Walkthrough – Ninja Assassin+ – Ichika

by Vehura
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Ichika, your childhood friend, is straightforward, gentle, and conscientious. You notice something change as you come to realize his feelings for you…

Endings –

  • Normal
  • Happy
  • Sweet

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Chapter 1

Part 8

Please don’t be upset.
I didn’t want you to worry.

Part 11

I promise.
I’ll try.

Chapter 2

Part 2

That’s impossible.
That would be nice, but…

Part 9

I’m fine.
He grabbed my hand.

Chapter 3

3.3 Stylish Level Checkpoint

Part 5

Ichika, that wasn’t called for.
What’s wrong Ichika?

Part 9

Forget it.
All right.

Chapter 4

Part 3


Part 10

It’s not too much?
No, I love it.

Chapter 5

5.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x5 to continue

Part 3

Stop him
Wait and see what happens

Part 4

Snap out of it!

Chapter 6

6.3 Minigame Checkpoint – 33% Rate of Success

Part 4


Part 8

Yes I like him.
I suppose.

Chapter 7

Part 2

Me too. Really?

7.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x3 to continue

Part 8

Pull my hand away
Continue to hold hands

Chapter 8

8.3 Stylish Level Checkpoint

Part 3

I understand. 
Hang in there.

Part 8

Don’t beat yourself up.
Thank you.

Chapter 9

Part 2

Not at all.
How did you know?

9.3 Minigame Checkpoint! – 11% Rate of Success

Part 8


Chapter 10

10.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x12 to continue

Part 4

You’re just as cool, Ichika.

Part 7

That’s enough!
Don’t give up!

Chapter 11 – SWEET ENDING

11.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x8 to continue

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