Walkthrough – Ninja Assassin+ – Soji

Soji is fronting as a constable. Cool, calm and a bit unsociable, he is dedicated to his job and believes in justice. What made him join the vigilantes?

Endings –

  • Normal
  • Happy
  • Sweet

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Chapter 1

Part 2

I’ll give it my best!
I suppose you’re right.

Part 8

I was scared.
I wasn’t scared.

Chapter 2

Part 2

Don’t tell me…
Is it work?

Part 5

Not at all.

Chapter 3

Part 2


3.3 Stylish Level Checkpoint

Part 9

I didn’t do anything.
I did? Really?

Chapter 4

Part 3

Oh, you’re talking about work.
Thanks for your concern.

Part 8

With Soji.
With everyone.

Chapter 5

Part 2

What do you think?
Does it look funny?

5.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x6 to continue

Part 8

I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean to…

Chapter 6

Part 2

You first.
I had fun.

6.3 Minigame Checkpoint! – 33% Rate of Success

Part 7

It’s too dangerous!
I’m going with you.

Chapter 7

Part 1

I’m so embarrassed.

Part 9

I’ll be okay.
I do too.

Chapter 8

Part 2

I’m sorry.
I was trying to wake you.

8.3 Stylish Level Checkpoint – 600+ to continue

Part 6

I wanted to come.

Chapter 9

9.3 Minigame Checkpoint! – 11% Rate of Success

Part 4


Part 7

Dangerous or not…
Then what shall we do?

Chapter 10

10.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x12 to continue

Part 3

I can’t…

Part 8

It wasn’t Soji’s fault!
Willem is…

In order to read the Sweet End, you will have to use a Ritual Arrow to push you over the mark. There is no way to get it otherwise. If you do not have an arrow, you can buy one in the shop for 245 NA-Coins or spin the Koban Slot, win 5 x2coupons, and exchange those out for one arrow.

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