Walkthrough – Ninja Shadow – Asagi

by Vehura

Asagi would not reveal his true feelings to others. A mature man who skillfully avoids other who likes animals and dancing.


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Chapter 1

Part 3

Get worked up over Asagi’s brash words. (Best)
Get ready to leave in a hurry.

Part 3 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint Need 100 pt to continue

Part 5

Ask about the shrine. (Best)
Ask about being a ninja.

Chapter 2

Part 2 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Amulet + CG (Cool +40) – 5 Jade
Normal: Bronze Mirror (Cool +20) – 540 Koban

Part 3

Object to Makoto’s decision as well.
Watch over everyone in silence. (Best)

Part 4

Tell him I won’t run away.
Tell him I’ll do even better than Kagura. (Best)

Chapter 3

Part 3

Spend time with Asagi. (Best)
Respect Asagi’s request.

Part 6

Ask about what happened.
Say nothing. (Best)

Part 8 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint Need 1500 pt to continue

Chapter 4

Part 4

Tell him things are going well.
Say nothing. (Best)

Part 7

Try to save Haru. (Best)
Cut down Suetsugu.

Chapter 5

Part 3

You don’t want to apologize?
Is it okay to just leave them like that? (Best)

Part 5 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Colorful Flower Hairpin + CG (Cool +115) – 35 Jade
Normal: Knife Wrapped in Kimono Cord (Cool +90) – 2500 Koban

Part 7

Say nothing else. (Best)

Chapter 6

Part 1

Tell him he’s gotten more relaxed recently. (Best)
Say thanks.

Part 7

Tell him clearly how you feel. (Best)
Be intentionally vague.

Chapter 7

Part 3

Accept his explanation.
Question his explanation. (Best)

Part 7

Cheer Asagi up.
Stand by Asagi’s side. (Best)

Part 7 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint Need 4800 pt to continue

Chapter 8

Part 1 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Himuro Shrine: Asagi’s Room + CG (Cool +270) – 85 Jade
Normal: Himuro Shrine: Main Building (Cool +115) – 3300 Koban

Part 3

Scold him for his sleeping habits.
Ask if he remembers what happened this morning. (Best)

Part 5

I’m worried about you, I want to go with you.
Yeah, you’re probably right. (Best)

Chapter 9

Part 2

Go with him. (Best)

Part 4

Argue against the idea. (Best)
Ask if non-priests are okay.

Part 6 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint Need 1100 pt to continue

Chapter 10

Part 3

Become a fool. (Best)
Take a moment to calm down.

Part 7

Wait. (Best)

Chapter 11

Part 2

I’m in love with you, too. (Best)
Thank you.

Part 2 – Avatar Checkpoint
Premium: Be Asagi’s Assistant! Shrine Maiden Set + CG (Cool +320) – 100 Jade
Normal: Crystal Beads Ornamented Kimono Set (Cool +245) – 7100 Koban

Part 6

Go check on them.
Wait and pray. (Best)

Chapter 12

Part 3

Tell Asagi thank you. (Best)
Remain hesitant.

Part 6

Talk about the village.
Talk about my brother. (Best)

Part 7 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint Need 20500 pt to continue

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