Mystic Messenger – Zen Interactions

by Vehura

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  • Do not flirt with Jumin nor take his side. Zen has beef with Jumin. Once this became clear, I went out of my way to not flirt with Jumin.
  • Help mend relationships. When Zen starts to mature in his reactions and tries to reach out, support him in this.
  • Try not to fangirl or shit talk fans. Fangirls are a dime a dozen and you’ll have to be okay with him dealing with fans. Acting aggressively possessive or mean to fans especially Jaehee should be avoided at all costs.
  • Remember Zen is an adult. Support him 100%, trust his decisions, and encourage him when he decides to do things. It’s okay to be a little hesitant if there is an option to, but flat out telling him what to do might not be the best thing…
  • (Not confirmed) All praise to V. Whenever someone talked shit about V, I defended him. Zen looks up to V and respects him, so I extended the same courtesy to V.

Contents: Chat, Message, Endings


Common Route –  First~Fourth Day

Zen Route Guarantee Answers (I would only use this guide if you failed trying on your own.)

Zen’s Route


Note: These are not in any sort of order and the routes that I say that some of these messages are in might be wrong. I was doing a poorly at documenting messages… Also, the answers switch sometimes, so the order might not be the same in your game.

Contributor(s): Yomi Cheng

Okay. Let’s talk often 🙂
Let’s talk about some personal stuff. (Zen)

I like texting better.
Uhm…I don’t feel comfortable yet (Nothing)

I’m your edvil! 🙂 I have to heal you~(Zen)
It’s a bit uncomfortable talking privately like this.

A photo of Jumin?
You want to see a photo of me right? Right? (Zen)

Do you think we’ll have a deeper relationship?(Zen)
You mean I feel like an outsider?

How about this cat? Meow!(Zen)
I like talking about cats.

I’ll give you all the reactions you want! ^0^ (Zen)

Such a man…! I’ll be beside you! (Zen)
I think it’s too hard for you to pull off.

I’m sure you can find someone soon! I guarantee it~ (Yoosung?)
You have Jaeh… I mean, a scary gatekeeper.

I like you more after seeing you. (Zen)
Next time, don’t send me back.

Zen Route

Feeling so energetic already! Did you seep well? (Zen)
No one can disrupt my sleep!

I want you to pursue what you want rather than money. (Zen)
Still, shouldn’t you do it?

I just want to put things off and run to you. (Zen)

Endings (spoilers)

  • Good End – get to the party with at least 10 guests, but invite as many as possible
  • Normal End – Get to the part with 0 or less than 10 guests
  • Bad Story End 1 – 7th Day Branch
    Be just straight up mean to him.
  • Bad Story End 2 – 9th Day Branch
    Be posessive and tell him to give up on his dreams
  • Bad Story End 3 – 10th Day Branch
    Tell him to give up on his dreams, chastize him for being arrogant, support Jumin, worry about the RFA
  • Relationship Bad End 1 – 7th Day Branch
    Do not participate in any chats after getting into his route.
  • Relationship Bad End 2 – ???? (Please do not tell me how to do this, I wish to figure it out for myself!)
  • Relationship Bad End 3??? – ???? (Please do not tell me how to do this, I wish to figure it out for myself!)

Click this link for help achieving Bad Ends.


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