Walkthrough – Ninja Shadow – Gin

by Vehura
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Gin wants to get as strong as possible. He will ruthlessly use whatever means necessary to reach his goal, even if that means he has no choice but to get his hands dirty.


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Chapter 1

Part 4

Thank him once more. (Wonderful)
Admit how scared I was.

Part 5 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Requires 100 pt to continue

Part 6

Argue back.
Ask why he thinks that. (Wonderful)

Chapter 2

Part 3

Speak up. (Wonderful)
Quietly watch him go.

Part 5

Question Toya point-blank about Shinonome. (Wonderful)
First ask Toya about their relationship.

Chapter 3

Part 3

Ask him where their group has worked.
Ask him about his group’s purpose. (Wonderful)

Part 3 – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Neon Eyes + CG (Calm+40) – 5 Jade
Normal: Smokey Eyes (Calm +20) – 600 Gold

Part 5

Tell him to sleep well.
Thank him for his time. (Wonderful)

Chapter 4

Part 4

“Yes, I can.” (Wonderful)
“Probably. I may disappoint you, though.”

Part 6 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Requires 1100 pt to continue

Part 7

Ask if he likes meat. (Wonderful)
Ask if he’s really as hungry as he claims to be.

Chapter 5

Part 2

Gladly accept them. (Wonderful)
Turn them down.

Part 5

Quietly watch him.
Thank him for our trip to Haru’s. (Wonderful)

Chapter 6

Part 1

Ask why he keeps bringing up Shinonome up.
Try and resolve his misunderstanding. (Wonderful)

Part 2 – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Asymmetrical Straight Hair + CG (Calm +115) – 35 Jade
Normal: Neon Silver Cap (Calm +70) – 2000 Gold

Part 4

Ask him if he liked it. (Wonderful)
Keep quiet.

Chapter 7

Part 3

Try to gather some information. (Wonderful)

Part 3 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Requires 4400 pt to continue

Part 5

Remain silent.
Argue back. (Wonderful)

Chapter 8

Part 3

Thank him. (Wonderful)
Introduce him to the others.

Part 4

Turn his offer down.
Agree. (Wonderful)

Part 4 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Requires 10000 pt to continue

Chapter 9

Part 2

Angrily argue back.
Agree, and tell him I look forward to it. (Wonderful)

Part 5

(Maybe it’s best, for the sake of mutual understanding.) (Wonderful)
(It’s irresponsible to drink at a time like this.)

Part 5 – Talent-n-Skills Checkpoint: Requires 16300 pt to continue

Chapter 10

Part 4

Ask him the same question back.
Answer him. (Wonderful)

Part 6

“…to overthrow the Shogunate?”
“…to kill Shinonome?” (Wonderful)

Chapter 11

Part 3

Ridiculous. (Wonderful)

Part 6

Fall silent.
Confirm his suspicions. (Wonderful)

Part 7 – Avatar Checkpoint:
Premium: Neon Light Underground Hideout + CG (Calm +320) – 85 Jade
Normal: Neon Radio Cassette Boombox (Calm +200) – 4000 Gold

Chapter 12

Part 3

Accept him at his word. (Wonderful)
Accuse him of lying.

Part 4

Tell him he’s right.
Tell him strong-hearted people carry two pistols. (Wonderful)

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