Mystic Messenger – Zen Route – Day 7 Chats

by Vehura
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Contributor(s):  tea


  • If you want the good end, chose answers that are bold only.
  • Answers to get the bad end(s) are marked with a *
  • Answers that are not bold are answers that have not been tested by me.

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00:10 – What’s up with everyone?

Character(s):  Zen, Jaehee


Selection 1
I don’t really want to say hello to you, Jaehee;; (*Zen)
Hello, Jaehee
Hey, Zen ^^ (Zen)

Selection 2
It might be because they think you’re pathetic. (*Zen)
I’m sure it’s because they are worried about you. (Zen)

Selection 3
If you close your eyes and lay down, you’ll fall asleep.(*Nothing)
You have to exercise to sleep… (Zen)

Selection 4
I don’t think you’ll need too…? (*Zen)
Zen… are you still holding on to it…? (Zen)

Selection 5
Zen…. (Zen)
Just let it go. (*Zen)

Selection 6
Don’t think like that, Zen. You can get better soon and get a better role! (Zen)
There’s nothing you can do. You brought this on yourself. (*Zen)

Selection 7
I knew it. You hate me, don’t you Jaehee? You even think I’m dangerous. (*Jaehee Break)
I don’t think that’s a bad idea. (Zen + Jaehee)

Selection 8
That’s true. I don’t like people who don’t speak to their family. (*Zen)
Of course it’s for you to decide, Zen, but it would be nice if you could return to your family like Seven said. (Zen)

Selection 9
It’s because you always piss him off first. (*Zen)
You never know. He could have just bee worried for you~ (Zen)

Selection 10
It’s pathetic that you’re blaming someone else. (*Zen)
You shouldn’t have cared so much about what Jumin said~! (Zen)

Selection 11
It’s a sensitive issue, so I’ll respect your opinion. (Zen)
You seem childish. (*Zen)

Selection 12
Don’t practice lines for a role you won’t even play and do something else. (*Zen)
Please feel better… I really wish I could go. (Zen)

Selection 13
Thanks for thinking of him though. (Zen + Jaehee)
Let’s just leave Zen alone, Jaehee. (*Zen)

Selection 14
Cheer up, Zen~! (Nothing)
Jaehee, hope you finish work and get to bed early. (*Jaehee)

02:49 – A way to feel better

Character(s): 707


Selection 1
Deep into the night, I stay awake staring into the dark abyss of Zen’s eyes. (Zen + Alt Selection 1)
Seven. What are you doing this late? (*707)

Alt Selection 1
What are you talking about?
Zen will always stay beautiful no matter what. (Nothing)

Selection 2
You’re right. (707)
Don’t pretend to be serious lol (Nothing)

Selection 3
I’m hungry… (*Zen)
I think he’ll be happy if I go visit him ^^ (Zen)

Selection 4
No! What if Zen gets fat?! (Zen + Alt Selection 2)
I’ll add beef steak, Burger Kill Whopper combo, and Jalapeno topping pizza. (*Zen)

Alt Selection
Who in the world is Lama?
I have no idea what you’re saying. (Nothing)

Selection 5
So cruel!! (707)
You are very polite. (Alt Selection 3)

Alt Selection 3
I’m hungry… (Nothing)

Selection 6
I’m going to go to sleep soon. Good night, Seven. (Nothing)
I only got up to get some water. Good night ^^
I still can’t sleep yet. Good night~ (Nothing)

08:30 – I have to let it go…

Character(s): Zen
Who should pick up if you call after this chat (I called around 9am): Zen


Selection 1
No. Seven’s gold-fish shaped bread is making me hungry lolol (*Zen)
I’ll eat whenever I want so don’t ask.
I did! You should eat properly too. (Zen)

Selection 2
What?? Honey Buddha Chips?! How did he find them? They’re so hard to get. (707+ Alt Selection)
Why are you lecturing me? (*Zen)

Alt Selection
I want to try them… Get on for me, Zen. (Zen)

Selection 3
.. (Nothing)
Zen… (Nothing)

Selection 5
I know it’s hard… but you know that you always have to tell the truth. (Zen)
I’m disappointed that you lied. (*Zen)

Selection 6
You’re selfish to hold on to it. (*Zen)
You’ll get another opportunity. Everyone things so… Have faith in yourself! (Zen)

Selection 7
You might not deserve it. (*Zen)
Don’t limit yourself by thinking like that. (Zen)

Selection 8
Have confidence! Don’t think like that. (Zen)
Don’t you owe everything to your looks though? lol (*Zen)

Selection 9
Can you walk there? (Nothing)
Get back safe~ (Nothing)

Note: Zen calls after the VNM

11:00 – Fear for the future

Character(s): Yoosung
Who should pick up if you call after this chat: Yoosung


Selection 1
I want goldfish-shaped bread too…. (Nothing)
Hiya Yoosung. (Zen)

Selection 2
I think Zen is only thinking about himself.(*Zen)
I can feel that Zen is having a really difficult time. (Zen)

Selection 3
That’s just how life works. (Nothing)
You talk as if you’re so old. (*Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
I think I have.
No I haven’t.(*Nothing)

Selection 4
I’m not really interested.(*Zen)
Yes… Since I’m cheering for him, he has to get better soon! (Zen)

Selection 5
He’ll probably make tons of money just with his face.(*Zen)
Yeah. He always stays humble and puts a lot of effort, so I’m sure he’ll succeed. (Zen)

Selection 6
Try to play games less and do other activities. (Nothing)

Selection 7
I hope I can be that kind of person to Zen. (Zen)
Zen has Jaehee…(*Zen)

Selection 8
Don’t feel like it.
Alright. Let’s think about your future together. (Email from wrongmajor)

Selection 9
It’s more sad not knowing what you want.(*Yoosung)
It’s more sad not being able to do what you want. (Zen)

Selection 10
You’re going to study, right? Good luck! (Nothing)
I’ll cheer for you too, Yoosung ^^ Good luck.(Yoosung)

13:37 – Being a Pro

Character(s): Jaehee, Jumin
Who should pick up if you call after this chat: Zen


Selection 1
Hello, Jaehee~ (Jaehee)
Hey, Jumin. It’s bright and positive [name] here. lol (Jumin)

Selection 2
He should do it if he gets paid for it. (*Jumin + Zen)
Is it a crime to have an allergy? ;; (Jaehee + Zen)

Selection 3
That reminds me of the Jumin is gay rumor. (Nothing)
…So if Zen’s allergic to cats, Jumin’s allergic to women? (Nothing)

Selection 4
Hehe… He may deny it but the truth may be…(Jaehee)
Jumin… Do you like men or women? (Nothing)

Selection 5
How about… Delicious Organic for Princess Cats? (Jumin)
Am I the only one who smells more late work hours for Jaehee? (Jaehee)

Selection 6
Aren’t you sick of cats? (Jaehee)
Elizabeth 3rd is so cute. (Jumin)

Selection 7
Is it that necessary to use Zen? ;; (*Jumin + Zen)
He’ll feel better if I go see him… (Zen)

Selection 8
I don’t think it’s a very good idea… (*Zen)
I’d like to go… but how can I? (Zen)

Selection 9
What is the reason you’re doing this? (*Jumin)
Then… I can really meet him!! (Zen)

Selection 10
I could ask him about it. (Zen)
What do I get? (*Zen + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
Then I’ll think about it. (*Nothing)
I don’t feel like it.

Selection 11
If you provide me with enough payment, it might not be so bad for me to go. (*Jumin + Zen)
Jaehee, you don’t have to worry. Nothing bad will happen. (Zen)

Selection 12
He left… (Nothing)
Where should I go? (Nothing)

Selection 13
Please stop butting in, Jaehee. (*Zen)
Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to harm him. (Jaehee + Zen)

Selection 14
Can I just not go? (*Zen)
Alright. (Zen)

Note: 707 calls after the Visual Novel

16:16 – About Echo girl

Character(s): Zen
Who should pick up if you call after this chat: Jumin, Jaehee


Selection 1
I’m just going because Jumin wants me to. (*Zen)
I’m excited too~ (Zen)

Selection 2
At home? (Nothing)
You met her? (Nothing)

Selection 3
Do you like girl singers? (*Zen)
Did you tell her that you can’t do the show…? (Zen)

Selection 4
How does she know all of them!? (Nothing)
You two didn’t go any further than talking, did you? (Nothing)

Selection 5
I guess she wasn’t Jumin’s type. (*Jumin)
He was cold… (Zen)

Selection 6
What is it? (Zen)
Am I being narcissistic again… (*Nothing)

Selection 7
Wow… Amazing. (Zen)
You’re quite the narcissist. (*Zen)

Selection 8
I feel like that’s cheating… (*Zen)
Guess you get to play the role. Congrats. (Zen)

Selection 9
Practice your lines by yourself. I’m almost there now. (Nothing)
See you soon. I’m almost there ^^ (Nothing)

Visual Novel Mode – Meeting Zen

Note: Jumin calls after this VNM

Don’t get too close to me. (*Zen)
Is it okay to ignore what Driver Kim said? (Zen)

I only came because Jumin wanted me to. (*Zen + Jumin)
I wanted to see you to. You’re more handsome in person. (Zen)

Alright. I’ll help you. (Zen)
I just want to stay still. (*Zen)

18:00 – Zen’s discrimination

Character(s): Jumin, Yoosung


Selection 1
Yup ^^ (Nothing)
Jumin, I got here safe thanks to you. (Nothing)

Selection 2
I don’t think Zen has the guts to do that. (*Zen)
I’ll have to go home soon ^^;; (Zen)

Selection 3
I’ll go home when I want to. (Nothing)
Don’t worry~ I’m only here to help Zen feel better. (Zen)

Selection 4
I think he means he’s going to use force on Zen? (*Jumin)
Don’t scare me! Zen will protect me. (Zen)

Selection 5
Then there won’t be any use in me mentioning it… (Nothing)
What do we do, Jumin? (Nothing)

Selection 6
He’s weak towards women. What can you do… (*Zen)
Zen can’t work because of his allergy. (Zen)

Selection 7
I guess he just doesn’t like you, Jumin. (Nothing)
You mean… that youtube video that Seven made? What kind of help did you offer? (Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
lololololol I remember the photo of him in the nun costume. (707)
I don’t even want to imagine that… (Jumin)

Selection 9
I do agree… but I’m sure he doesn’t mean harm. (Zen)
I don’t like that Zen is being discriminatory. (*Zen)

Selection 10
Jumin, are you angry? (Jumin)
Good thinking. Zen doesn’t deserve it. (*Zen)

Selection 11
This might be a misunderstanding, so please take time to think about it. (Zen)
You must be busy. (Nothing)

Selection 12
Don’t really like alcohol…
That will be fun! (Email from wineower)

Selection 13
Good bye. (Nothing)
Hope the meeting works out. (Jumin)

Selection 14
It’s Zen’s fault. (*Zen)
I understand how Jumin feels… but I don’t know if Zen really hates him. (Zen)

Selection 15
I’ll ask. (Zen)
He might be a discriminatory person in the first place. (*Zen)

Selection 16
I’ll take care of myself. (Nothing)
I will. Don’t worry ^^ (Yoosung)

VNM – Jumin Hate

Note: Jaehee calls after this VNM

I’m sure he doesn’t mean any harm~ (*Zen + Jumin)
I think he’s jealous of you. (Zen)

Why did you accept Echo Girl’s suggestion? (Nothing)
What was your brother like? (Nothing)

I don’t want to. (*Zen)
Okay. (Zen)

19:40 – As a fan

Character(s): Jaehee


Selection 1
He’s doing well. (Jaehee)
I don’t want to tell you. (Nothing)

Selection 2
You can tell him yourself. (Nothing)
I’ll tell him that. Thanks, Jaehee. (Jaehee)

Selection 3
Jaehee, I understand what you are saying. But… leave our relationship to us. (Zen)
I have no feelings for Zen, so no need to worry. (*Zen + Jaehee)

Selection 4
Sounds too boring. I’ll pass.
It sounds good. I’ll consider inviting them (Email from secretary)

Selection 5
I will. Good luck with work, Jaehee. (Jaehee)
Stop caring about us and go. (Nothing)

21:12 – Let’s invite Mummy

Character(s):  Zen, 707


You do not get to participate in this conversation. Just enjoy Zen talking about how much he wants to be with you.

Game Branch

Here the game will assess the answers you have made so far and you will either continue playing the route or you will bad end.

If your following visual novel mode does not start with the following selections, keep playing.

VNM – After Let’s invite Mummy…

Let’s invite it! (Email from mira)
I think we shouldn’t invite it, since this is a party for humans…

I’ll stay the night. (*Zen)
If that’s what you want. (Zen)

I want to stay here too. (Zen)
Omg… I have to go home now. (*Zen)

I don’t think it matters as long as it helps you. (*Zen)
I trust your decision. (Zen)

You don’t like money? (Nothing)
Why? (Nothing)

You must have really liked your brother… (Nothing)
You’re good looking so that’s all you need. (*Zen)

Why did you think he changed so suddenly? (Zen)
I don’t really like guys who are talented… I like men who can only focus on me. (*Zen)

It must have been so difficult… (Nothing)
Rika? (Nothing)

So did you get help? (Nothing)
Jumin? (Nothing)

So that’s why you don’t like Jumin? (Zen)
But you must know that money and luck are important. (*Zen)

…Yes. (*Zen)
Hold it tight and never let go. (Zen)

I want to stay the night~~~! Right beside you! (*Zen)
What do you mean? (Zen)

I want to stay the night with you… (*Zen)
It’s fine. I can come next time. (Zen)

22:22 – Jumin in the farm

Character(s): Jumin
Who should pick up if you call after this chat (called at 10:45): Zen


Selection 1
It was a comfortable trip thanks to you. (Alt Selection)
Didn’t you say you were going on a business trip? (Jumin)

Alt Selection
I wanted to but it wasn’t the right timing…
Zen’s going to be busy since he has to act! (Zen)

Selection 2
Stop drinking so much… (Jumin)
Wow~ So awesome! (Nothing)

Selection 3
How small is your weekend farm? (Alt Selection)
You water the plants and rake the dirt? (Nothing)

Alt Selection
You grow your own plants? Amazing…
That’s not small at all. (Jumin)

Selection 4
He was so handsome that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him but I was kicked out. (*Zen)
I felt excited as if I have known him for a long time. (Zen)

Selection 5
Uhm… Zen does realize that he discriminated against you. (Zen)
Do as you please. Zen and I will be happy. (*Zen)

Selection 6
Zen has his own reasons for his attitude… so please don’t be so offended. (Zen)
My lovely Zen, feeling inferior…?! Absolutely not. (*Zen)

Selection 7
We’ll take care of it ourselves~ Laterz Jumin. (Zen)
Thank you ^^ Good bye, Jumin. (Jumin)

Note: Zen calls after the VNM

23:40 – Unstoppable feelings

Character(s): Zen, Yoosung


Selection 1
I wanted to stay the night at your place… T_T… (*Zen)
Yes, I’m back safe. (Zen)

Selection 2
You shouldn’t have controlled yourself, Zen… (*Zen)
Thanks for being so protective. (Zen)
I’m blushing…(Zen)

Selection 3
You’re attractive in your own way, Yoosung ^^ (*Yoosung + Alt Selection)
Why don’t you stop playing games first of all… ^^ (Zen)

Alt Selection
Everyone should stick to what their charm is and live equally. (Nothing)
You know that you’re blindingly attractive. ^^ (Zen)

Selection 4
What’s wrong with being an old guy? (*Jumin)
Agreed (Zen)

Selection 5
Yeah… Now way my perfect Zen is jealous of Jumin! (*Zen)
I’m sure Zen will take care of it himself ^^ (Zen)

Selection 6
Zen… (Zen)
You can have me right now…! (*Zen)

Selection 7
Thank you so much for saying that, Zen  (Nothing)
You don’t need to get ready! All you need is love!! (Nothing)

Selection 8
I like you too, Zen, but I don’t want any damage to your career… (Zen)
What’s important about that? Isn’t how you feel the most important? (*Zen)

Selection 9
Zen… Thank you so much for saying that~! (Zen)
You can overcome everything and just a happy life with me! (*Zen)

Selection 10
I don’t care if you’re blinded. I still like you. (Zen)
Yoosung… Are you jealous of us?? (*Zen)
lololololol (Yoosung)

Selection 11
Omg (Nothing)
>_< (Nothing)

Selection 12
Blushing… (Nothing)
This is a nice feeling… (Nothing)
Do you need glasses…? (Nothing)

Selection 13
If he likes playing, why bother stopping him? (*Yoosung)
Why don’t you try playing less~! (Zen)

Selection 14
Don’t be like that~ Zen is going through a difficult time. (Zen)
Zen… Is that all you can do for me? (*Zen)

Selection 15
I’ll pass this one.
Great! (Email from writer)

Selection 16
Put me to bed, Zen… (Zen)
I’m going to go to sleep now ^^ (Zen)
I want to stay up a bit more. (*Zen)

Selection 17
Good bye, Zen ^^ (Zen)
Have fun, Yoosung! (Yoosung)

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