Walkthrough – Nightmare Harem – Levy

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Levy, Lucia’s younger brother, is proud and aggressive. However, when you get close to him, he has a surprising side…

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Chapter 1

Part 2

I was thinking about the future. [+2]
The moons are just so pretty.
Umm, I didn’t do anything.

Part 3

As much as anyone… [+2]
That might not be my best trait.
I think so.

Part 8

Umm, Levy… [+2]
S-should I give you a massage?
Umm, should I clean then?

Part 11

(I don’t want to be yelled at for acting against orders. I guess I should wait here?
Should I go searching for him? But… [+2]
Since he isn’t here… maybe that means he doesn’t have any work for me?)

Part 12

Sorry, you weren’t in your room…
I heard someone crying, so I got worried… [+2]
I am sorry I left your room without your permission. I will go back to work now.

Chapter 2

Part 2

Isn’t it nice that you have a cute fan now?
It is thanks to you that Kurt is feeling better.
Kurt said that you were cool. [+2]

Part 5

Levy gets mad no matter what I do.
Levy is scary, so I mess up.
I am having trouble communicating with Levy. [+2]

Part 7

Sorry. Did I surprise you?
What are you reading?
This is an amazing library. [+2]

Part 10

I-if you are interested in it, I want to know more! [+2]
Both men and women can want to learn more.
It won’t be boring.

Chapter 13 – Bonus Story: $3.49USD

Chapter 14

Is that alright?
Is that not a nuisance?
When will that be? [+2]

Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Levy is so curt.
I want to get along better with Levi.
I have no idea what Levy is thinking. [+2]

Chapter 7

(No good. Time to go back.
Maybe I should search a little more…
Nothing is here, is it…?) [+2]

Chapter 10

(Right, that rod…
I pull on the vines which have me.
I grab on to a stump near me.) [+2]

Chapter 11

I-It seems I lost sensation in my legs…
I was just scared…
I can stand alone. I’m fine. [+2]

Chapter 14

Umm… I went searching for the Torulnaha.
I wanted to make some scented oil…
I… went to search for a certain flower. [+2]

Chapter 4

Chapter 3

What do you mean by that? [+2]
Why do you know about that?
hat’s true of everyone.

Chapter 4

Is there some work for me?
Shall I make you a cup of tea?
(Well I can’t just stand here and chat…) [+2] 

Chapter 8

Does it not suit me?
I didn’t want my hair to get in the way…
Is something wrong? [+2] 

Chapter 12

It is so beautiful that I am entranced.
I was looking at you…
I am so glad that I could come here. [+2] 

Chapter 15

I am so happy!
Umm, I like it a lot.
Umm… I’ll take good care of it. [+2]

Chapter 5

Chapter 2

Umm, when we happened to be together before.
Actually, yes. [ +2 ]

Chapter 4

I… heard what you said in Lucia’s room.
Are you and Lucia not getting along well?

ARe you and Lucia not agreeing about something? [ +2 ]

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