’s when his choices started to take the wrong turn. It’s bcause of you, V….
Is that job even legal? (Nothing)

Selection 14
Get ready for some heart attack, Yoosung… (Ray)
We could use the genes from his family. I mean, his family is very powerful…

Selection 15
Yoosung, please don’t freak out!!
So everyone would know the story about these tragic brothers… (Nothing)
What’s an illegitimate son?

Selection 16
Yes, he has a younger brother. (Ray)
He abandoned his own brother as he became an agent.

Selection 17
He’s my boyfriend.
He’s really good with computers… And he’s none other than… (Nothing)

Selection 18
I would’ve talked to him and made him one of us.
So the prime minister is not what he looks like… (Ray)

Selection 19
Yes. They were supposed to leave themselves to the same fate, but V decided to ruin that.
They’re twins. Which is why….the younger one could end up in trouble too. (Ray)

Selection 20
The brother can take care of himself. You don’t have to worry about him.
No, his brother is doing much better. He’s at a place full of happiness.
Yes…though the prime minister didn’t get his hands on the brother yet. (Ray)

Selection 21
His brother is the hacker that attacked our messenger.
Yes. He needs protection…more than ever. (Nothing)
I think RFA needs protection….

Selection 22
You are aware…that this messenger is being monitored, right?
How much more are you planning to spill?
…He’s been brainwashed to hate the RFA… And he’s been manipulated. (Ray)

Selection 23
It was something you couldn’t handle entirely. (Ray)
You gotta do better than that to ask for his forgiveness.
You’re the one who made Seven and informant. It’s all your fault.

Selection 24
I became part of this without knowing anything, but it turned out that I’ve been used… (Ray)
Please consider me an angel from Rika.
At first I thought this was nothing but a game, but now I’m trying to deliver the truth to the RFA.

Selection 25
Yes. And I’m still doing that.
At first, yes. But now I’m doing that to protect Seven’s brother and the RFA. (Nothing)

Selection 26
Yes. There were a couple troubles, but I survived.
Yes… But the point is that I’m fine. (Nothing)

Selection 27
The second hacker is the real one. The first one is a fake.
There’s only one hacker… And he was met with trauma strong enough to split his persona into two. (Ray)

Selection 28
Both brothers were hurt because of you, V.
So that’s why you asked Jumin for the intelligence unit. You wanted to prevent the brothers from fighting […]
Seven’s heart would’ve been torn to million pieces if he knew the truth… (Ray)

Selection 29
He’ll be angry. And he’ll lose faith in you, V.
Of course he does. But anger won’t solve anything. (Ray)

Selection 30
This is all heartbreaking, but now you must face the truth… (Ray)
That’s what you thought? That was stupid of you.

Selection 31
About this group the hacker is associated with…? (Nothing)
About the person who used Seven’s brother?

Selection 32
I’m glad V mustered the courage to tell us the truth.
This is all so confusing. I need a summary.
I think you’re already having a hard time…trying to wrap your head abound Seven’s past. (Nothing)

Selection 33
He could’ve tried to reason with the prime minister back then.
That’s right… It must have been creepy. (Ray)

Selection 34
But I’m sure there was nothing he could get from them… (Nothing)
Seven’s greatest enemy was none other than his own family.
I must admit Seven’s family is really smart.

Selection 35
His brother is in danger too… (Ray)
Yes. At least his brother’s safe, and that’s good.

Selection 36
…. (Nothing)
Who knows if she’s still alive. That could be part of the secrets.

Selection 37
Now both V and the RFA will confront the truth, Rika…. (Ray)
I only wish to bring the RFA to the Mint Eye, my savior.

Selection 38
Saeran might be in danger too…! (Ray)
There is a chance to bring both Seven and the prime minister to the Mint Eye.

Selection 39
You’re delirious.
RFA would never find themselves at this place. (Ray)
Everthing will go as you wish, my savoir.

Selection 40
With your love, he’ll soon open his eyes.
Is he suffering a lot…? (Ray)

11:49 – Best Present

Character(s): Yoosung
Outgoing Call(s): Zen, Yoosung


Selection 1
How are Zen and Jaehee doing? (Nothing)
Yoosung, anything new?

Selection 2
It’s too dangerous. You can’t reveal them.
That doesn’t sound so bad, but I think it’s kind of dangerous…. (Ray)

Selection 3
That is unacceptable. We must protect the paradise!
I think that’s the only way we can stop the prime minister… (Ray)

Selection 4
Revealing the Mint Eye isn’t our focus. Rather, it’s on revealing what the prime minister has committed… (Ray)
We must stop the RFA and bring the prime minister and Seven here.

Selection 5
I think he’ll be of great help for the Mint Eye.
Are you saying it doesn’t matter how evil he is, as long as he’s powerful? (Ray)
It’d be a miracle if someone like oyu could meet the prime minister.

Selection 6
Is Saeran safe…? (Ray)
It’s a great relief that Saeran is under your perfect protection.

Selection 7
Rika, you’re not Saeran’s guardian. (Ray)
He made such a poor vow that he’ll be a parent. He shouldn’t have done that.

Selection 8
Seven will eventually join us. I can tell him better than anyone else that this place is the safest ground on Earth.
Look at how you make Saeran tremble in fear! If you continue, he’ll be destroyed! (Ray)

Selection 9
Exploiting an abandoned person’s wound to control him is like stabbing where he’s already been stabbed. (Ray)
He was brought up in a blessed environment. He’ll never understand.

Selection 10
Everyone at this place can stay secure because you’re here.
I’m so sick and tired with your philosophy. (Nothing)
That’s what you think. Those who can’t stand on their own might live with insecurities, not peace.

Selection 11
Please, stop hurting Saeran… (Ray)
For eternal paradise.
…You won’t get away with this.

13:56 – Unexplainable Situation

Character(s): Zen, Jaehee


Selection 1
This place is just great. Don’t worry about me.
I can’t imagine how shocked you are…. (Ray)
But you should stay hydrated. What if your face becomes dry…? T_T

Selection 2
Maybe V put those brothers against each other…
I’m awfully sorry that he fought his own brother without realizing it…
I think there was a misunderstanding… (Ray)

Selection 3
Of course the hacker is angry and upset. He’s been abandoned and hurt…
They should’ve grown under the same parent. I think things ended up like this because that wasn’t the case.
The hacker’s been deeply hurt by manipulation. From now on, I’ll do my best to help them reconcile. (Ray)

Selection 4
Even if that’s true, hatred is different from snow that will melt away after mere hours of sunbathing…
…I agree. (Nothing)

Selection 5
But there’s no denying the man got the brains.
It is shocking… I must admit we must never judge books by their covers. (Ray)

Selection 6
I think this is the most shocking drama you’d ever get to see. I hope this drama has a happy ending…
My heart is in pain whenever I think of those twins… (Ray + 707)
But it can’t be helped. The smart rule over the world.

Selection 7
I actually have a huge secret of my own.
Am I glad that Yoosung and Jaehee are ordinary lol
eAnd Zen, you’re actually…? (Nothing)

Selection 8
Anything new about Seven’s whereabouts? (Nothing)
Welcome, Jaehee!

Selection 9
Is there anything the unit can do…?
Can’t we visit his house? We can at least run an investigation there, can’t we? (Ray)

Selection 10
You shouldn’t push yourself. You should stay safe. (Nothing)
Didn’t V already visit the place?
Zen and Yoosung might be able to find something.

Selection 11
He’s so sly, like his father….
I can’t imagine what Seven has been going through in his life…. (Ray)

Selection 12
He’s just taking a break…. He needs some time to recharge himself.
That’s right… He’s in bed right now. He’s sick. (Nothing)
He’s unconscious right now. But maybe it’s better without him. Even if he wakes up, he’ll find himself back on […]

Selection 13
Are you sure it can be amended?
When is Jumin coming back? (Nothing)

Selection 14
But he’s gone for just one day, isn’t he?
Poor you, Jaehee… (Nothing)
Grave is Jumin’s absence…

Selection 15
I find the timing rather suspicious…. (Nothing)
Then just show the people some documents. Doesn’t that do the trick?

Selection 16
Can’t he tell apart his business form his personal life?!
I hope this will all pass…. (Nothing)

Selection 17
I think you’d lose more than you’d gain.
Great idea. Count me in. (Nothing)

Selection 18
The prime minister is so cruel and aggressive. Now my concern for Seven is growing… (Ray)
What is V doing right now?
I miss him….

Selection 19
Let’s see whether he can beat his father.
I hope he doesn’t get hurt…. (Nothing)

Selection 20
Cheer up! (Nothing)
Please let us know once Jumin calls you.

Selection 21
Please make sure those twins are happy, no matter what happens to me.
Now I’m okay. I’m more worried about Seven and his brother… (Ray)
This place is heaven. I wish I could invite you for a visit.

Selection 22
Yes… I’m sure he’ll be safe. (Ray)
We’ll see,

Selection 23
I have a feeling we’ll soon hear a good news.
Of course. I’ll stay positive! Now run along. (Nothing)
I’m feeling depressed… But I gotta try to stay positive, right?

16:13 – Return of Jumin

Character(s): Jumin, Jaehee
Note: Saeran calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): Yoosung, Jaehee


Selection 1
Jumin! Is your interview over? (Nothing)
C & R is in an urgent situation! They need you now!

Selection 2
You couldn’t escort him back, Jaehee…
Don’t you feel a little tug at your heart for saying that?
I’m glad you’re safe, Jumin. Bow we could use your judgement. (Nothing)

Selection 3
I think he wanted to tell you to never go back there… (Nothing)
Did it taste good?

Selection 4
I knew you won’t let yourself be bewildered!
But C & R is going haywire with audits…
But now we all know Seven is the prime minister’s illegitimate son, and he’s been kidnapped! (Nothing)

Selection 5
This isn’t time to show off. (Nothing)
Where are you going to hang it?
Congrats. You finished it.

Selection 6
We need to fight. To properly fight him, we need an effective move. With no mistake in the whole process. (Nothing)
We need to approach him in secret and offer a deal. He’s smart and won’t be wavered by emotions.

Selection 7
Because he wants to gain additional information on Seven…?
Because the hacker is what he wants next…? (Nothing)

Selection 8
Not possible. The hacker is already happy here.
I can help you with that… But I think we need to be careful. We shouldn’t talk too much on the messenger. (Ray)
Great idea!

Selection 9
Hacker won’t join you. He can’t find happiness in the RFA’s world.
I wish he wouldn’t have to be a hacker anymore, but…. I agree with you, Jumin. (Ray)

Selection 10
If I let my heart talk to him…his heart will answer ours. (Ray)
I can’t help you. Rather…why don’t you two come here in person and talk to him directly? I’ll escort you.

Selection 11
I will. (Ray)
…Don’t get your hopes up.

Selection 12
Even if he gets back, he won’t be able to cooperate with the RFA.
I can’t guarantee when. Things aren’t really going well here… But I’ll keep you posted. (Ray)

Selection 13
I’m sure he’ll take it… (Nothing)
His love for his brother is long gone.

Selection 14
But emotions might be able to save someone. (Nothing)
I should tell you that there’s only a slim chance of success.

Selection 15
I’ll do my best. For everyone. (Ray)

Selection 16
I’m sorry, but Jumin’s plan will fail.
His hatred will be gone…once freedom finds his heart. Beeause he’s naturally a good person. (Ray)

Selection 17
Wish me luck! (Ray)

Game Branch

Honestly, after this branch, if you pass it, you should be able to answer however you want.

Note: IF YOU ARE BAD ENDING AT THIS BRANCH AFTER FOLLOWING THE WALKTHROUGH AFTER THE LAST BRANCH, I feel 100% confident that the reason you are bad ending is because you don’t have enough hearts for Ray and/or enough participation from your chats before the last branch on Day 7. Since there is no visual way to see how many hearts you have and how many hearts you need to pass branches, it is possible that you had just enough hearts to pass the last branch, but not enough to pass this one. In other words, you need to start over and follow my walkthrough from the beginning. I would never recommend starting to follow my walkthrough on Day 7 because of how secretive Cheritz is about how many hearts you need to pass a check.

Story Mode – I think y’all should keep moving? Maybe?

Ray… Are you really Ray?
I already forgave you. I understand what you’ve suffered…
Congratulations on discovering the real you. Now Ray…Saeran… You’re no longer a tool.

18:37 – Please Tell

Character(s): Jaehee, V
Outgoing Call(s): Jumin


Selection 1
This isn’t the most perfect time to do that! Give us more time!
We’re running away right nowwwwww (Nothing)

Selection 2
Where are you right now?
We’re both on the move, but okay… Both of us are okay. (Nothing)

Selection 3
That’s so very like Jumin… (Jumin)
But so many things took place until his return.

Selection 4
I’m sure we’ll all be safe. All your hard work will eventually pay off.
I hope to meet everyone soon. (Nothing)

Selection 5
I’ll tell you his name first ^^ (Nothing/Alt Selection?)
He’s with me right now. What would you like to know?

Selection 6
His name is Saeran Choi. It’s a beautiful name, isn’t it? (Ray)
He’s called Saeran Choi. He’s so handsome. To me he’s more good looking than Seven!

Selection 7
It’s because of misunderstanding and brainwashing… He has a heartbreaking story.
His memory of being abandoned left a strong mark on him… it traumatized him… (Nothing)

Selection 8
I don’t think you’re the type of person to get distracted… (Nothing)
Back then you were busy looking after Luciel who became an informant, weren’t you?

Selection 9
I shouldn’t fill her in on this, should I…?
I think that person personally thinks it was the right thing to do. (Nothing)

Selection 10
You might want to send them to me. (Nothing)
What are those files about? I think I should know too.

Selection 11
If you had such files, why didn’t you release them? (Nothing)
What would happen…if those files are unleashed?

Selection 12
It’s worrisome but… it’s more credible than revealing his illegitimate sons. (Nothing)
So everyone in the world would find out about Saeran and Seven, right?

Selection 13
I was wondering what they’re about. (Nothing)
Please let the rest of the RFA take a look!

Selection 14
Could it be…that the prime minister noticed that Luciel is researching about him? (Nothing)
You sure know a lot about grievous secrets… Now I’m starting to worry about your safety.

Selection 15
I can’t image what you’ve been going through…
No more being guilty! Let’s focus on our problem. (Ray)

Selection 16
I’m counting on the unit!
Once we reach someplace safe, and once Saeran is ready, I’ll ask him to reply…! (Ray)

Selection 17
Please trust him. (Ray)
I’ll do that…
You can count on me.

Selection 18
Thanks… I’m sure it will all end well. (Nothing)
V… You sound like you’re leaving far away.

Selection 19
Please take care! All the time! (V)

Story Mode – This place looks familiar….

Saeran, could you please take a look at the messenger?
You hate him, don’t you?
I think you’re right.

20:22 – Contact

Character(s): Zen, Yoosung
Note: Saeran calls after this chat/the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): ????
Outgoing Calls (suggested, not confirmed): ?


Selection 1
Yes… The unit will soon get to hear from him. (Nothing)
Yes. Right now we’re moving to somepleace safe.

Selection 2
Isn’t in Luciel?
That’s what I’m wondering too. Don’t you think it also starts with ‘S?’ (Nothing)

Selection 3
You can also be Yoo d’Arc! (Yoosung)
You gotta get a grip!

Selection 4
Let’s believe that we’ll soon see a happy ending.
You two are looking out for each other… (Nothing)
Sometimes real-life examples are scarier…

Selection 5
No way T_T
I think for now we should keep our minds away from scenes from movies. (Nothing)
For some reason, I think he can manage himself….

Selection 6
Let’s not think about bad things… (Nothing)
Is there actually a movie that shows torturing people by tickling?
I should now protect Saeran…

Selection 7
Seven might be playing around with his kidnappers’ wits…!
I think we should find Seven asap. (Nothing)

Selection 8
He might answer you if you call for him out load.
I’ll try calling him. (Nothing)

Selection 9
A little louder – (Nothing)

Selection 10
Welcome, Saeran.
Saeran… Thank you for doing me a favor. (Nothing)

Selection 11
That’s him.
I think you’re greeting him a little fervently^^… (Nothing)

Selection 12
I think you can call as you like.
You’ll be friends if you get to know him little by little. (Nothing)

Selection 13
That was a perfect summary…
I already told him about it… (Nothing)

Selection 14
Relax…. Saeran is not a scary person. (Ray)
Saeran has suddenly become silent.

Selection 15
That’s considerate of you..
Though he already know everything discussed on the messenger… (Nothing)

Selection 16
….He already knows everything discussed on the messenger. (Nothing)

Selection 17
I think that’ll be better. (Nothing)
We’re running out of time right now.

Selection 18
You didn’t have to be so nervous lolololol
He’s contacting the unit to save time. (Nothing)

Selection 19
But at least you said hello – !
It’s never too late to get to know him – ! (Nothing)

Selection 20
You’re getting ahead of yourself.
Take your time. And we have more important matter at hand. (Ray)

Selection 21
But now you get that Saeran is on RFA’s side, don’t you? (Ray)
That was brief, but what’s important is that we had a conversation!

Selection 22
Will do! (Nothing)
But I think you’d get to hear things sooner through Jaehee…

Selection 23
Isn’t it because Zen’s place is bigger…?
ISn’t it because you’ve never invited him, Yoosung?
I’ll say. You should come over to Yoosung’s place for once, Zen! (Yoosung)

Selection 24
You have a huge battle coming up. Noodles will be perfect. (Nothing)
So are you going to be the one coming over today, Zen?

Selection 25
Ok. I look forward to your discussion!
Ok! Please wish Saeran and the unit luck! (Ray)

Selection 26
Why do I suddenly feel bad for you…? Lol
Is he really the first guest for you? (Nothing)

Selection 27
I’ll also do my best.
I will…! (Nothing)

Selection 28
I’ll tell Saeran that you gavce kudos!
There’s no denying that both of them are genius. (Nothing)

Selection 29
Good luck with your discussion! (Nothing)
See you –

Story Mode – Let’s get this over with

Note: There is one selection choice in this story mode. Pick one.

21:39 – Unfolding Clues

Character(s): Jaehee, V, Jumin
Note: V calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): Zen


Selection 1
I’m so glad it all worked out well! (Nothing)
Yes! Now Saeran is working with the unit.

Selection 2
It took so long, but I’m glad now our hearts are finally one… (Ray)
I hope we can find Seven soon.

Selection 3
It was for Saeran’s happiness. (Ray)
I wouldn’t have made it without your help, V.

Selection 4
He’s so fast….
Genius, isnt’ he? (Nothing)

Selection 5
That colleague of his…didn’t betray Seven, did he?
I hope this bread crumble won’t be lost in the middle… (Nothing)

Selection 6
That’s because….Saeran’s hatred was forced by someone else. (Nothing)
Saeran will be brighter. You’ll be surprised at his progress rate.

Selection 7
I wish you could see how different Saeran is, V. Why don’t you join the unit? Let’s have a video chat! (Nothing)
If you want to talk to him, please direct your calls to me.

Selection 8
Are you…visiting where I used to be?
No more new secrets – (Nothing)

Selection 9
With Jumin and Saeran working together, now there’s nothing stopping us.
Please tell me you’ll soon find peace of your own heart, V… (Nothing)

Selection 10
You’re leaving?
You might want to do that yourself… (Nothing)

Selection 11
You’re not disappearing again, are you?
Where are you going? (Nothing)

Selection 12
Wish us luck! (V)
Me too, V!

Selection 13
No, that can’t be.
Looks like I’m not the only one who felt that. (Nothing)

Selection 14
His progress is marvelous! (Nothing)

Selection 15
IS that…where Luciel is from…?
Let’s investigate right now (Nothing)

Selection 16
But why cathedral….?
Uh… wouldn’t it be where Saeran’s from? Since his father abducted him, he’ll know the place. (Nothing)

Selection 17
Did something ring a bell?
What’s wrong? (Nothing)

Selection 18
I hope we can find Seven soon…! Let’s stay focused! (707)
Saeran will never again feel insecure. Don’t worry.

23:48 – Only One Way

Character(s): Saeran, Yoosung, Zen
Note: Saeran calls after this chat


Selection 1
At the kitchen. It looked like you didn’t eat anything for a while… (Nothing)
I’m taking a walk.

Selection 2
I was going to make something warm for you…
Okay. (Nothing)

Selection 3
I knew it…
Isn’t that place…where your trauma came from? (Nothing)

Selection 4
You should take a break in between…! Are you feeling okay? (Ray)
Then maybe Seven’s in there!

Selection 5
It feels different with your last name together…
We found where Seven might be…though we can’t guarantee he’s there. (Nothing)

Selection 6
We need to get a grip at a time like this!
At least we should remain just. (Nothing)

Selection 7
I think this is where you can help us, Zen. (Nothing)
I think Saeran has a plan.

Selection 8
You’ll be the one to reveal the secrets about the prime minister.
Zen…. The entire country would get to see your face. Are you okay with that? (Zen)

Selection 9
Are you sure you’re okay with this?
The public power would have to step in once this becomes an issue! (Nothing)

Selection 10
Is there really no other way to do this in the usual way…?
Will people trust us…? (Nothing)

Selection 11

He’s already one. (Nothing)
Saeran, don’t say that lke it’s nothing. It’s scary…

Selection 12
I’m worreid about the plan backfiring….
Zen, do you think you can do this to reveal the twin’s secret…? (Nothing)

Selection 13
And I’ll make sure there will be peace at the RFA – ! (Nothing)
So please be good to Saeran lolol

Selection 14
We are in a hurry…
I hope Seven is safe… (Nothing)

Selection 15
Okay. I’ll be there soon. (Nothing)
Aren’t your eyes sore?

Selection 16
He’s such a kind person – (Ray)
He’s so tender-hearted.

Selection 17
Please be good friends for Saeran. (Nothing)
It’s because he’s not used to this yet lolol

Selection 18
That’s alright. You always look gorgeous!
You’re worried your face will get swollen with alcohol…? (Nothing)

Selection 19
Good night – ! Have a nice dream!
Ok! Take care of yourself! (Nothing)

Selection 20
Are you going to sacrifice yourself for the greater good? (Nothing)
You can share your bed.

Selection 21
Yeah. He’ll be on TV, so he needs to make sure his face is ready for that.
Thanks for your help – ! (Nothing)

Selection 22
I’m a little worried about V… Something doesn’t feel quite right. (V)
I hope we get to see everyone happy soon.

Selection 23
Take good care of Zen’s looks! (Nothing)
Yes. Let’s cheer up for tomorrow!

11th Day

08:00 – Stand-by

Character(s): Jaehee, Yoosung, Jumin, Zen, Saeran
Note: Saeran calls after this chat (The game might show you missed this call, you didn’t as long as you don’t miss the chat)
Outgoing Call(s): Jumin, Jaehee


Selection 1
Could you please summarize for me what’s going on right now? (Nothing)
Jaehee, this isn’t a dream, is it?

Selection 2
What a blast…
All of you have done so well. (Nothing)

Selection 3
You’re good at memorizing lolol
Wow! If Zen is not feeling well, you could substitute(?) him (Yoosung)

Selection 4

I can feel my daily like…suddenly kicking in. (Nothing)

Selection 5
Did you hear anything from Saeran?
That’s good. Are we all ready for filming? (Nothing)

Selection 6
That’s it? Only 14%?
What are they about? (Nothing)

Selection 7
What about the remaining 86%…?
I’m starting to admire V and Seven for actually doing research on them… (Nothing)

Selection 8
So C & R can be trusted?
We get to learn how precious being virtuous is because we get to see cases of immorality… (Nothing)

Selection 9
Let’s just dog a pit to safeguard the remaining 86% and make them stay there forever. (Nothing)
But still…you will unleash everything someday, won’t you?

Selection 10
Only if that helps everyone to be happy…!
I’m sure Saeran is strong enough to embrace the truth. (Nothing)

Selection 11
Zen, how are you feeling? (Nothing)
Zen, did you get your fruits?

Selection 12
That’s just a rumor! Though organic is good… (Nothing)
Why not have banana flavored milk instead?

Selection 13
How convenient lol
Of course. For now, please make sure you’re in your top shape! (Nothing)

Selection 14
We need to make our chance of hurting the innocent as small as possible.
You surely chose well what you have to reveal. (Nothing)

Selection 15
That doesn’t sound impossible…
You’re right… I hope justice is done. (Nothing)

Selection 16
I think you look as free as you can be when you’re on your own lolol (Nothing)
You should give it a thought. I think it’s a golden opportunity.

Selection 17
I’ll be rooting for you! Always!
Saeran will also be famous, won’t he? (Nothing)

Selection 18
Jumin, have you heard nothing from him? (Nothing)
i had a feeling he’d still be watching us…

Selection 19
I also have a feeling this isn’t the end of it.
I wish Saeran could join us right now and chat. (Nothing)

Selection 20
Saeran, you’ve done so well through the night.
Saeran, I hope we can reach the end soon and everyone would be happy. (Ray)

Selection 21
A deserted house…?
Who would send the evidence? (Nothing)

Selection 22
You do have a plan B, don’t you?
I hope it all works out… Please! (Nothing)

Selection 23
It still feels like a dream that I’m here with you, Saeran. (Ray)
I…have a good feeling too.

Selection 24
Is the filming starting soon?
Why don’t we now dismiss? (Nothing)

Selection 25
I’ll look forward to it! (Nothing)
Everything will be okay!

Selection 26
Bananas… Sound delicious…
Yoosung, you’re not going with him? (Nothing)

Selection 27
And fetch dem crackers for me.
…. (Nothing)

Selection 28
Take care of Zen! (Nothing)
Good luck!

Selection 29
Jaehee… You’re always so professional. And I find that admirable. (Jaehee)
Thank you for your hard work for so long.

Selection 30
Even if you tell him later on, he’ll forgive you.
Shouldn’t you go too? (Nothing)

Selection 31
Saeran, I love you. (Ray)
It will turn out well, right?

Selection 32
I’m also grateful that I got to meet you. (Nothing)
And we’ll be together forever, won’t we?

The game ends with a Story Mode at 12:00. You cannot miss the party.

I got Ray’s Good End with 16 guests.

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