Walkthrough – Nightmare Harem – Lucia

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Lucia is a willful feudal lord who loves to tease. But behind that mischievous attitude, lies a secret…

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Chapter 1

Part 1

Are you on a walk?
I was thinking.
I was looking around your lovely garden. [+2]

Part 4

I unconsciously reach out to him. [+2]
I continued to look at Lucia’s face for a bit.
(Maybe I should graffiti on his face. In exchange for his teasing yesterday.)

Part 8

I-I heard. [+2]
Sorry. Please tell me again.
Please answer my question.

Part 12

I am really sorry.. [+2]
Umm… please scold me!
I-I’ll do something!

Part 14

(Say something.)
(Did Lucia come to save me?)
(Is he not mad about this morning anymore?) [+2]

Chapter 2

Part 2

After considering this, I decide to knock on the door.
I can’t think of an answer no matter how much I think. I just stand there.
Unsure what to do, I ask Kurt. [+2]

Part 6

After a hesitation, I nod.
Umm… no!
… [+2]

Part 9

I know. Nothing in this room is cheap.
Is that so? [+2]
It doesn’t look expensive.

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Part 12

Are you not tired anymore?
Umm, did you sleep well yesterday? [+2]
Well… nothing.

Part 14

(I’ll take Lucis’s side!) [+2]
(I’ll listen to what Levy has to say!)
Kaim, is there no way to stop this?)

Chapter 3

Part 4

(I don’t care for that comment, but he is worried about me. I should say thanks.) [+2]
What do you mean worse than I usually do?
Hey! It’s your fault if I look bad!)

Part 7

I decide to ask him the questions bluntly. [+2]
I decide to swallow this question.
Feeling his serious atmosphere, I don’t want to ask him directly.

Part 9

I say something to break the silence.
I decide to look at Lucia in silence. [+2]
I wish that Lucia says something to me.

Part 12

Hey, I think Levy has been acting strange recently. [+2]
Hey, Kurt. Do you know something about Levy?
Has anything seemed off recently?

Part 14

I am getting sucked into a war on a different world.
As your servant, it is natural that I would worry about my master! [+2]
I am a resident of this estate. It is my business.

Chapter 4

Part 3

I take a step back and my shoes make a noise.
I quickly head to Lucia’s room. [+2]
I consider jumping into Mefy’s room.

Part 6

Is there really nothing I can do?
I see. But can you at least tell me what you plan to do?
I shake my head to show that I have no plans to go. [+2]

Part 9

I decided to tell him my true feelings. [+2]
I try to think of the best way to tell him.
I understand how you feel.

Part 12

Lucia forced me on the bed!
Don’t say that so coolly! [+2] 
We are not doing anything reckless!

Part 15

(Maybe I should take him up on it.)
After hesitating, I decide to pass.
(Ah! I can let Oswald choose for me.) [+2]

Chapter 5

Part 1

Yes! [+2]
M-miss… well, did you?
O-of course not! Of course I didn’t miss you!

Part 6

I decide to pass on visiting Levy.
Okay, I would be happy to accompany you.
I decide to honestly express my concern. [+2]

Part 11

What is the matter? [+2]
Did I do something wrong? Or were you searching for me?
Do you need to see Levy?

Part 13

I didn’t do anything to anger him!
I… may have. [+2]
You are the only one who makes me work ungodly hours.

Part 14

What for? [+2]
A thank you from you? What sort of teasing is this now?
I don’t need a thank you. I just carried that present.

Chapter 15 – Bonus Story: $3.49USD

Chapter 6

Part 2

I am not grinning.
I look to Lucia for help. [+2]
I am of course glad to see that you two are getting along!

Part 5

That isn’t true. I didn’t do anything.
Umm, thank you for the compliment.
(I have no idea how I should respond.) [+2]

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