Walkthrough – Ninja Assassin+ – Kinshiro

by Vehura
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Kinshiro, magistrate of the South Ward, is the leader of the vigilantes. Even though you are attracted to him, Kinshiro says you look like his ex…

Endings –

  • Normal
  • Happy
  • Sweet

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Chapter 1

Part 4

Yes, I am.
I don’t know.

Part 6


Chapter 2

Part 2

You look handsome.
I wouldn’t say funny.

Part 9

Is that strange?

Chapter 3

3.3 Stylish Level Checkpoint

Part 7

That’s not true!
Kinshiro, say something!

Part 10

Yes, I’m curious.

Chapter 4

Part 3

I don’t know.

Part 4

That’s nice to know.
Won’t you regret bringing me here?

Chapter 5

5.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x5 to continue.

Part 6

Why not!?

Part 8

I’m willing to.
I can’t.

Chapter 6

Part 1

Are you really sure this is okay?
Not really.

6.3 Minigame Checkpoint! – 33% Rate of Success

Part 9

What that man did was unforgivable.
I didn’t like going behind your back.

Chapter 7

7.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x3 to continue.

Part 3

I love him.
I don’t love him.

Part 7

I would like to believe that.
I don’t agree with that.

Chapter 8

Part 1

She sounds like a wonderful person.
I could never become like that.

8.3 Stylish Level Checkpoint

Part 10

There isn’t anything.
I wish there was something.

Chapter 9

9.3 Minigame Checkpoint! – 11% Rate of Success

Part 4

I don’t want to hear it.
What is it?

Part 9

Never mind.
Stay and sleep with me.

Chapter 10

Part 2

Do you think it will go okay?
Perhaps I shouldn’t watch.

10.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x8 to continue.

Part 6

No. I’m not.

Chapter 11 – Happy End

11.4 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x5 to continue

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