Walkthrough – Ninja Assassin+ – Hotaka

Hotaka, a popular kabuki actor, enjoys dressing in women’s clothes. Although he behaves as a woman, he’s not gay-he only has eyes for you.

Endings –

  • Normal
  • Happy
  • Sweet

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Chapter 1

Part 3

Pull away
Let him do what he wants

Part 6

I don’t know.

Part 7 – Get CG

Chapter 2

Part 4

I’d feel bad if I got in the way…

Part 6

I still don’t understand it all.

Chapter 3

Part 1

It’s nothing.
I was just admiring your strength.

3.3 Stylish Level Checkpoint

Part 5

No it wasn’t.
There was nothing you could do.

Chapter 4

Part 2

No problem.
I’m a little nervous.

Part 5 – Get CG

Part 6

That was scary.
I’m okay.

Chapter 5

Part 1

I think I’d be happy.
I’m not sure how I’d feel.

5.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x6 to continue

Part 4

Maybe I’m not all right.
Really, I’m fine.

Chapter 6

Part 2

Don’t be ridiculous.
I am a woman, you know.

6.3 Minigame Checkpoint – 33% Rate of Success

Part 7

Explain myself
Tell him my feelings

Chapter 7

Part 1

Accept him
Refuse him

Part 5

He must be teasing me.
But I have Hotaka…

Chapter 8

Part 2


8.3 Stylish Level Checkpoint
Part 3 – Get CG

Part 5

Something like that.

Chapter 9

Part 1

Honestly? Yes.

9.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x10 to continue

Part 4

Of course.
You mean it?

Chapter 10

Part 1 – Get CG x2

Part 1


10.3 Minigame Checkpoint! – 11% Rate of Success
Part 6 – Get CG

Part 6

I didn’t mean that.
You know what I mean.

In order to read the Sweet End, you will have to use a Ritual Arrow to push you over the mark. There is no way to get it otherwise. If you do not have an arrow, you can buy one in the shop for 245 NA-Coins or spin the Koban Slot, win 5 x2coupons, and exchange those out for one arrow.

19Happy End 4 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x5 to continue

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