Walkthrough – Ninja Assassin+ – Willem

by Vehura
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Willem is a blond-haired Dutch merchant who saved your life. As a thank you, you help out with his business. But behind his gentlemen exterior, he hides…?

Endings –

  • Normal
  • Happy
  • Sweet

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Chapter 1

Part 4

Return Willem’s greeting.
Stare curiously back at him.

Part 8


Chapter 2

Part 1

you must be exaggerating…
I’m happy to hear that

Part 6

Consider Ichika’s feelings.
Nod my head reassuringly.

Chapter 3

Part 2

Grow embarrassed.
Show my confusion.

3.3 Stylish Level Checkpoint

Part 4

I don’t.

Chapter 4

4.3 Minigame Checkpoint! – 33% Rate of Success

Part 4

Remain quiet.
Speak up.

Part 8

Stop and think.
Turn him down.

Chapter 5

5.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x5 to continue.

Part 6

Argue back.
Consider the possibility.

Part 9

Quietly comply.
Speak up.

Chapter 6

6.3 Minigame Checkpoint! – 22% Rate of Success

Part 5

I have no idea what I should do next.
Perhaps I should leave Willem.

Part 9

Try to stop him.
Watch him go.

Chapter 7

Part 1

Contemplate his admission.
Question his remark.

7.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x3 to continue.

Part 8

Stop Aoi.
Wait for Kinshiro to respond.

Chapter 8

8.3 Stylish Level Checkpoint

Part 3

I want to know the truth.
I want to understand you better.

Part 5

They won’t stop.
They don’t make sense to me either.

Chapter 9

Part 2

I don’t know.
I believe he’s not a fabrication.

9.3 Minigame Checkpoint! – 11% Rate of Success

Part 8

Yes, I’m ready.
Well, not really…

Chapter 10

10.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x8 to continue.

Part 4

… I’ve come to avenge my parents’ murder. 
… I work with him as a vigilante too.

Part 9

Stop Kinshiro.
Try to persuade Willem.

Chapter 11 – Normal End

11.3 Item Checkpoint – Need Purse x3 to continue

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