Mystic Messenger – Zen Route – Day 5 Chats

by Vehura

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Contributor(s): Mizuki Ai, Fleurioria


  • If you want the good end, chose answers that are bold only.
  • Answers to get the bad end(s) are marked with a *
  • Answers that are not bold are answers that either don’t really matter or have not been tested by me.

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00:30 – To be a star

Character(s):  Jaehee
Who should pick up if you call after this chat: Zen


Selection 1
Jaehee…. you’re not working this late, are you? (Nothing)
Jaehee… are you watcing DVDs of Zen by any chance? (Jaehee)

Selection 2
Looking at Zen’s looks is just like taking a vitamin. (Zen)
I was only guessing. (*Nothing)

Selection 3
Lend me some of the DVDs~(*Jaehee)
Do you like Zen, Jaehee? (Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
I’m going to date Zen, you know.
I like seeing Zen trying hard too. (Zen)

Selection 4
I knew he’s be perfect as my man.(*Zen)
I’d like to see his performances live one day. (Zen + Jaehee)

Selection 5
Why are you interfering with his private life? (*Zen + Jaheee Break)
Isn’t it better to be honest? (Zen)

Selection 6
I think you care too much about Zen. (*Zen + Jaheee Break)
I hope everything goes well for Zen. I’m fully supporting him. (Jaehee + Zen)

Selection 7
I’d like to see too. Have fun ^^ (Jaehee + Zen)
Good night. (Nothing)

02:45 – Master of marketing

Character(s):  707


Selection 1
Seven, what are you doing up? (707)
I want to see Zen…lolol (Jaehee)

Selection 2
You mean you helped Zen? (Zen)
You’re the best. (*707)

Selection 3
Zen would have made it without this. (*Zen)
Omg look at the views… (Zen)

Selection 4
Thus, a burger is finished when the lettuce, meat, and sauce come together and dance. (707)
I have no idea what you’re saying. (Nothing)

Selection 5
Shouldn’t Zen focus more on work though? (*Zen)
He’s good looking, but he’s even fit… So amazing. (Zen + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
lolol Seven, you’re attractive in your own way.
I want to be owned by Zen. >_< (Zen)

Selection 6
That cat is so kewt. (*707)
…How much does Zen hate cats? (Zen)

Selection 7
I don’t understand what made Zen change. (*Zen)
Is it all because of me? (Zen)

Selection 8
That’s so sad…(Nothing)
Why is everyone single? (Nothing)

Selection 9
I want to see Zen. (Zen)
Good luck… Cheer up! (707)

06:59 – Handsome me

Character(s):  Zen
Note: 707 calls after this chat


Selection 1
Heya Zen.(*Nothing)
Zen~ I really really really really missed you. I almost died. (Zen)

Selection 2
I already ate. (Zen)
Not yet.(Nothing + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
I’ll do what I want. Don’t bother me. (*Zen)
Yes~ (Zen)

Selection 3
I can take care of myself. (*Zen)
I will, lovely Zen~ (Zen)

Selection 4
I seriously think you’re the hottest guy in the world… (Zen)
You’re seriously narcissistic. (*Zen)

Selection 5
You have natural talent and amazing looks… and plus you try hard. You’ll succeed for sure. (Nothing)
So what if you’re good looking? You don’t even have a girlfriend.(Nothing)

Selection 6
I think he just meant you should stop bragging. (*Zen)
Are you really coming here often to talk to me? (Zen)

Selection 7
Hope you have a great day, Zen ^^ (Zen)
Good bye. (Zen)
Yes, lovely Zen~ (*Zen)

08:49 – Value of beauty

Character(s):  Yoosung, Jumin
Note: Zen calls after this chat
Who should pick up if you call after this chat: 707 (I called him at 10:30, but I was after I participated in this chat)


Selection 1
I think Zen is the best actor. He’s good looking and he even works hard. (Zen)
Zen is a bit… too much. (*Jumin)
I think Zen is so handsome. He must be from another planet. (Zen)

Selection 2
I don’t really think he’s that handsome. (Zen)
There’s no doubt about the fact that his looks cause envy. (Zen)
I’m worried someone else might want Zen for themselves.(*Zen)

Selection 3
Still, I like good looks. Although that’s not everything. (Zen)
I think money is more valuable than beauty. (*Jumin + Zen)

Selection 4
Jumin, you don’t like women? (*Yoosung)
Anyways, Zen is perfect on the outside and on the inside. So isn’t he perfect? (Zen)

Selection 5
Son of the company Chairman… So jealous. (Nothing)
You must be very different from your father, Jumin. (Jumin)

Selection 6
I don’t think Zen is stupid at all! (Zen)
I don’t really like people who show off either. (*Jumin)
Zen’s not only attractive on the outside, so I don’t care. (Zen)

Selection 7
I am quite tired of it as well. (*Zen)
I like Zen’s selfies. (Zen)

Selection 8
Don’t you have to go to work now? (Nothing)
I’d like to see more photos of you, Jumin… (*Jumin + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
So handsome… (*Jumin)
Who took this? (Nothing)

Selection 9
Good bye~ (*Nothing)
I’m going to go think of Zen. (Zen)

12:21 – Got the new role!

Character(s): Zen
Who should pick up if you call after this chat: Zen


Selection 1
Hello. (*Nothing)
Zen~! I missed you so so much~! (Zen)
Did you have lunch? ^^  (Zen + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
Not yet… (Nothing)
I did. ^^ (Zen?)

Selection 2
You’re not about to show off again, are you? (Zen + Alt Selection 2)
You feel good talking to me, right? ^^ (*???)
Why, did something good happen?! (Zen)

Alt Selection 2
I’m not. (Nothing)
It’s not that but I don’t really feel like talking to you. (Zen)

Selection 3
Wow! Congratulation! I’m so happy for you~! (Zen)
I don’t really think that’s a good idea… (*Zen)

Selection 4
…I’m worried she might just hit on you. (*Zen)
I’m a bit jealous but I hope everything goes well for you! (Zen)

Selection 5
Of course! Good luck! (Zen)
You get to act with a celebrity now… You won’t care about me anymore. (*Zen)

Selection 6
Isn’t that right before the party? (Nothing)
Just 5 days?(Nothing)

Selection 7
Think of me time to time while rehearsing, lovely Zen~ (Zen)
Cheer up!! I’m here for you ^^ (Zen)
Good luck. (*Zen)

14:42 – Echo girl? OMG

Character(s): Yoosung
Who should pick up if you call after this chat: Jumin


Selection 1
Zen got a lead role and he’s acting with a famous TV star~ (Zen)
Yoosung, you know Echo Girl?
I don’t know why he has to act with a girl singer. (*Zen)

Selection 2
Is she good at acting? (Nothing)
Photo books?;;; (Nothing)

Selection 3
I feel like you’re making a big fuss…
I won’t be happy with just an autograph. I want his everything! >.< (*Zen)
I should get his autograph too ^^ (Zen)

Selection 4
I’m nervous that he might change… (*Zen)
I feel like Zen won’t change. (Zen)

Selection 5
Sounds fun. Alright, let’s invite them. (Email from monogamy)
I’ll pass…

Selection 6
Cheer up, Yoosung T_T (*Yoosung)
I hope Zen’s girlfriend shows up in his life in the near future. (Zen)

Selection 7
I will. This is really good ^^ (Nothing)
Good bye~ (Nothing)

16:56 – Jumin’s offer

Character(s): 707, Jumin
Note: Zen calls after this chat


Selection 1
Don’t you think it’s a bad idea for Zen to do a play with a singer…? (*Zen + Jumin)
Did you hear about Zen’s new role? Congratulate him~ haha (Zen)
My love Zen~. What do you think he’s doing right now? (Zen)

Selection 2
Zen’s autograph is invaluable… ^^ (Zen)
I think everyone’s making too much of a fuss. (*Zen)
Is Echo Girl that famous? Zen must be really good… (Zen)

Selection 3
What is it~ Tell me~.
I’m worried Echo Girl will have feelings for Zen. (*Zen)
Do you really think she will help Zen get more famous? (Zen)

Selection 4
I think Jumin tends to be harsh on Zen. (Zen)
I think Jaehee is hitting on Zen too much…;; (*Nothing)

Selection 5
You should have our Zen advertise something that he’d like…;; A cat food commercial? (*Zen)
I think that’s a good idea. He should take every opportunity he gets.
I don’t think Zen will like that… (Zen)

Selection 6
I don’t really want to invite them.
That’s a good idea~. (Email from catprotect)

Selection 7
You seem to really like cats, Seven. (707)
Maybe if you dress up as Jaehee, they’ll let you in? (707)
You must really cherish your cat, Jumin.

Selection 8
Good luck with your meeting, Jumin ^^ (Jumin)
Seven, it was nice talking to you. (707)

18:17 – Jumin+Cat=No

Character(s): Zen, Jaehee


Selection 1
Zen, I’m here. The cat food commercial… Are you will to do it? (*Zen)
What are you doing with Jaehee!? (Zen)

Selection 2
Very very very bad of him to mess with you!! (Zen)
I think it’s a good suggestion. Why don’t you consider it. You should take every opportunity you get. (*Zen)
Don’t take it so negatively~ (Zen)

Selection 3
Try to stop him, Jaehee lolol (Zen)
If it’s for the company then I guess there’s nothing you can do. (*Zen + Jumin)

Selection 4
I think Zen doesn’t want to do the job for personal reasons. (Zen)
He’s a pro, so he would have said yes if he could. (*Zen)

Selection 5
I do like them. (*Zen)
I don’t really like cats… (Zen)

Selection 6
I think he’s been congratulated enough already. (*Zen)
I hope your new piece is a huge success ^^ (Zen)

Selection 7
I don’t think it matters who Zen acts with as long as they are talented. (Zen)
I don’t really think it’s a good idea either. Doing Jumin’s commercial might be more helpful. (*Zen)

Selection 8
What matters is that you succeed; Why think about them? (*Zen)
I hope the situation ets better for actors~ (Zen)

Selection 9
I think I should think about it.
I think it would be nice. (Email from musical)

Selection 10
What’s so important about that? (*Zen)
Yes, I am. (Zen)
I don’t know a lot. (Zen?)

Selection 11
If you want my heart, you’ll have to try harder. (*Zen)
That you for thinking of me… ^^ (Zen)

Selection 12
Let’s cheer for Zen together, Jaehee ^^ (*Jaehee)
Jaehee, are you being jealous? (Zen)

Selection 13
I think you’re the only one who feels that way. (*Zen)
I feel the same way. (Zen)

Selection 14
I’m just doing what I feel like. Thanks for taking it that way. (*Zen)
Jaehee, it looks as if you’re jealous. (Zen)

Selection 15
It’s strange that you work out every day. (*Zen)
Good luck ^^
I want to be there with you~ (Zen)

Selection 16
Thank you for worrying about Zen, Jaehee. But we’ll take care of it on our own. (Zen+Jaehee)
I don’t think you trust me, Jaehee. (*Zen)

19:50 – I will protect the world

Character(s): Yoosung
Note: Zen calls after this chat
Who should pick up if you call after this chat: Zen, Yoosung,Jaehee (Highly recommend spending HG to understand her reasoning so you can be less angry at her!)


Selection 1
I want to sneak a peek Zen working out. (Zen)
I don’t think Jaehee likes me.
Hiya, Yoosung. (*Yoosung)

Selection 2
Good luck…; (Nothing)
How macho. (Yoosung)

Selection 3
I’m sure you both try really hard but the result…. (Yoosung)
Why don’t you try something more constructive than playing games? haha (Nothing)

Selection 4
That might be true for Zen, but I don’t feel anything. (*Zen)
I like that Zen is really nice to me ^^ (Zen)

Selection 5
Jaehee’s just being jealous of me. (Zen)
I think Jaehee can be cautious of me since she’s his fan. I’m sure she means no harm. (Zen)

Selection 6
I’m going to go think of Zen lol  (Zen)
Don’t game too much, Yoosung. (*Yoosung)

21:12 – Zen vs Jumin

Character(s): Zen, Jumin
Note: Yoosung calls after this chat


Selection 1
How about rehearsing? (*Nothing)
Lovely Zen, I want to see some of your selfies lolol (Zen)

Selection 2
Zen… you like to drink? Why don’t you try drinking less for your health? (*Zen)
Everything is forgiven if you have good looks, so it doesn’t matter. lol (Zen)
I don’t really like that photo.

Selection 3
I don’t think Zen is very professional. (*Zen + Jumin)
If Zen says he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t like it~! (Zen)
Why don’t you suggest a commercial that Zen can do well? (Zen)

Selection 4
No wonder he hates cats…lololol (Nothing)
Gimme a photo~ (*Nothing)

Selection 5
You are right, but why don’t you consider his allergy a bit more? ^^ (Zen)
I don’t think Zen has anything to lose by not taking your opportunity, Jumin. (Zen)
I think Zen’s ego is a big problem. (*Zen)

Selection 6
Jumin… you’re very confident lol
Isn’t that the attitude you should take if you want to cast a good actor? (Zen)
I think Zen doesn’t deserve to be employed with an attitude like that. (*Zen+Jumin)

Selection 7
They are true.
I wish you two would get along ^^; (*Zen)
Stop harassing my Zen… T_T (Zen)

Selection 8
lolololololololol Stop teasing him. (Zen)
Why are you overreacting…? Don’t tell me (*Zen)

Selection 9
What he said isn’t wrong though. (Nothing)
Zen, calm down a bit… ^^; (Nothing)

Selection 10
Yes, but don’t overwork yourself. I’m sure Jumin means well. (Zen)
And reconsider Jumin’s suggestion… (*Zen)

Selection 11
I hope rehearsal goes well, lovely Zen ^^ (Zen)
Good luck, Zen. (*Zen)

23:00 – I’m on the side of cats

Character(s): 707


Selection 1
Jumin and Zen… Isn’t there anyway for them to get along? (Zen)
I think Zen is being a bit emotional (*Zen)
Who’s side will you take? I’m sure you’ll be on Zen’s side of course. (Zen)

Selection 2
Then basically you’re on Jumin’s side! lolol (*Zen)
I’m kind of sick of talking about cats…
Shouldn’t you be cheering for Zen? (Zen)

Selection 3
Whatevs. Spill (Nothing)
Who is it? I’m a bit worried…; (Nothing)

Selection 4
… You want to invite the longcat…? (Nothing)
Does that cat actually exist? (Nothing)

Selection 5
How are we going to invite a cat?;;
Al…Alright. (Email from longcat)

Selection 6
I don’t like that Jumin keeps messing with Zen
He’s allergic… (Zen)
Zen’s a party pooper so I doubt it. (*Zen)

Selection 7
I hope they make up one day… (Nothing)
I don’t think Zen will ever understand that. (Nothing)

Selection 8
Spam email…? (Nothing)
That’s awesome, Seven. (707)

Selection 9
I get that you’re worrying about Zen. (707 + Zen)
I’m not sure Zen will get that. (*Zen)

Selection 10
Thanks for worrying about Zen ^^ Good bye. (Zen)
Good luck with work, Seven. (*707)


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